Traditional English Music 2 Part A

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Sadlors Baloon Jc 096.nwc
Sailors Delight.nwc
Sailors Journal Comd By Dibdin The Jc 165.nwc
Sandy O'er The Lee Hsjj 153.nwc
Sauteure Country Dance.nwc
Savage Hornpipe Jc 110.nwc
Savourys Hornpipe Jc 133.nwc
Saxe Coburg Jc 205.nwc
Saxe Coburg Jc 205.txt
Saxon Waltz Tly 030.nwc
Says Plato Jc 191.nwc
Scant Of Money.nwc
Scarlett & Green Jc 202.nwc
Scotch Air Tly 038.nwc
Scotch Reel A Jmt006.nwc
Scotch Reel A Jmt006 2.nwc
Scotch Whiskey Hsjj 117.nwc
Scots Came O'er The Border Hsjj 145.nwc
Sea The Open Sea The T Williams 1834 Jc 258.nwc
Sea The Open Sea The T Williams 1834 Jc 258.txt
Secilian The Jc 082.nwc
Secilian The Jc 082.txt
Self The Jc 043.nwc
Self The Jc 066.nwc
Seville Waltz Hsjj 070.nwc
Sham Peter Jc 228.nwc
Shammie Breeches Hsjj 170.nwc
She Wants A Fellow.nwc
Shield's Fair Jmt050.nwc
Ship Hornpipe The Wm003.nwc
Shipabout Hsjj 127.nwc
Ships Are Sailing The Jmt034.nwc
Shooters Hornpipe Jc 109.nwc
Shutters Hornpipe.nwc
Sicilian Dance Jmt028.nwc
Sicilian Dance The Jc 193.nwc
Sicilian Dance The Jc 193.txt
Silver Street Lasses Jmt027.nwc
Sinclair's Reel.nwc
Singue Hsjj 057.nwc
Sir John Ligonier's Trumpet March Bc 56.nwc
Sir Sidney Smith's March Primo Jmt049.nwc
Sir Sidney Smith's March Secundo Jmt049.nwc
Sky Lark The Hsjj 183.nwc
Slandering( ) Bessy Hsjj 080.nwc
Slap At Her Canister Wm055.nwc
Sleepy Maggie Jc 095.nwc
Sleepy Maggie Jc 095.txt
Slow Air A (Harmony) Bc 52b.nwc
Slow Air A (Melody) Bc 52a.nwc
Slow March 1 Tly 032.nwc
Slow March 2 Tly 044.nwc
Small Coals Jmt096.nwc
Smash The Windows Jc 140.nwc
Smith's Hornpipe Tly 080.nwc
Soldiers Cloak Jc 216.nwc
Soldiers Cloak Jc 216.txt
Soldier's Daughter The Hsjj 131.nwc
Soldiers Joy.nwc
Soldier's Joy.nwc
Soldier's Joy Wm028.nwc
Soldier's Joy The Jmt022.nwc
Soldiers Life The Jc 184.nwc
Song Of Liberty Tly 043.nwc
Southwork Granadears Trumpet March.nwc
Sow's Tail To Geordie The Hsjj 143.nwc
Spa The Hsjj 030.nwc
Speed The Plough Jc 076.nwc
Speed The Plough Jc 076.txt
Speed The Plough Jmt069.nwc
Spotted Bitch The Jmt026.nwc
Sprig Of Shillelah The Jc 214.nwc
Sprig Of Shillelah The Jc 214.txt
St Patrick's Day In The Morning Hsjj 143.nwc
St Davids Day Jc 203.nwc
St Davids Day Jc 203.txt
St Patrick's Day In The Morning Wm041.nwc
St Sebastion Jc 221.nwc
Stanley For Ever - Or Mr Lano's Maggot.nwc
Staten Island Hornpipe Hsjj 024.nwc
Staten Island Hornpipe Jmt086.nwc
Staten Island Hornpipe Wm053.nwc
Stephney's New Revived Hp Wm007.nwc
Stoney Step Hornpipe Jc 122.nwc
Stoney Steps Hornpipe Wm016.nwc
Stoney Steps Hornpipe Wm060.nwc
Stoney Steps Hornpipe Wm101.nwc
Stoney Steps Hornpipe Wm101.txt
Stopford's Reel Jc 031.nwc
Storm The Jc 078.nwc
Storm The Jc 078.txt
Stringers Hornpipe Jc 158.nwc
Stuart's Reel Hsjj 120.nwc
Stumpie Strathspey Wm140.nwc
Such A Wife As Willie Had.nwc
Sucky Bids Me Wm054.nwc
Summers Flowers.nwc
Sutors Of Selkirk The Hsjj 042.nwc
Swans March.nwc
Swanton Coffee House Wm098.nwc
Swanton Coffee House Wm098.txt
Sweeps Hornpipe.nwc
Sweetest Lassie Hsjj 154.nwc
Swiss Alemand Jc 232.nwc
Swiss Boy.nwc
Swiss Boy The Jmt001.nwc
Tank Jc 157.nwc
Tant Tivey Jmt010.nwc
Tartar's Plaid Wm040.nwc
Tawnygate Corner.nwc
Tempest Of War The Bc 04.nwc
Teneriff Jc 223.nwc
The Has Got His Wife Again.nwc
The 16th Of October.nwc
The 29th Of May - Or The King Enjoys His Own Again.nwc
The Angiam ( ) Walts.nwc
The Beggar Girl.nwc
The Beggar Girl Tly 004.nwc
The Black Ewe.nwc
The Black Mans Antic.nwc
The Boy In The Baskett.nwc
The Boyne (A New Scotch March).nwc
The Brass ( Braes) Of Acklebire.nwc
The Buff Coat Hath No Fellow.nwc
The Bugle Horn Pg A49 And A54.nwc
The Campbells Are Coming Tly 040.nwc
The Devil In Dublin.nwc
The Downfall Of Paris.nwc
The Ffarther Be In The Welcomer.nwc
The Flower Of Yarrow.nwc
The French (Title Incomplete On Photocopy).nwc
The Girl Of Dalkeith.nwc
The Green Ship.nwc
The Harlequen Dance.nwc
The Hautboy.nwc
The High Road To Gallaway.nwc
The Highlanders Lamentation.nwc
The Hornpipe.nwc
The Irish Washerwoman.nwc
The King Shall Enjoy His Own Again.nwc
The Life Guards March(Secondo) Tly 087.nwc
The Life Guards March (1st Primo) Tly 085.nwc
The Milk Maids.nwc
The Persiand Ricado Tly 012.nwc
The Russian Dance.nwc
The Stage Hornpipe.nwc
There Is No Luck Tly 017.nwc
Thomas Booker Jigg.nwc
Three And The Duce Wm118.nwc
Three Crowdeys In A Day.nwc
Three Sheep Skins.nwc
Thrifty Wife The Wm119.nwc
Thro' The Wood Laddy Jc 151.nwc
Thro' The Wood Laddy Jc 151.txt
Through The Wood Lady Tly 079.nwc
Tikeli Jc 041.nwc
Tink A Tink Jc 056.nwc
Tink A Tink Wm045.nwc
Tink The Jmt091.nwc
Tipler's Reel The Wm110.nwc
Tit For Tat Hsjj 173.nwc
Toast Jc 231.nwc
Toast The Jc 104.nwc
Tom & Jerry Hsjj 092.nwc
Tommy Jenkins Jc 220.nwc
Top Sail Shivers (In The Wind) Jc 218.nwc
Top Sail Shivers (In The Wind) Jc 218.txt
Torryburn Lasses Jmt066.nwc
Trip To Camberwell A Hsjj 119.nwc
Trip To Clumber A Hsjj 007.nwc
Trip To Fowey Wm092.nwc
Trip To Fowey Wm092.txt
Trip To Holland Jc 098.nwc
Trip To Holland Jc 098.txt
Trip To London.nwc
Trip To Oatland Wm037.nwc
Trip To Oxford.nwc
Trip To Paris A Hsjj 136.nwc
Trip To Sligo A Hsjj 045.nwc
Trip To The Laundry A Bc 39.nwc
Triumph Tly 026.nwc
Triumph The Jmt059.nwc
True Blue Hornpipe.nwc
Trumpet Minuet A (Harmony) Bc 49b.nwc
Trumpet Minuet A (Melody) Bc 49a.nwc
Tub Hornpipe Wm047.nwc
Tullock Gorum Jmt076.nwc
Turks March Hsjj 015.nwc
Turks March Jc 179.nwc
Turn Again Whitington.nwc
Turnpike Gate Jc 142.nwc
Turnpike Gate Jc 164.nwc
Unanimity Hsjj 041.nwc
Unnamed Incomplete.nwc
Unnamed Fragment.nwc
Unnamed Minuet And Incomplete Trio.nwc
Unnamed Tune.nwc
Untitled Jc 166.nwc
Untitled Jc 238.nwc
Up Shinking Jmt025.nwc
Valiant Soldier Jc 118.nwc
Valiant Soldier Jc 118.txt
Valiant Soldier Jc 210.nwc
Very Favorite Duett Tly 036.nwc
Vienna Waltz Jmt117.nwc
Walts A11 (Waltz It Looks Like 'watts').nwc
Waltz Jmt116.nwc
Waltz 1 Tly 041.nwc
Waltz 2 Tly 046.nwc
Waltz 3 Tly 050.nwc
Waltz 4 Tly 066.nwc
Waltz 5 Tly 067.nwc
Waltz 5 Tly 076.nwc
Waltz A Hsjj 180.nwc
Waltz A Jmt004.nwc
Waltz A Jmt013.nwc
Waltz A Jmt014.nwc
Waltz A Jmt016.nwc
Waltz Mozart 4 Tly 048.nwc
Wandering Girl The Jc 259.nwc
Wandering Girl The Jc 259.txt
Wars Alarms Jc 242.nwc
Wars Alarms Jc 242.txt
Washerwoman Jc 235.nwc
Watls Walts = Waltz.nwc
Way To Get Married Jc 129.nwc
Way To Get Married Jc 129.txt
Wearmouth Lasses.nwc
Wearmouth Lasses Jmt047.nwc
Weazle The Hsjj 003.nwc
Wedding Day Hsjj 029.nwc
Welsh Jigg Jc 025.nwc
Wembals Hornpipe.nwc
Weymouth Reel Hsjj 133.nwc
Weymouth Reel Hsjj 133.txt
Wheir Must Our Good Man Ly.nwc
Whisker The Hsjj 074.nwc
White Cockade Jc 102.nwc
White Cockade Jc 102.txt
White Cockade Jmt064.nwc
White Cockade The Jc 027.nwc
White Cockade The Jc 027.txt
White Cockade The Wm031.nwc
White Cock-aide.nwc
Wiills Me I Getten Shott On Her.nwc
Wilks' Release Hsjj 038.nwc
Wiltshire March The Bc 19.nwc
Wimble's Reel.nwc
Wind Hornpipe The Jmt079.nwc
Winter's Tale The Hsjj 135.nwc
Wm Pitt.nwc
Woodman The Hsjj 181.nwc
Woodpecker Jc 015.nwc
Woods Hornpipe Jc 246.nwc
Wounded Huzzar The Jc 248.nwc
Wounded Huzzar The Jc 248.txt
Yanky Doodle Jc 201.nwc
Yellow ( ) Tly 057.nwc
York Waltz The Hsjj 084.nwc
Yorkshire Hornpipe.nwc
Yorkshire March The Bc 23.nwc
Young Huzzar Jc 212.nwc
Young Parker Jc 147.nwc
Young Parker Jc 147.txt
Yung Collins Stole My Hart Away.nwc

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III