Traditional Music Collection B

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A And D.nwc
A And D 2.nwc
A La 'page'.nwc
A Miko Russell Reel.nwc
A Pinch Of Saltire.nwc
A Pinch Of Saltire 2.nwc
Abacus 2.nwc
Ad Or Haboker.nwc
Advice To The Ladies.nwc
Advice To The Ladies - Countermelody.nwc
Alexanders Hornpipe.nwc
All Around The World.nwc
All Around The World 2.nwc
All The Way To Galway.nwc
All Those Endearing Young Charms.nwc
Allens Reel.nwc
Alnwick Castle.nwc
Always Welcome.nwc
Aly Anderson.nwc
Angus Campbell.nwc
Ap Shenkin.nwc
Ap Shenkin 2.nwc
April Waltz.nwc
Archie Menzie's.nwc
Armstrongs 2.nwc
Art Wooten's Quadrille.nwc
Art Wooten's Quadrille 2.nwc
Arthur Darley.nwc
Arthur Darley 2.nwc
As Luck Will Have It.nwc
As Luck Will Have It 2.nwc
Astley's Ride.nwc
Athole Flowers Of Edinburgh.nwc
Aunt Hessie's White Horse.nwc
Aunt Mary's Canadian Jig.nwc
Aunt Mary's Canadian Jig 2.nwc
Aux Bois De Norwich Or Norwich Woods.nwc
Aux Bois De Norwich Or Norwich Woods 2.nwc
Avon Jig.nwc
Avon Jig 2.nwc
B Variation.nwc
Backstairs Jig.nwc
Backstairs Jig 2.nwc
Backstep No 1.nwc
Balance The Straw.nwc
Ballybunion 2.nwc
Ballyhoura Mountains.nwc
Balquhidder Lasses.nwc
Banks Of The Allan.nwc
Banks Of The Allan 2.nwc
Barbary Bell.nwc
Barbary Bell 2.nwc
Barren Rocks Of Aden.nwc
Barry's Favourite.nwc
Bavarian Waltz.nwc
Bean Setting (North Skelton).nwc
Bean Setting (North Skelton) 2.nwc
Beaux Of London City.nwc
Beaux Of Oakhill.nwc
Beaver Creek.nwc
Behind The Haystack.nwc
Behind The Haystack 2.nwc
Belfast Almanac.nwc
Belfast Almanac 2.nwc
Bell's Favourite.nwc
Bell's Favourite 2.nwc
Betty Lou's Reel.nwc
Biddy The Bowl Wife.nwc
Biddy The Bowl Wife 2.nwc
Big John Mcneil.nwc
Bill Charlton's Fancy.nwc
Bill Charlton's Fancy 2.nwc
Bill Hart's Jig.nwc
Billy's Forty Footer.nwc
Black Boy.nwc
Black Mountain Reel.nwc
Black Tulip Hornpipe.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille 2.nwc
Blacksmith's Fancy.nwc
Blackthorne Stick.nwc
Blackthorne Stick 2.nwc
Blarney Pilgrim.nwc
Blarney Pilgrim 2.nwc
Blaydon Races.nwc
Blaydon Races 2.nwc
Blind Man's Reel.nwc
Blodau'r Drain.nwc
Blow The Wind Southerly.nwc
Blue Bells Of Scotland.nwc
Blue Sausage Island.nwc
Boatie Rows.nwc
Bobbin Mill Reel.nwc
Boggy Brays.nwc
Bonnie Kate.nwc
Bonnie Kate 2.nwc
Bonny Laddie.nwc
Bonny Lass Of Fyfie.nwc
Bottom Of The Punch Bowl.nwc
Boy In The Gap.nwc
Breen's Reel.nwc
Brenda Stubbert's.nwc
Brendan Mcmahon's.nwc
Brian Borouhme.nwc
Brian Borouhme 2.nwc
Brian O'lynn.nwc
Bridal Jig.nwc
Bridal Jig 2.nwc
Bride's Favourite.nwc
Brighton Camp.nwc
Broom Jig.nwc
Buggy Ride Jig.nwc
Buggy Ride Jig 2.nwc
Bung Your Eye.nwc
Bung Your Eye 2.nwc
Bunker Hill.nwc
Busker Brag.nwc
Buttered Peas.nwc
Butterfly The.nwc
Caber Feigh.nwc
Caddum Woods.nwc
Cadeau's Jig.nwc
Cadeau's Jig 2.nwc
Cairn On The Moor.nwc
Captain Lachlan Macphail.nwc
Captain Leno.nwc
Captain Maguire.nwc
Captain White.nwc
Captain White 2.nwc
Careless Sally's Reel.nwc
Cart Tracks.nwc
Castle Kelly.nwc
Castles In The Air.nwc
Cat In The Kitchen.nwc
Cat In The Kitchen 2.nwc
Cavan Buck.nwc
Cavan Buck 2.nwc
Caymann Reel.nwc
Champion Jig.nwc
Champion Jig 2.nwc
Chapter 16.nwc
Charlbytown Two-step.nwc
Charlbytown Two-step 2.nwc
Charlevoix Reel.nwc
Charlie Harris's .nwc
Charlie Hunter.nwc
Charlie Hunter 2.nwc
Charlie Lennon's No 4.nwc
Cherokee Shuffle.nwc
Cherokee Shuffle 2.nwc
Chestnut Reel.nwc
Cheviners Jig.nwc
Chicago Jig.nwc
Chicken On The Fence Post.nwc
Chief O'neill's Favourite.nwc
Chief O'neill's Favourite 2.nwc
Chilly Winds.nwc
Chinese Breakdown.nwc
Chorus Jig.nwc
Chorus Jig 2.nwc
Christchurch Bells.nwc
Christmas Day In Da Morning.nwc
Christmas Day In Da Morning 2.nwc
Christmas Eve.nwc
Christmas Eve 2.nwc
Christmas Tree.nwc
Chuntering Charlie.nwc
Chuntering Charlie 2.nwc
Cinq Jumelles.nwc
Clap Dance (Miss Mcleod).nwc
Clap Dance (Miss Mcleod) 2.nwc
Clarke's Favourite.nwc
Clear The Way.nwc
Cleveland Park.nwc
Cleveland Park 2.nwc
Cliffs Of Moher The.nwc
Close Every Door.nwc
Cock Of The North.nwc
Cock Of The North 2.nwc
Coleg Y Br Fyrgol Abertawe.nwc
Colonel Sanders' March.nwc
Colonel Sanders' March 2.nwc
Come Dance And Sing.nwc
Come Up The Back Stairs.nwc
Come Up The Back Stairs 2.nwc
Con Mcginley's.nwc
Concert Reel.nwc
Connaught Man's Rambles The.nwc
Connie O'connell.nwc
Constant Billy.nwc
Constitution Hornpipe.nwc
Cook In The Kitchen.nwc
Cooley's Reel.nwc
Cornish Quickstep.nwc
Cotillion Huit.nwc
Cotillion Des Dames.nwc
Craig's Pipes.nwc
Crooked Stove Pipe.nwc
Cross Reel.nwc
Crossing The Cascades.nwc
Crossing The Cascades 2.nwc
Crossing The Minch.nwc
Crowley's Reel.nwc
Cuckoo In The Tree.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest 2.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest 3.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest 4.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest 5.nwc
Cuckoo's Nest 6.nwc
Cuillin Reel.nwc
Cupid's Dart.nwc
Cupid's Dart 2.nwc
Custom House.nwc
Da Aald Hill Grinnd.nwc
Da Aald Hill Grinnd 2.nwc
Da Brigg.nwc
Da Brigg 2.nwc
Da Caald Nights O Winter.nwc
Da Galley Watch.nwc
Da Lerwick's Lasses.nwc
Da Scalloway Lasses.nwc
Da Underhill.nwc
Daisy Daisy.nwc
Dan Powrie's Farewell.nwc
Dan Powrie's Farewell 2.nwc
Danbury Hill.nwc
Danbury Hill 2.nwc
Dance All Night.nwc
Dance 'til Dawn.nwc
Dance 'til Dawn 2.nwc
Dancing Tailor.nwc
Dancing Tailor 2.nwc
Danny Macphail's Dilemma.nwc
Danny Macphail's Dilemma 2.nwc
Danse De Chez Nous.nwc
Danse De Chez Nous 2.nwc
Dark Island The.nwc
Dashing White Sergeant.nwc
David Adam's.nwc
Davie's Brae.nwc
Davie's Brae 2.nwc
Davie's Brae 3.nwc
Davie's Brae 4.nwc
Debbie's Jig.nwc
Debbie's Jig 2.nwc
Denis Murphy's.nwc
Denis Murphy's 2.nwc
Dennis Murphy's.nwc
Derry Reel.nwc
Devil Among The Tailors.nwc
Devil's Polska.nwc
Dew Pool.nwc
Dick Gossip.nwc
Dick Gossip's.nwc
Dick's Maggot.nwc
Ding Dong.nwc
Dingle Regatta.nwc
Dingle Regatta 2.nwc
Dingles Regatta.nwc
Dinners 1.nwc
Dinners 2.nwc
Dinny O'keefe's.nwc
Dinny O'keefe's 2.nwc
Dionne Reel.nwc
Dixden 2.nwc
Djatchko Kolo.nwc
Doc Boyd.nwc
Doc Boyd 2.nwc
Don Messer's Breakdown.nwc
Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithil.nwc
Don Side.nwc
Don Tremaine's.nwc
Don Tremaine's Reel.nwc
Donald Ian Rankine.nwc
Donald Ian Rankine 2.nwc
Donegal Reel.nwc
Dornoch Links.nwc
Dorset Four Hand Reel.nwc
Double Clog.nwc
Double Rise.nwc
Double Rise 2.nwc
Dowd's Favorite.nwc
Dowd's No 9.nwc
Down In The Mines.nwc
Down The Glen.nwc
Down The Road.nwc
Down The Tannoch Road.nwc
Down The Tannoch Road 2.nwc
Dream Waltz.nwc
Drops Of Brandy.nwc
Drowsy Maggie.nwc
Drummond Castle.nwc
Drummond Castle 2.nwc
Drunken Piper.nwc
Drunken Sailor.nwc
Dublin Streets.nwc
Duchess Of Hamilton's Rant.nwc
Duke Of Perth.nwc
Duncan's Waltz.nwc
Durham Rangers.nwc
Earl Bley's Jig.nwc
Earl Bley's Jig 2.nwc
East Dene.nwc
East Hill Breakdown.nwc
East Meets West.nwc
East Neuk Of Fife.nwc
Easter Chick.nwc
Easter Chick 2.nwc
Easter Elachies.nwc
Easyclub Reel.nwc
Eddie Moloney's.nwc
Edmund Mackenzie Of Plockton.nwc
Edmund Mackenzie Of Plockton 2.nwc
Einstein's Reel.nwc
English Dance.nwc
Erlegh March.nwc
Espresso Polka.nwc
Esther's Arrival.nwc
Eyes Of Blue.nwc
Fair Jenny's Jig.nwc
Fair Jenny's Jig 2.nwc
Fairies' Hornpipe The.nwc
Fairy Dance.nwc
Falling About.nwc
Far From Home.nwc
Farewell 2.nwc
Farewell To Joe.nwc
Farewell To Joe 2.nwc
Farewell To Whisky.nwc
Farmer's Jamboree.nwc
Farmer's Jamboree 2.nwc
Father Kelly's Jig.nwc
Father Kelly's Jig 2.nwc
Faubourg Reel.nwc
Feathers 2.nwc
Fergie - The True Story.nwc
Ffarwel Ir Marian.nwc
Fiddle Hill Jig.nwc
Fiddle Hill Jig 2.nwc
Fiery Clock Fyece.nwc
Fifty Not Out.nwc
Fifty Not Out 2.nwc
Finbar Dwyer's.nwc
Fireside Reel.nwc
First Western Change.nwc
First Western Change 2.nwc
Fisher's Hornpipe.nwc
Fishers's Hornpipe 2.nwc
Five String Jig.nwc
Flirtation !!!.nwc
Flirtation !!! 2.nwc
Flop-eared Mule.nwc
Flowers Of Edinburgh.nwc
Foot And Fiddle.nwc
Footy Aygen The Wa'.nwc
Footy Aygen The Wa' 2.nwc
For Beth.nwc
Foul Weather Call.nwc
Fradley Reel.nwc
Fram Apon Him.nwc
Fram Apon Him 2.nwc
Fred Roden's Reel.nwc
Freds Frolics.nwc
Freds Frolics 2.nwc
French Canadian Four-step.nwc
French Canadian Four-step 2.nwc
Friendly Visit.nwc
F-three Hoe Down.nwc
Galician Jig.nwc
Gallagher's Frolics.nwc
Galopede 2.nwc
Garry Owen.nwc
Garster's Dream.nwc
Garster's Dream 2.nwc
Gaztelugatxeko Martxa.nwc
Geordie Hinnie.nwc
George's Corkscrew.nwc
George's Corkscrew 2.nwc
Gilderoy 2.nwc
Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins.nwc
Gingerhog's No 2.nwc
Gipsy's Hornpipe.nwc
Girl With The Red Blue Dress On.nwc
Glen Of Aherlow.nwc
Glencoe March.nwc
Glengarry's March.nwc
Goat On The Hill.nwc
Goat On The Hill 2.nwc
Goat On The Hill 3.nwc
Goat On The Hill 4.nwc
Golden Valley.nwc
Golden Wedding.nwc
Good Humour.nwc
Good Night And Joy Be With You.nwc
Grab Your Hats.nwc
Grandfather's Pet.nwc
Grandfather's Pet 2.nwc
Great Is Thy Faithfulness.nwc
Great North Run '86.nwc
Green Groves Of Erin.nwc
Green Grow The Rushes.nwc
Green Meadow.nwc
Green Mountain Petronella.nwc
Greencastle Hornpipe.nwc
Greenholm 2.nwc
Gweebarra Bridge Reel.nwc
Gyre And Gimble.nwc
H R H The Prince Of Wales's Favourite.nwc
Hand Me Down The Tackle.nwc
Hannah Onestep.nwc
Happy Day.nwc
Happy Meeting.nwc
Happy Meeting 2.nwc
Happy To Meet Sorry To Part.nwc
Harmonica 2.nwc
Harper's Frolick.nwc
Harpur's Frolic.nwc
Harrington Polka.nwc
Harry Cox's Schottische.nwc
Harum Scarum.nwc
Harvest Home.nwc
Harvest Home 2.nwc
Haymaker's Jig.nwc
Haymaker's Jig 2.nwc
Hector The Hero.nwc
Heights Of Alma.nwc
Hell Broke Loose In Georgia.nwc
Herbert The Sherbert.nwc
High Caul Cap.nwc
High Spy.nwc
High Spy 2.nwc
Highland Mary.nwc
Hilly-go Filly-go.nwc
Hilly-go Filly-go 2.nwc
Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden.nwc
Holly Bush The.nwc
Homage To Rooney.nwc
Homage To Rooney (F).nwc
Home From Holm.nwc
Hon Ms Fraser.nwc
Honey Harbour.nwc
Honeypot Jig.nwc
Honeypot Jig 2.nwc
Hopwas Hornpipe.nwc
Horses Bransle.nwc
Hot Punch.nwc
Hot Punch 2.nwc
Hot Time.nwc
Hugh's Happy.nwc
Hugh's Happy 2.nwc
Hullichan Jig.nwc
Hullichan Jig 2.nwc
Hull's Victory.nwc
Hull's Victory 2.nwc
Humber Jumber (The Frisky).nwc
Humber Jumber (The Frisky) 2.nwc
Humours Of Castlefinn.nwc
Humours Of Glendart.nwc
Humours Of Lisadell.nwc
Hunting The Hare.nwc

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III