Traditional English Music 2 Part B

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I Lie With My Mammy Nae Mare Jm]t021.nwc
I Wish I May Die If I Do Hsjj 167.nwc
I Wish You A Merry New Year Hsjj 156.nwc
I Wish You A Merry New Year Wm052.nwc
I Wish You All Good Night Wm093.nwc
I Wish You All Good Night Wm093.txt
I'll Be Married On Sunday Jc 141.nwc
I'll Be Married On Sunday Jc 141.txt
I'll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Town Jmt037.nwc
I'll Make You Fain To Follow Me Hsjj 094.nwc
Illegible Reel The Hsjj 128.nwc
Illegible Slip Jig Hsjj 129.nwc
India Queen Jc 139.nwc
Indian Queen Wm139.nwc
Irish Emigrant Tly 013.nwc
Irish Fox Hunt Jmt108.nwc
Irish Girl Jc 176.nwc
Irish Girl Jc 176.txt
Irish Jigg An Jmt060.nwc
Irish Lasses Hsjj 009.nwc
Irish Trot.nwc
Irish Union Jc 085.nwc
Irish Union Jc 085.txt
Irish Vaux Hall Bc 37.nwc
Irish Washer Woman Jc 160.nwc
Irish Washerwoman Jmt052.nwc
Irish Washerwoman Tly 047.nwc
Irish Washerwoman Wm023.nwc
Iron Bridge The Hsjj 109.nwc
Ita Minfreda Jc 070.nwc
Italian Dance Wm035.nwc
Italian March Bc 61.nwc
Italian March Bc 61.txt
Italian Momfreda Jc 097.nwc
Italian Momfreda Jc 097.txt
Ivy House The Wm067.nwc
Jack In Green Jc 233.nwc
Jack Lattin Bc 60.nwc
Jack The Horse Courser.nwc
Jack Upon The Green.nwc
Jack Upon The Green 2.nwc
Jack's Alive Jmt043.nwc
Jacks Carvatt.nwc
Jackson's Dream Hsjj 165.nwc
Jacksons Morning Brush Jc 115.nwc
Jem Of Aberdeen Jc 024.nwc
Jem Of Aberdeen Jc 024.txt
Jennie's Bawbee Jmt115.nwc
Jenny Baubee Two Wm099.nwc
Jenny Baubee Two Wm099.txt
Jenny Dang The Weaver Tly 009.nwc
Jenny Nettle Jmt081.nwc
Jenny Nettles Hsjj 037.nwc
Jenny Sutan.nwc
Jenny Sutton Wm090.nwc
Jenny Sutton Wm090.txt
Jennys Bawbee Jc 011.nwc
Jennys Bawbee Jc 011.txt
Jessy The Flower Of Dunblane.nwc
Jig Untitled Tly 056.nwc
Jim Crow Quadrilles (1) Tly 059.nwc
Jim Crow Quadrilles (2) Tly 060.nwc
Jim Crow Quadrilles (3) Tly 061.nwc
Jim Crow Quadrilles (4) Tly 062.nwc
Jim Crow Quadrilles (5) Tly 063.nwc
Jinny O (Title Illegible).nwc
Jock Wilson's Hornpipe Aka Jc 170.nwc
Jockey To The Fair Jc 077.nwc
Jockey To The Fair Jc 077.txt
Jockey To The Fair Jmt101.nwc
John Anderson My Jo Hsjj 176.nwc
Johnny Cope Hsjj 027.nwc
Johnny Macgill Hsjj 114.nwc
Jolly Young Waterman Wm142.nwc
Joseph's Frolic Hsjj 005.nwc
Jubillee Hornpipe Tly 082.nwc
Just As I Was In The Morning Hsjj 157.nwc
Keel Row The Jmt024.nwc
Kempshot Hunt Jc 009.nwc
King Of Prussia's Minuet Bc 42.nwc
King Pipping Polka Tly 035.nwc
Kingsbridge Assembly Jc 241.nwc
Kingsbridge Assembly Wm144.nwc
Kiss Me Fast My Mother's Coming Hsjj 158.nwc
Kiss My Lady Jc 136.nwc
Kiss My Lady Jc 159.nwc
Kitty Of Colerain Jmt067.nwc
Kitty O'linch Jmt015.nwc
Kozebue's Fancy Wm128.nwc
Kozebue's Fancy Wm138.nwc
La Bel Jean Jc 028.nwc
La Belle Catherine Hsjj 184.nwc
La Belle Catherine Wm085.nwc
La Belle Catherine Wm085.txt
La Bissette Hsjj 049.nwc
La Counterfaitte Hsjj 022.nwc
La Dansomanic Jc 206.nwc
La Fete De Village Wm143.nwc
La Polonese Hsjj 026.nwc
La Rochelle Hsjj 106.nwc
La Rosalia Hsjj 063.nwc
Ladies Wattle Hsjj 014.nwc
Lads Are A' Come Back Again The Bc 40.nwc
Lads Are A' Come Back Again The Bc 40.txt
Lady Amelia Stuart's Waltz Hsjj 134.nwc
Lady Comptons Whim Jc 240.nwc
Lady Coventry's Minuet Bc 05.nwc
Lady Danby's Minuet Bc 55.nwc
Lady Danby's Minuet Bc 55.txt
Lady Hooper's Reel Wm095.nwc
Lady Mary Ramsay.nwc
Lady Mary Ramsey'reel Jmt030.nwc
Lady Nelson's Waltz Wm130.nwc
Lady Shaftsbury's Rant Wm096.nwc
Lady Shaftsbury's Rant Wm096.txt
Ladys Breast Nott (Sic) Jc 131.nwc
Ladys Breast Nott Jc 002.nwc
Ladys Breast Nott Jc 002.txt
Ladys Breast Nott Jc 143.nwc
Lancers Sett Of Quadrils No 1 Tly 051.nwc
Lancers Sett Of Quadrils No 2 Tly 052.nwc
Lancers Sett Of Quadrils No 3 Tly 053.nwc
Lancers Sett Of Quadrils No 4 Tly 054.nwc
Lancers Sett Of Quadrils No 5 Tly 055.nwc
Lass Of Patty's Mill The Bc 18.nwc
Lass Of Patty's Mill The Bc 18.txt
Lass Of Richmond Hill Jc 010.nwc
Lass Of Richmond Hill Jc 010.txt
Lasses Keep Your Legs Together.nwc
Lasses Of Melross The Hsjj 062.nwc
Ld Cathcarts Minuet Bc 12.nwc
Le Fette De Village Hsjj 018.nwc
Le Pitit Tambour Jmt033.nwc
Learned Men Hsjj 081.nwc
Life In London Hsjj 090.nwc
Life Let Us Cherish.nwc
Light Heart The Wm125.nwc
Light Horse March The Bc 24.nwc
Lilly The Hsjj 150.nwc
Lincolnshire March Jc 230.nwc
Lincolnshire Rangers Jc 034.nwc
Lincolnshire Rangers Jc 034.txt
Linnen Hall Hsjj 055.nwc
Lion And Fawn The Wm116.nwc
Litchfield Races Bc 14.nwc
Little Gipsey The Hsjj 125.nwc
Little Skirmish Hsjj 035.nwc
Lochaber Bc 15.nwc
Logerian Fancy The Jc 004.nwc
London March The Jmt020.nwc
London March Tly 015.nwc
Lord Carmarthen's March.nwc
Lord Cathcart (Haydn) Jc 094.nwc
Lord Cathcart (Haydn) Jc 094.txt
Lord Cathcart Jmt088.nwc
Lord Cornwallis's March.nwc
Lord Fitz Williams March (Unedited) Jc 090.nwc
Lord Fitz Williams March (Unedited) Jc 090.txt
Lord Hardwickes March Tly 031.nwc
Lord Harwick's March Jmt029.nwc
Lord Home's Reel Wm094.nwc
Lord Mcdonald's Reel Jmt075.nwc
Lord Moira's Welcome To Scotland Hsjj 185.nwc
Lord Morpeth's Reel Hsjj 028.nwc
Lord Nelson's Hornpipe Jmt078.nwc
Lord Nelson's Waltz Wm133.nwc
Lord Vincents Hornpipe Jc 132.nwc
Lord Vincents Hornpipe Jc 132.txt
Love In The East Wm103.nwc
Love Laughs At Locksmiths Hsjj002.nwc
Lovely Mally Hsjj 050.nwc
Lovely Nancy Tly 002.nwc
Lovly Nancy Jc 121.nwc
Lovly Nancy Jc 121.txt
Lullaby The Jc 053.nwc
Mad Moll Tly 007.nwc
Madam Del Caros Hornpipe Wm082.nwc
Madam Hilingsborg's Reel Wm076.nwc
Madame Del Caro's Hornpipe.nwc
Madame Del Caro's Hornpipe Wm070a.nwc
Maggie Lawder Hsjj 186.nwc
Maid Of Anachar The Jmt074.nwc
Maid Of Skylight Jc 030.nwc
Maiden Fair.nwc
Major John Bruce's Quickstep Hsjj 021.nwc
Malborough March Bc 36.nwc
Malborough March Bc 36.txt
March In Bluebeard(Primo) Hsjj 064.nwc
March In Bluebeard(Secundo) Hsjj 064.nwc
March In Ladoiska Jc 058.nwc
March In Lavanda Bc 17.nwc
March In Rinaldo Bc 34.nwc
March In Rinaldo Bc 34.txt
March In Scipio Jc 060.nwc
March In The Occasional Oratorio (Harmony) Bc 48b.nwc
March In The Occasional Oratorio (Melody) Bc 48a.nwc
March No1 Tly 006.nwc
March No2 Tly 019.nwc
March No3 Tly 021.nwc
March Of The 15th Regiment Tly 018.nwc
Marfull Hornpipe Jc 128.nwc
Marian Wm019.nwc
Marionets Jc 033.nwc
Marquis(Of Harlington) The Tly 045.nwc
Marquis Of Huntley's Reel Hsjj 172.nwc
Marquis Wellinton Jc 055.nwc
Mary No More Jc 247.nwc
Match Breaking Hsjj 072.nwc
Match Making Hsjj 071.nwc
Mathews Hornpipe Wm122.nwc
Matthew Briggs Hsjj 105.nwc
May Day Hsjj 141.nwc
May Moon The Jmt040.nwc
Meggy's Foot.nwc
Melbourne Waltz Hsjj 086.nwc
Merry Meeting The Hsjj 031.nwc
Merry Plowman The Hsjj 159.nwc
Michael Wiggens Jc 089.nwc
Michael Wiggens Jc 089.txt
Michael Wiggins Jc 130.nwc
Michael Wiggins In Ireland Tly 049.nwc
Militia March The Bc 57.nwc
Mill Mill O Duet Primo Jmt105.nwc
Mill Mill O Duet Secundo Jmt105.nwc
Miller Of Drone Jmt099.nwc
Minuet (Harmony) Bc 50b.nwc
Minuet (Harmony) Bc 53b.nwc
Minuet (Melody) Bc 50a.nwc
Minuet (Melody) Bc 53a.nwc
Minuet - Play Slow.nwc
Miss Ard Rie .nwc
Miss Bacons Hornpipe (Incomplete) Jc 116.nwc
Miss Bacons Hornpipe (Incomplete) Jc 116.txt
Miss Bakers Hornpipe Tly 078.nwc
Miss Baker's Hornpipe Wm015.nwc
Miss Baker's Hornpipe Wm057.nwc
Miss Casey Wm021.nwc
Miss Conyer's Whim Hsjj 017.nwc
Miss Crioux's Reel Jc 046.nwc
Miss Douglas Moncrief Jc 207.nwc
Miss Ester Stanhope's Reel Wm086.nwc
Miss Ester Stanhope's Reel Wm086.txt
Miss Farquharson's Reel.nwc
Miss Fravisers ( ) Reel.nwc
Miss Freers Delight Jc 146.nwc
Miss Gasoy( ) Wm079.nwc
Miss Gasoy( ) Wm079.txt
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe Tly 022.nwc
Miss Hills Favourite Jc 050.nwc
Miss Hope's Reel Jmt071.nwc
Miss Jamieson's Jig Hsjj 010.nwc
Miss Johnson's Reel Jmt111.nwc
Miss Kitty Campbell's Strathspey Wm127.nwc
Miss Peaches Delight Bc 30.nwc
Miss Pitt's Minuet Bc 44.nwc
Miss Sackville's Fancy Hsjj 040.nwc
Miss Sackville's Fancy Wm038.nwc
Miss Skinner's Reel.nwc
Miss West's Favorite Wm147.nwc
Misses Fancy Wm073.nwc
Mittell's Hornpipe Wm071.nwc
Moll I' The Wad Jc 005.nwc
Moll I' The Wad Jc 005.txt
Moll In The Wod Wm010.nwc
Money In Both Pockets Wm032.nwc
Money Musk.nwc
Money Musk Jc 020.nwc
Money Musk Jc 073.nwc
Money Musk Tly 023.nwc
Money Musk Wm018.nwc
Money Ramsay.nwc
Monfrina Jmt039.nwc
Mont Vida Jc 113.nwc
Month Of May.nwc
Montrose's Reel Jc 029.nwc
Morgan Ratler Wm020.nwc
Morgan Rattler Jc 013.nwc
Morgan Rattler Jc 013.txt
Morgiana Jc 042.nwc
Morgiana In Ireland Jc 052.nwc
Morgiana In Ireland Jc 067.nwc
Morgiana In Ireland Jc 067.txt
Morgiania In Spain Jc 163.nwc
Morning Fair Hornpipe The Jc 126.nwc
Morpeth Rant Jmt045.nwc
Mother Goose Jc 112.nwc
Mother Goose Tly 008.nwc
Mozart Waltz 2 Tly 028.nwc
Mozarts Waltz Jc 183.nwc
Mozarts Waltz 1 Tly 027.nwc
Mr Hallowell's Fancy.nwc
Mrs Casey Hsjj 142.nwc
Mrs Casy Jc 022.nwc
Mrs Gilbert Jmt092.nwc
Mrs Grey's Reel Wm108.nwc
Mrs Mcleod Hsjj 147.nwc
Mrs Parker's Waltz Hsjj 098.nwc
Muffin Man The Wm051.nwc
Mumbo Grumbo Hsjj 101.nwc
Murphy Delaney Hsjj 140.nwc
Muses The Jc 152.nwc
My Ain Kind Dearie Tly 037.nwc
My Grandmother Wm066.nwc
My Landlady Hsjj 083.nwc
My Love Is But A Lassie Yet Wm135.nwc
Myson's Fancy.nwc
Nancy Dawson's Hornpipe - For A Country Dance.nwc
Native Pe Ing The Hsjj 067.nwc
Neapolitan Threshers Hsjj 004.nwc
Negro Boy Wm107.nwc
Nell Gow.nwc
Nelson & Victory Wm078.nwc
Nelson & Victory Wm078.txt
Nelson Hsjj 182.nwc
Neptune Jc 236.nwc
Never Mind It Hsjj 079.nwc
New Concert Hornpipe Wm009.nwc
New Corsair The Jmt087.nwc
New Drops Of Brandy Jc 161.nwc
New Drury Wm088.nwc
New Drury Wm088.txt
New German March Jc 187.nwc
New German March Jc 188.nwc
New German Waltz The Wm106.nwc
New Grinders The Hsjj 110.nwc
New Harliquin Air A Bc 16.nwc
New London Hornpipe Jc 172.nwc
New May Day Jc 229.nwc
New Rigg'd Ship Jc 196.nwc
New Tartar's Plaid Wm105.nwc
New Tyrolean Waltz(Part) Aka Jc 244.nwc
Nightingale The Jc 255.nwc
No 2 Polka Tly 069.nwc

North Britons The Hsjj 130.nwc
Northern Nanny.nwc
Nottingam Races Jc 145.nwc
Nottingham Castle Hsjj 032.nwc
Nottingham Races Jc 108.nwc
Novelty The Jc 154.nwc
Novey Gallows Jc 237.nwc
O Hurrah For The Bonnetts O Blue.nwc
O P The Jc 093.nwc
O P The Jc 093.txt
O Sam(M)y Dear Hsjj 104.nwc
O Then Dearest Helen Jmt085.nwc
Oak Stick Hsjj 056.nwc
Odd Fish The Hsjj 126.nwc
Odity The Wm112.nwc
O'er The Hills & Far Away Hsjj 175.nwc
O'er The Hills And Far Away Jmt103.nwc
O'er The Muir To Maggy Hsjj 152.nwc
Off She Goes Hsjj 124.nwc
Off She Goes Jc 262.nwc
Off She Goes Jc 262.txt
Off She Goes Jmt061.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be Jc 012.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be Jc 012.txt
Old Robin Adair.nwc
Old Through The Wood Laddie Jc 125.nwc
Old Through The Wood Laddie Jc 125.txt
On Dit Qui A Quinze Ans Hsjj 048.nwc
One And All Wm064.nwc
Opera Hat Jc 057.nwc
Opera Hat Jc 068.nwc
Opp Illegible Hsjj 047.nwc
Orange And Blue Jmt065.nwc
O'the Days When I Was Young Jc 209.nwc
O'the Days When I Was Young Jc 209.txt
Over The Hills And Far Away.nwc
Over The Water To Charley.nwc
Over The Water To Charlie Hsjj 179.nwc
Oxfordshire March Bc 20.nwc
Oyster Girl The Jc 261.nwc
Oyster Girl The Jc 261.txt
Paddy Carey Hsjj 187.nwc
Paddy Carey Jc 106.nwc
Paddy Cary Tly 024.nwc
Paddy O'carrel Jmt098.nwc
Paddy Wack Jc 081.nwc
Paddy Wack Jc 081.txt
Paddy Wack Wm036.nwc
Paddy Wedding.nwc
Paddy Whack Jmt102.nwc
Paddy's Rambles Jmt046.nwc
Paddy's Resource Hsjj 033.nwc
Pantheon The Hsjj 059.nwc
Parade The Hsjj 132.nwc
Parade The Hsjj 132.txt
Parlalaw Hsjj 023.nwc
Parting Kiss The Hsjj 148.nwc
Paties Mill Jc 219.nwc
Paties Mill Jc 219.txt
Patrick Band Hsjj 111.nwc
Peep Of Day Hsjj 046.nwc
Peggy Band Jc 107.nwc
Peggy Band Jc 107.txt
Peggy's Wedding.nwc
Persian Ricardo Jc 088.nwc
Persian Ricardo Jc 088.txt
Persian Waltz The Hsjj 082.nwc
Peruvian Boy The Hsjj 137.nwc
Philips's Hornpipe Jmt106.nwc
Physiognomist The Hsjj 085.nwc
Pielschmann's Waltz Jmt036.nwc
Pilgrim The Bc 33.nwc
Pit Lad The Jmt005.nwc
Ploughman The Jc 091.nwc
Ploughman The Jc 091.txt
Plump Maggy (Illegible Title).nwc
Polka By Jubin Tly 068.nwc
Pollacca Jmt083.nwc
Polly Put The Kettle On.nwc
Poor Soldier Jc 251.nwc
Portugal Dance The Jc 249.nwc
Portugal Minuet The Bc 13.nwc
Portugese Jc 006.nwc
Preston Hornpipe Jmt012.nwc
Pretty Maggy Hsjj 065.nwc
Primo A Hornpipe 173.nwc
Prince Eugene's March Bc 35.nwc
Prince Of Wales March Tly 033.nwc
Prince Of Wales March Cont Tly 034.nwc
Prince Of Wales's March The Bc 25.nwc
Prince Regent Jmt093.nwc
Princess Caroline's Waltz Wm123.nwc
Princess Esterhazy Hsjj 089.nwc
Prussian's Hornpipe The Wm012.nwc
Psalm No 1.nwc
Psalm No 116.nwc
Pup In The Parachute Hsjj 113.nwc
Quadrille Jmt118.nwc
Quadrille Jmt120.nwc
Quadrille Tly 039.nwc
Quadrille A Jmt002.nwc
Quadrille A Jmt003.nwc
Quadrille A Jmt032.nwc
Quadrille Dance Hsjj 069.nwc
Quadrils(2) Tly 071.nwc
Quadrils (1) Tly 070.nwc
Quadrils (3) Tly 072.nwc
Quadrils (4) Tly 073.nwc
Quadrils (5) Tly 074.nwc
Queen Of Blands Minuet The Bc 06.nwc
Queen Of Prussia's Waltz Jmt080.nwc
Queen Of Roses Polka The Tly 020.nwc
Queen Of The May Hsjj 091.nwc
Queens March Jc 227.nwc
Quick Step Hsjj 192.nwc
Quick Step In The Battle Of Prague Jc 051.nwc
Rachel Ray Single Reel.nwc
Rachel Reay's Rant Jmt 057.nwc
Rakes Of Kirby.nwc
Rakes Of London Jc 103.nwc
Rakes Of London Jc 103.txt
Rakes Of Mallo Hsjj 149.nwc
Rakes Of Mallow The Wm050.nwc
Rakes Of Mellow Jc 037.nwc
Rakes Of Mellow Jc 037.txt
Ranger's Frolic Jmt113.nwc
Recovery Jc 124.nwc
Recovery The Jc 048.nwc
Recruiting Serjeant Wm065.nwc
Red Lion Hornpipe Wm042.nwc
Red Lyon Hornpipe Jc 100.nwc
Red Pettycoat Hornpipe Jc 021.nwc
Redowa Polka Aka Jc 263.nwc
Reed House Rant.nwc
Reel Jmt114.nwc
Reel A Jmt017.nwc
Regents Fete Jc 222.nwc
Reprisal The Bc 54.nwc
River Dee The Wm013.nwc
Roast Beef Of Old England Jc 127.nwc
Roast Beef Of Old England Jc 127.txt
Rob Roy's Reel Jmt041.nwc
Robin Adair Hsjj 190.nwc
Robinsons Reel.nwc
Ronland Hornpipe.nwc
Roodalum Irish The Jc 204.nwc
Rory O'more Jmt012.nwc
Rose The Wm039.nwc
Rose Tree The Wm026.nwc
Ross Castle Hsjj 108.nwc
Rothersbridge Assembly Wm061.nwc
Rowley Jc 072.nwc
Rowley Jc 072.txt
Roys Hope Of Aldinullock .nwc
Roy's Wife Of Aldivallock Jmt062.nwc
Rule Britannia Hsjj 193.nwc
Rule Britannia Jc 045.nwc
Rule Britannia Jc 045.txt
Rule Britannia Tly 001.nwc
Russian The Jc 079.nwc

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