Traditional English Music 2 Part A

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26th Regmt Quickstep Hsjj 058.nwc
4th Dragoons March Jmt077.nwc
A Rigadoun.nwc
A B Hornpipe Wm049.nwc
A Bonny Lass To Marry Me.nwc
A Carol Tune - For Christmas Day.nwc
A Favourite Hornpipe Tly 081.nwc
A Friend In Need Hsjj 053.nwc
A Honsup (Hunt's Up).nwc
A Jigg.nwc
A Reel.nwc
Adieu My Native Land Adieu (Bottom Line) Jc 049.nwc
Adieu My Native Land Adieu (Top Line) Jc 049.nwc
Adieu My Native Land Adieu (Top Line) Jc 049.txt
Admiral Mitchel's Reel Wm129.nwc
Air Allegro Tly 029.nwc
Air By Mr Arne (Harmony) Bc 51b.nwc
Air By Mr Arne (Melody) Bc 51a.nwc
Air De L'opera Francoise Hsjj 054.nwc
Air In Perseus And Andromeda Bc 11.nwc
Aldridge's Dance Hsjj 060.nwc
Aldriges Allemande Wm030.nwc
Ale Wife & Her Barrel The Hsjj 020.nwc
Algerine Waltz The Hsjj 076.nwc
All Around The Maypole See How They Trott Jc 175.nwc
All Around The Maypole See How They Trott Jc 175.txt
All Hands High Hornpipe Wm014.nwc
Alldivaloch Jc 213.nwc
Alldivaloch Jc 213.txt
Allonby( ) Lasses.nwc
All's Well Hsjj 068.nwc
All's Well Primo Jmt084.nwc
All's Well Secundo Jmt084.nwc
American Hornpipe Jc 148.nwc
An Ye Had Been Where Etc Hsjj 001.nwc
Andrew & His Cutty Gun Hsjj 177.nwc
Anna Bolena Jmt042.nwc
Appelby Election Hornpipe.nwc
Archers Dance Jc 019.nwc
Archers Hornpipe.nwc
Aria Tly 042.nwc
As Sweet As A Pink Gigg.nwc
Ashley's Flag Wm048.nwc
Ashley's Flag Aka Jc 245.nwc
Ashleys Hornpipe Jc 114.nwc
Ashley's Hornpipe Wm043.nwc
Ashleys Rides Jc 001.nwc
Ashleys Rides Jc 001.txt
Asleys Hornpipe Jc 035.nwc
Auld Lang Syne.nwc
Bacons Hornpipe Jc 111.nwc
Bagpipes The Wm145.nwc
Ball The Wm102.nwc
Ballance A Straw.nwc
Balliorum Wm100.nwc
Balliorum Wm100.txt
Bang Up Jc 092.nwc
Bang Up Jc 092.txt
Bang Up Jmt090.nwc
Bang Up Hornpipe Tly 083.nwc
Bank Corps The Wm137.nwc
Barber's Hornpipe The Wm004.nwc
Bards Legacy The Jc 211.nwc
Bards Legacy The Jc 211.txt
Barham Downs Wm132.nwc
Barley Butt Wm024.nwc
Barley Raking - For A Jigg Or Reel.nwc
Barring Of The Door The Hsjj 168.nwc
Batchelors Of Every Nation Hsjj 161.nwc
Bath Medley Wm059.nwc
Bath Waltz Hsjj 144.nwc
Bath Waltz Jc 099.nwc
Bath Waltz Jc 099.txt
Bath Waltz Jc 101.nwc
Bath Waltz Jc 168.nwc
Battle Of Prague Jc 008.nwc
Because He Was A Bonny Lad Hsjj 112.nwc
Bedford Races Jc 086.nwc
Bedford Races Jc 086.txt
Bedfordshire March Jc 061.nwc
Beef Stake Hornpipe Jc 119.nwc
Beggar Girl The Jc 063.nwc
Beggar Girl The Jc 063.txt
Behind The Bush In The Garden Hsjj 169.nwc
Belentines Or Jc 137.nwc
Bell The Jc 234.nwc
Bellisle March Bc 38.nwc
Betty Brown Jc 040.nwc
Betty Brown Jc 040.txt
Betty Can Drink No Water.nwc
Bill's A Bonny Lad.nwc
Black Ey'd Susan Jc 192.nwc
Black Ey'd Susan Jc 192.txt
Black Ey'd Susan Jc 215.nwc
Black Ey'd Susan Jc 215.txt
Black Jack Hsjj 166.nwc
Black Joke Wm029.nwc
Blackamoors Dance.nwc
Blanchard's Hornpipe Wm044.nwc
Blanchland Races Jmt068.nwc
Blow The Wind Southerly Jmt031.nwc
Blowzabella Hsjj 115.nwc
Blue And Buff Wm022.nwc
Blue Dick.nwc
Bob And Joan Tly 005.nwc
Bob And Joan Tly 065.nwc
Bob Horn's Hornpipe Wm005.nwc
Bobbing Joan Bc 45.nwc
Bobbing Joan Jc 059.nwc
Bobbing Joan Jc 059.txt
Bobing Joan.nwc
Boni Cate Of Edinbrough (Bonny Kate Of Edinboro').nwc
Bonny Charlie Hsjj 160.nwc
Bonny Gordie Jmt063.nwc
Bonny Kate Of Aberdeen.nwc
Bonny Lads.nwc
Bonny Lass Of Livingston The Hsjj 034.nwc
Bonny Lass To Marry Me A Hsjj 163.nwc
Bonny Lasses Jc 155.nwc
Bonton The Hsjj 164.nwc
Bounce The Hsjj 075.nwc
Briars The Jc 194.nwc
Briars The Jc 194.txt
Brighton Camp.nwc
Brighton Camp Jc 105.nwc
Brighton Camp Jc 105.txt
Britain Strike Home.nwc
British Hero The Bc 32.nwc
British Hero The Bc 32.txt
Brunswick Wm081.nwc
Brunswick Wm081.txt
Brunswick Wm114.nwc
Bucket The Hsjj 171.nwc
Bugle Horn Jc 075.nwc
Bugle Horn Jc 134.nwc
Bumper .nwc
Burdett The Jc 044.nwc
Butter'd Peas Wm084.nwc
Butter'd Peas Wm084.txt
Buttered Pease.nwc
Cabinet Of Love The Wm087.nwc
Cabinet Of Love The Wm087.txt
Cackling Of The Hens Wm146.nwc
Calimbe Hsjj 066.nwc
Caller Herring (Scotch) Jmt104.nwc
Cammel's Rondeau Jmt072.nwc
Capt Hood's March Bc 41.nwc
Capt Ross' Reel Hsjj 006.nwc
Captn Mackintosh Jc 023.nwc
Capuchin The Hsjj 013.nwc
Caroline Quadrille The Hsjj 088.nwc
Casino Wm034.nwc
Cassano The Jc 032.nwc
Cassano The Jc 038.nwc
Castle Gate The Hsjj 121.nwc
Castle Grove Hsjj 100.nwc
Castle's Minuet Bc 07.nwc
Cauld Kail Wm134.nwc
Charles Stewards Reel Jmt008.nwc
Charley Over The Water Jc 153.nwc
Charlie Is My Darling Primo Jmt048.nwc
Charlie Is My Darling Secundo Jmt048.nwc
Charming Fellow Wm025.nwc
Charming Phillis - A Minuet.nwc
Cheltenham Waltz Jc 123.nwc
Cherry Cheek'd Patty Jc 003.nwc
Cherry Cheek'd Patty Jc 003.txt
Chipin Fair.nwc
Chips & Shavins Hsjj 138.nwc
Chips And Shavins.nwc
Choeur Des Montagnards Jmt038.nwc
Christ Church Bells Jc 217.nwc
Christ Church Bells Jc 217.txt
Cleggs Hornpipe Jc 120.nwc
Cleggs Hornpipe Jc 120.txt
Coblers Hornpipe.nwc
Cochrane Waltz Hsjj 087.nwc
Cock Up They Beaver Jemme.nwc
Cold And Ow.nwc
Colledge Hornpipe Jc 150.nwc
Colledge Hornpipe Jc 171.nwc
Colledge Hornpipe Jc 197.nwc
Colledge Hornpipe Wm011.nwc
Colledge Hornpipe Wm074.nwc
College Hornpipe Jmt053.nwc
Come To The Bower Jc 071.nwc
Come To The Bower Jc 071.txt
Coming Through The Rye Aka Jc 135.nwc
Coming Through The Rye Aka Jc 135.txt
Commedore Moore Hornpipe Wm006.nwc
Commerce Hornpipe Wm002.nwc
Constant Couple The Hsjj 097.nwc
Coolan Jc 047.nwc
Coolan Jc 047.txt
Cornwallis March Jc 186.nwc
Coronation The Hsjj 093.nwc
Corporal Cazy Jc 018.nwc
Corporal Cazy Jc 018.txt
Cotillion Hsjj 008.nwc
Cotillion Hsjj 025.nwc
Cotillion Hsjj 039.nwc
Cottage Hornpipe.nwc
Country Farmers The Bc 58.nwc
Country Farmers The Bc 58.txt
Crotchet Lodge Wm111.nwc
Ct Brown's March Bc 28.nwc
Cuckoo Solo Jmt122.nwc
Cuckoo The Jc 064.nwc
Cuckoo The Jc 064.txt
Cuckoos Nest Jc 225.nwc
Cuckoos Nest Jc 225.txt
Cuddle Me Cuddy.nwc
Cyder And Perry Wm131.nwc
Cylph Dance The Jmt073.nwc
Daniel Casper.nwc
Daniel's Hornpipe (Edited) Jc 144.nwc
Daniels Hornpipe (Unedited) Jc 144.nwc
Debtors Salutations Bc 29.nwc
Delvinsides Jmt051.nwc
Devil Among The Tailors The Jmt044.nwc
Devil Among The Taylors The Jc 199.nwc
Devil In The Bush The Hsjj 122.nwc
Devil's Dead The Hsjj 123.nwc
Devils Dream (With 3 Parts) Jc 252.nwc
Devil's Dream The Wm104.nwc
Dibdin's Fancy Wm083.nwc
Dibdin's Fancy Wm083.txt
Disconsolate Sailor Jc 016.nwc
Disconsolate Sailor Jc 016.txt
Doctor The Hsjj 151.nwc
Donald Of Dundee Wm068.nwc
Doon The Bank.nwc
Dorset Shire March Jc 087.nwc
Dorsetshire March The Hsjj 178.nwc
Double Shuffle.nwc
Downfall Of Paris Jc 149.nwc
Downs The Jc 036.nwc
Dream The Wm063.nwc
Drinking Parson The Wm089.nwc
Drinking Parson The Wm089.txt
Drops Of Brandy.nwc
Drops Of Brandy Jmt089.nwc
Drops Of Brandy Wm075.nwc
Drops Of Brandy Wm080.nwc
Drops Of Brandy Wm080.txt
Drops Of Drink Hsjj 011.nwc
Drub The Rogues Hsjj 174.nwc
Dublin Jig The Hsjj 099.nwc
Duchess Of Gordon's Reel Hsjj 118.nwc
Duke Of Cumberland's March The Bc 26.nwc
Duke Of Perth's Reel Hsjj 052.nwc
Duke Of York New March.nwc
Duke Of York S March Jmt095.nwc
Duke Of Yorkes March.nwc
Duke Of York's March Tly 003.nwc
Duke Of York's March Tly 010.nwc
Duke Of Yorks New March Tly 077.nwc
Dukes Hornpipe Jc 254.nwc
Dull Care (Bottom Part) Jc 026.nwc
Dull Care (Top Part) Jc 026.nwc
Dull Care (Top Part) Jc 026.txt
Durham Rainger The Jmt019.nwc
Dusark's Fancy Wm136.nwc
Dusky Night Jc 226.nwc
Dusky Night Jc 226.txt
Dusty Miller.nwc
Dusty Miller Bc 59.nwc
Dusty Miller Jc 084.nwc
Dusty Miller Jc 084.txt
Dutch Trot The Wm077.nwc
Dutch Trot The Wm120.nwc
Dutchess Of Montrose's Reel Wm069.nwc
Each Has A Lover But Me Hsjj 195.nwc
Earl Moira's Welcometo Scotland Jmt070.nwc
Egg Hornpipe Jc 253.nwc
Englands Glory Jc 117.nwc
Englands Glory Jc 117.txt
Ere Around The Huge Oak Jc 062.nwc
Ere Around The Huge Oak Jc 062.txt
Essex March The Bc 27.nwc
Evening Hymn Jc 007.nwc
Evening Hymn Jc 007.txt
Fairie's Revels Hsjj 019.nwc
Fairy Dance Jc 156.nwc
Fal Lal La Jc 054.nwc
Fal Lal La Jc 054.txt
Fall Of Paris Tly 076.nwc
Fanny Lisp Hsjj 077.nwc
Farewell The Hsjj 146.nwc
Farewell To Whisky.nwc
Favourite [ ] Hornpipe Jc 208.nwc
Favourite Gigg.nwc
Favourite Quick March A Wm027.nwc
Favourite The Hsjj 073.nwc
Feathers The Hsjj 162.nwc
Female Drummer Jc 167.nwc
Female Drummer Jc 167.txt
Fife Hunt Wm141.nwc
Fight About The Fireside Hsjj 095.nwc
Fill The Tankard.nwc
Finger Post The Hsjj 016.nwc
First Love Wm072.nwc
Fishers Hornpipe Tly 014.nwc
Flower Of Edinbourough Jc 138.nwc
Flower Of Edinburgh The Jmt023.nwc
Flowers Of Edinburgh.nwc
Flute Hornpipe Wm046.nwc
Foots Minuet Bc 03.nwc
Fowler The Jc 178.nwc
Fowler The Jc 178.txt
French Minuet A Bc 08.nwc
French Stroller Wm121.nwc
French Taptoo Hsjj 012.nwc
Friar's Oak Hsjj 103.nwc
Gala The Wm109.nwc
Gallway Girls Hsjj 051.nwc
Ganerian's Flight Hsjj 096.nwc
Gardengate The Jc 260.nwc
Gardengate The Jc 260.txt
Garryowen Aka Jc 177.nwc
Gavot (Harmony) Bc 47b.nwc
Gavot (Melody) Bc 47a.nwc
Gavot By Mr Stanley Bc 09.nwc
Gee O'dobbin Jc 250.nwc
Gee O'dobbin Jc 250.txt
Gee Woe Dobin.nwc
General Toast Wm062.nwc
George 2nd Jc 069.nwc
George 2nd Jc 069.txt
German Minuet (Harmony) Bc 46b.nwc
German Minuet (Melody) Bc 46a.nwc
German Minuet Tly 025.nwc
German Polka.nwc
German Waltz Wm070b.nwc
Getting Up Stairs Tly 058.nwc
Giga Hsjj 036.nwc
Gigg Time.nwc
Gloomy Winter Jmt056.nwc
Gloster Reel Wm001.nwc
Gloucestershire March The Bc 22.nwc
Gloucestershire Miner's Hornpipe Aka Jc 174.nwc
Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself Wm033.nwc
God Save The King.nwc
God Save The King Bc 02.nwc
God Save The King Hsjj 188.nwc
God Save The King 2.nwc
God Save The King 3.nwc
Golden Egg Jmt097.nwc
Good Thing The Hsjj 155.nwc
Granes March (1st Primo) Tly 084.nwc
Granes March (Secondo) Tly 086.nwc
Green Grow The Rushes O.nwc
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 017.nwc
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 017.txt
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 162.nwc
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 162.txt
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 243.nwc
Green Grows The Rushes O' Jc 243.txt
Green Hills Tly 064.nwc
Green Hills Of Tyrol Jmt055.nwc
Green Sleeves.nwc
Green Sleeves Or Kick My .nwc
Grinders The Jc 200.nwc
Guillotine The Wm097.nwc
Guillotine The Wm097.txt
Gussondall Bay Wm126.nwc
Gustavus Galloppe Jmy119.nwc
Guy Mannering Hsjj 078.nwc
Hampshire March Bc 21.nwc
Handel's Clarinet Hsjj 189.nwc
Handel's Clarinet Primo Tly 016.nwc
Handel's Clarinet Secondo Tly 016.nwc
Handels Gavot (No1) Jc 239.nwc
Handels Gavott (No2) Jc 256.nwc
Handels Gavott (No2) Jc 256.txt
Hanners Jigg.nwc
Happletons March (I Think It's An H).nwc
Happy Coon Hsjj 107.nwc
Harding's Folly's Hornpipe Wm008.nwc
Harlequin's Amulet Hsjj 102.nwc
Harliquin Air A Bc 10.nwc
Harmonio Dance.nwc
Hart Of Oak.nwc
Harvest Cany A Coming Jmt058.nwc
Harvest Home Hornpipe.nwc
Haste To The Wedding.nwc
Haste To The Wedding Jc 257.nwc
Haste To The Wedding Jc 257.txt
Hatfield House Hsjj 191.nwc
Have You Any More On't.nwc
Hawk The Jmt054.nwc
Hawkshead Rants.nwc
Heart Should Be Happy & Merry The Hsjj 194.nwc
Hearts &c Jc 074.nwc
Hearts Of Oak Jc 039.nwc
Hearts Of Oak Jc 039.txt
Heaving Of The Lead Jc 065.nwc
Heaving Of The Lead Jc 065.txt
Hemp Dressers The Hsjj 061.nwc
Hen's Concert The Jmt100.nwc
Henslem's Waltz Jmt035.nwc
Hessian's Dance The Bc 43.nwc
Hexham Races Jmt110.nwc
Hey Boys! Up Go We.nwc
Highland Laddy - Old Way.nwc
Highland Plaid Jc 014.nwc
Highland Reel Jmt107.nwc
Highland Reel Two Jmt109.nwc
Highland Watch Jmt094.nwc
Hip Hornpipe Wm017.nwc
Hip Hornpipe Wm115.nwc
Holoind .nwc
Honest Thieves Wm113.nwc
Hopkins's Fancy Wm117.nwc
Hornpipe Jc 169.nwc
Hornpipe Jc 180.nwc
Hornpipe Jc 181.nwc
Hornpipe Jmt121.nwc
Hornpipe Untitled Wm056.nwc
Hornpipe A Jc 182.nwc
Hornpipe A Jmt007.nwc
Hornpipe A Jmt011.nwc
Hornpipe By Tench A Jmt009.nwc
Hot Broth.nwc
How Can You Lovely Nancy Bc 31.nwc
Humours Of Glen The Jmt018.nwc
Humphrey's Rondo Wm058.nwc
Hunsess ( ) Through The Wood.nwc
Huntsman's Chorus Jmt082.nwc
Hura For The Bonnets Of Blue.nwc
Hussar Waltz Tly 011.nwc

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