Noteworthy Composer Collection 2

Songs T

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Take a Drink on Me.nwc
Take a Drink on Me.txt
Take Me Out to the Ball Game.nwc
Take Me Out to the Ball Game.txt
Take This Hammer.nwc
Take This Hammer.txt
Taku Miners.nwc
Taku Miners.txt
Tam Glen.nwc
Tam Glen.txt
Tam Lane (Tam Lin etc ).nwc
Tam Lane (Tam Lin etc ).txt
Tanqueray Maetinis Oh!.nwc
Tanqueray Maetinis Oh!.txt
Tarry Trousers 2 2.txt
Tarry Trousers 2.nwc
Tarry Trousers.nwc
Tarry Trousers.txt
Tarry Wool.nwc
Tarry Wool.txt
Tavern In The Town.nwc
Tavern In The Town.txt
Te Farmington Canal Song.nwc
Te Farmington Canal Song.txt
Teddy ONeill.nwc
Teddy ONeill.txt
Tee Roo.nwc
Tee Roo.txt
Tell All the World John.nwc
Tell All the World John.txt
Tell Old Bill.nwc
Tell Old Bill.txt
Tell Poor Lou Im Gone.nwc
Tell Poor Lou Im Gone.txt
Ten OClock and All is Well.nwc
Ten OClock and All is Well.txt
Ten Thousand Cattle 2 2.txt
Ten Thousand Cattle 2.nwc
Ten Thousand Cattle.nwc
Ten Thousand Cattle.txt
Ten Thousand Miles Away.nwc
Ten Thousand Miles Away.txt
Ten Thousand Miles.nwc
Ten Thousand Miles.txt
Tenting On the Old Camp-Ground.nwc
Tenting On the Old Camp-Ground.txt
Terror Time.nwc
Terror Time.txt
Texas Jack.nwc
Texas Jack.txt
Texas Rangers.nwc
Tex-i-an Boys.nwc
Tex-i-an Boys.txt
Thats What its Like in the Navy.nwc
Thats What its Like in the Navy.txt
The 12 Days of Christmas.nwc
The 12 Days of Christmas.txt
The 1913 Massacre.nwc
The 1913 Massacre.txt
The Altoona Freight Wreck.nwc
The Altoona Freight Wreck.txt
The Apprentices Song.nwc
The Apprentices Song.txt
The Arkansas Traveler.nwc
The Arkansas Traveler.txt
The Arsenic Tragedy.nwc
The Arsenic Tragedy.txt
The Ashgrove.nwc
The Ashgrove.txt
The Ashland Tragedy II.nwc
The Ashland Tragedy II.txt
The Astrologer.nwc
The Astrologer.txt
The Avondale Disaster (2).nwc
The Avondale Disaster (2).txt
The Avondale Mine Disaster.nwc
The Avondale Mine Disaster.txt
The Babe of Bethlehem.nwc
The Babe of Bethlehem.txt
The Bailiffs Daughter of Islington 2 2.txt
The Bailiffs Daughter of Islington 2.nwc
The Bailiffs Daughter of Islington.nwc
The Bailiffs Daughter of Islington.txt
The Ball o Kerrimuir.nwc
The Ball o Kerrimuir.txt
The Ballad of Aimee McPherson.nwc
The Ballad of Aimee McPherson.txt
The Ballad of John MacLean.nwc
The Ballad of John MacLean.txt
The Band O Shearers.nwc
The Band O Shearers.txt
The Band Played On.nwc
The Band Played On.txt
The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda.nwc
The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda.txt
The Banks o Skene 2 2.txt
The Banks o Skene 2.nwc
The Banks o Skene.nwc
The Banks o Skene.txt
The Banks ODoon.nwc
The Banks ODoon.txt
The Banks of Fordie.nwc
The Banks of Fordie.txt
The Banks of my Own Lovely Lee.nwc
The Banks of my Own Lovely Lee.txt
The Banks of Sullane.nwc
The Banks of Sullane.txt
The Banks of Sweet Dundee 2 2.txt
The Banks of Sweet Dundee 2.nwc
The Banks of Sweet Dundee.nwc
The Banks of Sweet Dundee.txt
The Banks of Sweet Loch Ray.nwc
The Banks of the Don.nwc
The Banks of the Don.txt
The Banks of the Gasperaux.nwc
The Banks of the Gasperaux.txt
The Banks of the Nile.nwc
The Banks of the Nile.txt
The Banks of the Ohio.nwc
The Banks of the Ohio.txt
The Banks of the Roses (x).nwc
The Banks of the Roses (x).txt
The Banks of the Roses (y).nwc
The Banks of the Roses (y).txt
The Bark Gay Head.nwc
The Bark Gay Head.txt
The Barley and the Rye.nwc
The Barley and the Rye.txt
The Barns O Beneuches.nwc
The Barns O Beneuches.txt
The Baron O Brackley.nwc
The Baron O Brackley.txt
The Barring O the Door.nwc
The Barring O the Door.txt
The Barrymore Tithe Victory.nwc
The Barrymore Tithe Victory.txt
The Basket of Oysters.nwc
The Basket of Oysters.txt
The Battle of Harlaw.nwc
The Battle of Harlaw.txt
The Battle of Loudon Hill.nwc
The Battle of Loudon Hill.txt
The Battle of New Orleans.nwc
The Battle of New Orleans.txt
The Battle of Otterburn 2 2.txt
The Battle of Otterburn 2.nwc
The Battle of Otterburn.nwc
The Battle of Otterburn.txt
The Battle of Sherra-Moor.nwc
The Battle of Sherra-Moor.txt
The Battle of Shiloh.nwc
The Battle of Shiloh.txt
The Battle of the Diamond 21 Sept 1795.nwc
The Battle of the Diamond 21 Sept 1795.txt
The Battle of Vicksburg.nwc
The Battle of Vicksburg.txt
The Battleship of Maine.nwc
The Battleship of Maine.txt
The Bear Went Over the Mountain.nwc
The Bear Went Over the Mountain.txt
The Bee-Hive.nwc
The Bee-Hive.txt
The Beer Barrel Polka.nwc
The Beer Barrel Polka.txt
The Beggar Man.nwc
The Beggar Man.txt
The Beggar Wench.nwc
The Beggar Wench.txt
The Beggarman.nwc
The Beggarman.txt
The Bellmans Song.nwc
The Bellmans Song.txt
The Bells of Aberdovey.nwc
The Bells of Aberdovey.txt
The Bells of Hell.nwc
The Bells of Hell.txt
The Bells of St Marys.nwc
The Bells of St Marys.txt
The Besom Maker.nwc
The Besom Maker.txt
The Big Band Theory.nwc
The Big Band Theory.txt
The Big Muddy.nwc
The Big Muddy.txt
The Biglers Crew.nwc
The Biglers Crew.txt
The Bird in the Bush.nwc
The Bird in the Bush.txt
The Birken Tree.nwc
The Birken Tree.txt
The Birks Of Aberfeldy.nwc
The Birks Of Aberfeldy.txt
The Bitter Withy.nwc
The Bitter Withy.txt
The Black Ball Line.nwc
The Black Ball Line.txt
The Black Cavalry.nwc
The Black Cavalry.txt
The Black Cook.nwc
The Black Cook.txt
The Black Sheep.nwc
The Black Sheep.txt
The Blackfly Song.nwc
The Blackfly Song.txt
The Blackleg Miners.nwc
The Blackleg Miners.txt
The Black-Smith.nwc
The Black-Smith.txt
The Blantrye Explosion.nwc
The Blantrye Explosion.txt
The Blarismoor Tragedy.nwc
The Blarismoor Tragedy.txt
The Blind Beggars Daughter.nwc
The Blind Beggars Daughter.txt
The Blind Childs Prayer.nwc
The Blind Childs Prayer.txt
The Blood-Strained Banders.nwc
The Blood-Strained Banders.txt
The Boars Head Carol.nwc
The Boars Head Carol.txt
The Boatie Rows.nwc
The Boatie Rows.txt
The Bog Down in the Valley-O.nwc
The Bog Down in the Valley-O.txt
The Bold Belfast Shoemaker.nwc
The Bold Belfast Shoemaker.txt
The Bold Black and Tan.nwc
The Bold Black and Tan.txt
The Bold Deserter.nwc
The Bold Deserter.txt
The Bold English Navvy.nwc
The Bold English Navvy.txt
The Bold Fisherman.nwc
The Bold Fisherman.txt
The Bold Princess Royal 2 2.txt
The Bold Princess Royal 2.nwc
The Bold Princess Royal.nwc
The Bold Princess Royal.txt
The Bold Privateer.nwc
The Bold Privateer.txt
The Bold Soldier.nwc
The Bold Soldier.txt
The Bold Trellitee.nwc
The Bold Trellitee.txt
The Boll Weevil 2 2.txt
The Boll Weevil 2.nwc
The Boll Weevil.nwc
The Boll Weevil.txt
The Bonie Lass Of Albanie.nwc
The Bonie Lass Of Albanie.txt
The Bonnet of Blue.nwc
The Bonnet of Blue.txt
The Bonnie Black Hare.nwc
The Bonnie Black Hare.txt
The Bonnie Blue Flag.nwc
The Bonnie Blue Flag.txt
The Bonnie Hoose O Airlie.nwc
The Bonnie Hoose O Airlie.txt
The Bonnie Ship the Diamond.nwc
The Bonnie Ship the Diamond.txt
The Bonny Banks of the Virgie O.nwc
The Bonny Banks of the Virgie O.txt
The Bonny Boy.nwc
The Bonny Boy.txt
The Bonny Bunch of Roses-O.nwc
The Bonny Bunch of Roses-O.txt
The Bonny Earl o Murray.nwc
The Bonny Earl o Murray.txt
The Bonny Earl of Murray.nwc
The Bonny Earl of Murray.txt
The Bonny Labouring Boy.nwc
The Bonny Labouring Boy.txt
The Bonny Lass of Anglesey.nwc
The Bonny Lass of Anglesey.txt
The Bonny Lass of Fyvie.nwc
The Bonny Lass of Fyvie.txt
The Bonny Wee Window.nwc
The Bonny Wee Window.txt
The Bonny Young Irish Boy.nwc
The Bonny Young Irish Boy.txt
The Bowery Grenadiers.nwc
The Bowery Grenadiers.txt
The Boyne Water.nwc
The Boyne Water.txt
The Boys of Mullabawn.nwc
The Boys of Mullabawn.txt
The Boys of the Old Brigade.nwc
The Boys of the Old Brigade.txt
The Boys of Wexford.nwc
The Boys of Wexford.txt
The Braes O Killie Crankie.nwc
The Braes O Killie Crankie.txt
The Braes of Balquidder.nwc
The Braes of Balquidder.txt
The Braes of Belquether.nwc
The Braes of Belquether.txt
The Brass-Mounted Army.nwc
The Brass-Mounted Army.txt
The Brave Dudley Boys.nwc
The Brave Dudley Boys.txt
The Brave Volunteer.nwc
The Brave Volunteer.txt
The Brewer Lad.nwc
The Brewer Lad.txt
The Bricklayers Dream.nwc
The Bricklayers Dream.txt
The Brisk Butcher.nwc
The Brisk Butcher.txt
The Brisk Young Butcher.nwc
The Brisk Young Butcher.txt
The Brisk Young Farmer.nwc
The Brisk Young Farmer.txt
The Broken Token.nwc
The Broken Token.txt
The Brookfield Murder.nwc
The Brookfield Murder.txt
The Brooklyn Strike.nwc
The Brooklyn Strike.txt
The Brooklyn Theater Fire.nwc
The Brooklyn Theater Fire.txt
The Broomfield Hill.nwc
The Broomfield Hill.txt
The Broomfield Wager.nwc
The Broomfield Wager.txt
The Brown Girl 2 2.txt
The Brown Girl 2.nwc
The Brown Girl.nwc
The Brown Girl.txt
The Bucking Bronco.nwc
The Bucking Bronco.txt
The Buckskin Bag of Gold.nwc
The Buckskin Bag of Gold.txt
The Buffalo Skinners.nwc
The Buffalo Skinners.txt
The Bull Frog.nwc
The Bull Frog.txt
The Burning od Auchindoon.nwc
The Burning od Auchindoon.txt
The Campanero (or Campanyero).nwc
The Campanero (or Campanyero).txt
The Campbells are Comin.nwc
The Campbells are Comin.txt
The Camptown Races.nwc
The Camptown Races.txt
The Candlelight Fisherman.nwc
The Candlelight Fisherman.txt
The Canny Miner Lad 2 2.txt
The Canny Miner Lad 2.nwc
The Canny Miner Lad.nwc
The Canny Miner Lad.txt
The Capes in View.nwc
The Capes in View.txt
The Charity Seed.nwc
The Charity Seed.txt
The Clothier.nwc
The Clothier.txt
The Cowboy.nwc
The Cowboy.txt
The Cruel Ships Carpenter.nwc
The Cruel Ships Carpenter.txt
The Cruise of the Calabar.nwc
The Cruise of the Calabar.txt
The Dark British Foes.nwc
The Dark British Foes.txt
The Dark Island.nwc
The Dark Island.txt
The Dark-Eyed Canaller.nwc
The Dark-Eyed Canaller.txt
The Darwinian Theory.nwc
The Darwinian Theory.txt
The Dashing White Sergeant (fife & drum).nwc
The Dashing White Sergeant (fife & drum).txt
The Dawning of the Day.nwc
The Dawning of the Day.txt
The Day Returns.nwc
The Day Returns.txt
The Day we went to Rothesay O.nwc
The Day we went to Rothesay O.txt
The Days of 49.nwc
The Days of 49.txt
The Days When We Were Young.nwc
The Days When We Were Young.txt
The Deacons Daughter.nwc
The Deacons Daughter.txt
The Dead Horse.nwc
The Dead Horse.txt
The Deaf Womans Courtship.nwc
The Deaf Womans Courtship.txt
The Death of a Romish Lady.nwc
The Death of a Romish Lady.txt
The Death of Harry Simms.nwc
The Death of Harry Simms.txt
The Death of Mother Jones.nwc
The Death of Mother Jones.txt
The Death of Parcy Reed.nwc
The Death of Parcy Reed.txt
The Debutante Ball.nwc
The Debutante Ball.txt
The Deils Awa Wi the Exciseman.nwc
The Deils Awa Wi the Exciseman.txt
The Demon Lover.nwc
The Demon Lover.txt
The Dens of Ireland.nwc
The Dens of Ireland.txt
The Derby Ram (3).nwc
The Derby Ram (3).txt
The Derby Ram.nwc
The Derby Ram.txt
The Deserter (3).nwc
The Deserter (3).txt
The Deserter.nwc
The Deserter.txt
The Devil and the Feathery Wife.nwc
The Devil and the Feathery Wife.txt
The Devils Nine Questions.nwc
The Devils Nine Questions.txt
The Distressed Damsel.nwc
The Distressed Damsel.txt
The Dockyard Gate.nwc
The Dockyard Gate.txt
The Doctor.nwc
The Doctor.txt
The Dodger Song.nwc
The Dodger Song.txt
The Dogs Meeting.nwc
The Dogs Meeting.txt
The Dom Pedro.nwc
The Dom Pedro.txt
The Douglas Tragedy.nwc
The Douglas Tragedy.txt
The Dove She is a Pretty Bird.nwc
The Dove She is a Pretty Bird.txt
The Dowie Dens o Yarrow 2 2.txt
The Dowie Dens o Yarrow 2.nwc
The Dowie Dens O Yarrow.nwc
The Dowie Dens O Yarrow.txt
The Dowie Dens O Yarrow1.nwc
The Dowie Dens O Yarrow1.txt
The Dowie Dens of Yarrow.nwc
The Dowie Dens of Yarrow.txt
The Dreadful Life Im Livin.nwc
The Dreadful Life Im Livin.txt
The Dreadnaught.nwc
The Dreadnaught.txt
The Drummer and the Cook (2).nwc
The Drummer and the Cook (2).txt
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.nwc
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.txt
The Drunkard.nwc
The Drunkard.txt
The Drunkards Dream (2).nwc
The Drunkards Dream (2).txt
The Drunkards Dream.nwc
The Drunkards Dream.txt
The Drunkards Hell.nwc
The Drunkards Hell.txt
The Drunkards Lone Child 2 2.txt
The Drunkards Lone Child 2.nwc
The Drunkards Lone Child.nwc
The Drunkards Lone Child.txt
The Duke of Argyle.nwc
The Duke of Argyle.txt
The Duke of Atholes Nurse.nwc
The Duke of Atholes Nurse.txt
The Duke of Gordon.nwc
The Duke of Gordon.txt
The Duke of Gordons Daughter.nwc
The Duke of Gordons Daughter.txt
The Dummy Line.nwc
The Dummy Line.txt
The Durant Jail.nwc
The Durant Jail.txt
The Dutchman.nwc
The Dutchman.txt
The Dying British Sergeant.nwc
The Dying British Sergeant.txt
The Dying Californian.nwc
The Dying Californian.txt
The Dying Cowgirl.nwc
The Dying Cowgirl.txt
The Dying Engineer.nwc
The Dying Engineer.txt
The Dying Preacher.nwc
The Dying Preacher.txt
The Dying Soldier 2 2.txt
The Dying Soldier 2.nwc
The Dying Soldier.nwc
The Dying Soldier.txt
The Dying Youth.nwc
The Dying Youth.txt
The Earl o Aboyne (2).nwc
The Earl o Aboyne (2).txt
The Earl o Aboyne.nwc
The Earl o Aboyne.txt
The Earl of Errol.nwc
The Earl of Errol.txt
The Ebenezer.nwc
The Ebenezer.txt
The Elfin Knight.nwc
The Elfin Knight.txt
The E-ri-e.nwc
The E-ri-e.txt
The Escape of Old John Webb.nwc
The Escape of Old John Webb.txt
The Evening Train.nwc
The Evening Train.txt
The Exciseman in a Coal Pit.nwc
The Exciseman in a Coal Pit.txt
The Execution of Frederick Baker.nwc
The Execution of Frederick Baker.txt
The Factory Girl.nwc
The Factory Girl.txt
The Fair Maid of Islington.nwc
The Fair Maid of Islington.txt
The Fair of Turloughmore.nwc
The Fair of Turloughmore.txt
The Faithful Sailor Boy 2 2.txt
The Faithful Sailor Boy 2.nwc
The Faithful Sailor Boy.nwc
The Faithful Sailor Boy.txt
The False Bride.nwc
The False Bride.txt
The False Knight and the Wee Boy.nwc
The False Knight and the Wee Boy.txt
The False Knight on the Road.nwc
The False Knight on the Road.txt
The False Knight Upon the Road 2 2.txt
The False Knight Upon the Road 2.nwc
The False Knight Upon the Road 3 3.txt
The False Knight Upon the Road 3.nwc
The False Knight Upon the Road.nwc
The False Knight Upon the Road.txt
The False Lady.nwc
The False Lady.txt
The False Young Man 2 2.txt
The False Young Man 2.nwc
The False Young Man.nwc
The False Young Man.txt
The Famine Song (Praties They Grow Smal).nwc
The Famine Song (Praties They Grow Smal).txt
The Farmer in the Dell.nwc
The Farmer in the Dell.txt
The Farmer is the Man 2 2.txt
The Farmer is the Man 2.nwc
The Farmer is the Man.nwc
The Farmer is the Man.txt
The Farmers Boy.nwc
The Farmers Boy.txt
The Fatal Snowstorm.nwc
The Fatal Snowstorm.txt
The Fatal Wedding.nwc
The Fatal Wedding.txt
The Feein Time.nwc
The Feein Time.txt
The Female Highwayman.nwc
The Female Highwayman.txt
The Fenians Escape.nwc
The Fenians Escape.txt
The Field of Bannockburn.nwc
The Field of Bannockburn.txt
The Fields of Athenry.nwc
The Fields of Athenry.txt
The Final Trawl.nwc
The Final Trawl.txt
The Finding of Moses.nwc
The Finding of Moses.txt
The Fire of Frendraught.nwc
The Fire of Frendraught.txt
The First Love Dream.nwc
The First Love Dream.txt
The First Noel.nwc
The First Noel.txt
The First of the Emigrants.nwc
The First of the Emigrants.txt
The First Thing.nwc
The First Thing.txt
The Fisher Who Died in His Bed.nwc
The Fisher Who Died in His Bed.txt
The Fishes Lamentation.nwc
The Fishes Lamentation.txt
The Five Carlins.nwc
The Five Carlins.txt
The Flemings of Torbay.nwc
The Flemings of Torbay.txt
The Flower of Magherally.nwc
The Flower of Magherally.txt
The Flower of Northumberland 2 2.txt
The Flower of Northumberland 2.nwc
The Flower of Northumberland.nwc
The Flower of Northumberland.txt
The Flowers O the Forest.nwc
The Flowers O the Forest.txt
The Flowor O Northumberland.nwc
The Flowor O Northumberland.txt
The Flying Cloud.nwc
The Flying Cloud.txt
The Flying Dutchman.nwc
The Flying Dutchman.txt
The Foggy Foggy Dew.nwc
The Foggy Foggy Dew.txt
The Foggy Dew 2 2.txt
The Foggy Dew 2.nwc
The Foggy Dew 3 3.txt
The Foggy Dew 3.nwc
The Foggy Dew.nwc
The Foggy Dew.txt
The Forfar Soldier.nwc
The Forfar Soldier.txt
The Forsaken Mermaid.nwc
The Forsaken Mermaid.txt
The Four Maries.nwc
The Four Maries.txt
The Foxy Devil.nwc
The Foxy Devil.txt
The Friar in the Well 2 2.txt
The Friar in the Well 2.nwc
The Friar in the Well.nwc
The Friar in the Well.txt
The Funeral Party.nwc
The Funeral Party.txt
The Gairdner Child.nwc
The Gairdner Child.txt
The Gal thet Got Stuck.nwc
The Gal thet Got Stuck.txt
The Gallant Brigantine.nwc
The Gallant Brigantine.txt
The Gallant Forty Twa.nwc
The Gallant Forty Twa.txt
The Gallant Weaver.nwc
The Gallant Weaver.txt
The Gallows Tree.nwc
The Gallows Tree.txt
The Gals of Chile.nwc
The Gals of Chile.txt
The Galway Shawl.nwc
The Galway Shawl.txt
The Gambling Man.nwc
The Gambling Man.txt
The Garden Where the Praties Grow.nwc
The Garden Where the Praties Grow.txt
The Gay Goshawk.nwc
The Gay Goshawk.txt
THe Gay Spanish Maid.nwc
THe Gay Spanish Maid.txt
The German Musicianer.nwc
The German Musicianer.txt
The Ghost of Tom.nwc
The Ghost of Tom.txt
The Ghostly Crew.nwc
The Ghostly Crew.txt
The Ghst of Bras DOR.nwc
The Ghst of Bras DOR.txt
The Girl I Left Behind (6).nwc
The Girl I Left Behind (6).txt
The Girl I Left Behind.nwc
The Girl I Left Behind.txt
The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore.nwc
The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore.txt
The Girl With the Waterfall.nwc
The Girl With the Waterfall.txt
The Girls At Home.nwc
The Girls At Home.txt
The Golden Ball.nwc
The Golden Ball.txt
The Golden Vanity (z).nwc
The Golden Vanity (z).txt
The Golden Vanity 2 2.txt
The Golden Vanity 2.nwc
The Golden Vanity 3 3.txt
The Golden Vanity 3.nwc
The Golden Vanity.nwc
The Golden Vanity.txt
The Good Ship Kangaroo.nwc
The Good Ship Kangaroo.txt
The Gooey-Duck Song.nwc
The Gooey-Duck Song.txt
The Grand Coulee Dam.nwc
The Grand Coulee Dam.txt
The Granite Mill Fire.nwc
The Granite Mill Fire.txt
The Gray Goose.nwc
The Gray Goose.txt
The Great Wheel.nwc
The Great Wheel.txt
The Green Brier Shore.nwc
The Green Brier Shore.txt
The Green Fields of America (2).nwc
The Green Fields of America (2).txt
The Green Fields of Amerikay.nwc
The Green Fields of Amerikay.txt
The Green Grass.nwc
The Green Grass.txt
The Green Grassy Slopes.nwc
The Green Grassy Slopes.txt
The Green Linnet.nwc
The Green Linnet.txt
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea.nwc
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea.txt
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lee.nwc
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lee.txt
The Green Willow Tree.nwc
The Green Willow Tree.txt
The Greenbrier Shore (2).nwc
The Greenbrier Shore (2).txt
The Greenland Whale.nwc
The Greenland Whale.txt
The Gresford Disaster.nwc
The Gresford Disaster.txt
The Grey Cock.nwc
The Grey Cock.txt
The Grey Funnel Line.nwc
The Grey Funnel Line.txt
The Grey Mare.nwc
The Grey Mare.txt
The Grey Silkie of Sule Skerry.nwc
The Grey Silkie of Sule Skerry.txt
The Gypsy Laddie.nwc
The Gypsy Laddie.txt
The Gypsys Warning.nwc
The Gypsys Warning.txt
The Hackler from Grouse Hall.nwc
The Hackler from Grouse Hall.txt
The Halcyon Days of Old England.nwc
The Halcyon Days of Old England.txt
The Halifax Explosion.nwc
The Halifax Explosion.txt
The Handcart Song.nwc
The Handcart Song.txt
THe Handsome Cabin Boy.nwc
THe Handsome Cabin Boy.txt
The Happy Wanderer.nwc
The Happy Wanderer.txt
The Harp that Once Through Taras Halls.nwc
The Harp that Once Through Taras Halls.txt
The Haughs o Cromdale.nwc
The Haughs o Cromdale.txt
The Hawk and the Crow.nwc
The Hawk and the Crow.txt
The Hawthorn Tree.nwc
The Hawthorn Tree.txt
The Heights of Alma.nwc
The Heights of Alma.txt
The Hell-Bound Train (2).nwc
The Hell-Bound Train (2).txt
The Hell-Bound Train.nwc
The Hell-Bound Train.txt
The Highland Muster Roll.nwc
The Highland Muster Roll.txt
The Hills of Glenshee (2).nwc
The Hills of Glenshee (2).txt
The Hills of Glenshee.nwc
The Hills of Glenshee.txt
The Hippopotamus Song.nwc
The Hippopotamus Song.txt
The Hiring Fair At Hamiltonsbawn.nwc
The Hiring Fair At Hamiltonsbawn.txt
The Hoboes Grand Convention.nwc
The Hoboes Grand Convention.txt
The Hog-Eye Man.nwc
The Hog-Eye Man.txt
The Holland Handkerchief.nwc
The Holland Handkerchief.txt
The Holly Bears a Berry (Sans Day Carol).nwc
The Holly Bears a Berry (Sans Day Carol).txt
The Holy Ground.nwc
The Holy Ground.txt
The Honest Working Man.nwc
The Honest Working Man.txt
The Hornet and the Peacock.nwc
The Hornet and the Peacock.txt
The Horse With A Union Label.nwc
The Horse With A Union Label.txt
The House Carpenter.nwc
The House Carpenter.txt
The Humors Of the Glen.nwc
The Humors Of the Glen.txt
The Humors of Whiskey.nwc
The Humors of Whiskey.txt
The Hunt is Up.nwc
The Hunt is Up.txt
The Hunting Song.nwc
The Hunting Song.txt
The Innocent Hare (Sportsmen Arouse).nwc
The Innocent Hare (Sportsmen Arouse).txt
The Internationale.nwc
The Internationale.txt
The Invincible Armada.nwc
The Invincible Armada.txt
The Irish Dragoons.nwc
The Irish Dragoons.txt
The Irish Labourer.nwc
The Irish Labourer.txt
The Irish Mail Robbery.nwc
The Irish Mail Robbery.txt
The Irish Rover.nwc
The Irish Rover.txt
The Irishman.nwc
The Irishman.txt
The Iron Horse.nwc
The Iron Horse.txt
The Island Lass.nwc
The Island Lass.txt
The Jacket So Blue.nwc
The Jacket So Blue.txt
The Jam on Gerrys Rock.nwc
The Jam on Gerrys Rock.txt
The Jamestown Homeward Bound.nwc
The Jamestown Homeward Bound.txt
The Jealous Husband Well Fitted.nwc
The Jealous Husband Well Fitted.txt
The Jealous Lover (4).nwc
The Jealous Lover (4).txt
The Jealous Lover 2 2.txt
The Jealous Lover 2.nwc
The Jealous Lover.nwc
The Jealous Lover.txt
The Jeelie Piece Song.nwc
The Jeelie Piece Song.txt
The John Maclean March.nwc
The John Maclean March.txt
The Jolly Beggar.nwc
The Jolly Beggar.txt
The Jolly Cowboy.nwc
The Jolly Cowboy.txt
The Jolly Labouring Boy.nwc
The Jolly Labouring Boy.txt
The Jolly Soldier.nwc
The Jolly Soldier.txt
The Jolly Tinker (4).nwc
The Jolly Tinker (4).txt
The Jolly Tinker.nwc
The Jolly Tinker.txt
The Jolly Young Sailor.nwc
The Jolly Young Sailor.txt
The Jug of Punch.nwc
The Jug of Punch.txt
The Juice of the Barley.nwc
The Juice of the Barley.txt
The Keach in the Creel.nwc
The Keach in the Creel.txt
The Keeper.nwc
The Keeper.txt
The Keewanaw Light.nwc
The Keewanaw Light.txt
The Kettle Valley Line.nwc
The Kettle Valley Line.txt
The Keyhole in the Door.nwc
The Keyhole in the Door.txt
The King and the Tinker.nwc
The King and the Tinker.txt
The King O Spains Daughter.nwc
The King O Spains Daughter.txt
The Kings own Regulars 2 2.txt
The Kings own Regulars 2.nwc
The Kings own Regulars.nwc
The Kings own Regulars.txt
The Knight and the Shepherds Daughter.nwc
The Knight and the Shepherds Daughter.txt
The L & N Dont Stop Here Anymore.nwc
The L & N Dont Stop Here Anymore.txt
The Lad O Patons Mill.nwc
The Lad O Patons Mill.txt
The Ladle Song.nwc
The Ladle Song.txt
The Lady and the Farmers Son.nwc
The Lady and the Farmers Son.txt
The Lady Who Loved a Swine.nwc
The Lady Who Loved a Swine.txt
The Ladys Fan.nwc
The Ladys Fan.txt
The Laird O Drum.nwc
The Laird O Drum.txt
The Laird o Elfin.nwc
The Laird o Elfin.txt
The Laird O Logie.nwc
The Laird O Logie.txt
The Laird o the Dainty Doonby.nwc
The Laird o the Dainty Doonby.txt
The Lake of Ponchartrain.nwc
The Lake of Ponchartrain.txt
The Lakes of Col Flynn.nwc
The Lakes of Col Flynn.txt
The Lakes of Ponchartrain.nwc
The Lakes of Ponchartrain.txt
The Lakes of Pontchartrain.nwc
The Lakes of Pontchartrain.txt
The Lame Soldier.nwc
The Lame Soldier.txt
The Land of Libertie.nwc
The Land of Libertie.txt
The Land of the Muskeg.nwc
The Land of the Muskeg.txt
The Lark in the Morning.nwc
The Lark in the Morning.txt
The Last Fierce Charge.nwc
The Last Fierce Charge.txt
The Last Rose of Summer.nwc
The Last Rose of Summer.txt
The Lawyers Wife.nwc
The Lawyers Wife.txt
The Leaboys Lassie.nwc
The Leaboys Lassie.txt
The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy.nwc
The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy.txt
The Leather Bottel.nwc
The Leather Bottel.txt
The Lehigh Valley.nwc
The Lehigh Valley.txt
The Letter Edged in Black.nwc
The Letter Edged in Black.txt
The Lewiston Factory Girl.nwc
The Lewiston Factory Girl.txt
The Liberty Tree.nwc
The Liberty Tree.txt
The Lid Of Me Grannys Bin.nwc
The Lid Of Me Grannys Bin.txt
The Light on Cape May.nwc
The Light on Cape May.txt
The Lily of Arkansas.nwc
The Lily of Arkansas.txt
The Limb of the Law.nwc
The Limb of the Law.txt
The Lincolnshire Poacher.nwc
The Lincolnshire Poacher.txt
The Links of Montrose.nwc
The Links of Montrose.txt
The Little Beggar Boy.nwc
The Little Beggar Boy.txt
The Little Brown Bulls.nwc
The Little Brown Bulls.txt
The Little Log Cabin by the Stream.nwc
The Little Log Cabin by the Stream.txt
The Little Major.nwc
The Little Major.txt
The Little Rosewood Casket.nwc
The Little Rosewood Casket.txt
The Loch Tay Boat Song.nwc
The Loch Tay Boat Song.txt
The Log Drivers Waltz.nwc
The Log Drivers Waltz.txt
The Lonely Willow Tree.nwc
The Lonely Willow Tree.txt
The Long Peggin Awl.nwc
The Long Peggin Awl.txt
The Lord of Scotland.nwc
The Lord of Scotland.txt
The Losing of the Whale.nwc
The Losing of the Whale.txt
The Loss of the Ramillies.nwc
The Loss of the Ramillies.txt
The Lost Boys of East Bay.nwc
The Lost Boys of East Bay.txt
The Lothian Hairst.nwc
The Lothian Hairst.txt
The Lovers Ghost.nwc
The Lovers Ghost.txt
The Loving Girl.nwc
The Loving Girl.txt
The Low-Down Lonesome Low.nwc
The Low-Down Lonesome Low.txt
The Lowlands Low (7).nwc
The Lowlands Low (7).txt
The Lowlands of Holland 2 2.txt
The Lowlands of Holland 2.nwc
The Lowlands of Holland 3 3.txt
The Lowlands of Holland 3.nwc
The Lowlands of Holland 4 4.txt
The Lowlands of Holland 4.nwc
The Lowlands of Holland.nwc
The Lowlands of Holland.txt
The Loyal Soldier.nwc
The Loyal Soldier.txt
The Ludlow Massacre.nwc
The Ludlow Massacre.txt
The Maid of Australia.nwc
The Maid of Australia.txt
The Maid of Tottenham.nwc
The Maid of Tottenham.txt
The Maid on the Shore.nwc
The Maid on the Shore.txt
The Maid thet Sold Her Barley.nwc
The Maid thet Sold Her Barley.txt
The Maidens Lament.nwc
The Maidens Lament.txt
The Male Female Highwayman.nwc
The Male Female Highwayman.txt
The Man on the Flying Trapeze.nwc
The Man on the Flying Trapeze.txt
The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home.nwc
The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home.txt
The Manchester Angel.nwc
The Manchester Angel.txt
The Mantle So Green.nwc
The Mantle So Green.txt
The Margot Evans (Let the Bullgine Run).nwc
The Margot Evans (Let the Bullgine Run).txt
The Mary Ellen Carter.nwc
The Mary Ellen Carter.txt
The Mary L McKay.nwc
The Mary L McKay.txt
The Mary Somers.nwc
The Mary Somers.txt
The Maskin Rung.nwc
The Maskin Rung.txt
The Meeks Murder (3).nwc
The Meeks Murder (3).txt
The Meeks Murder.nwc
The Meeks Murder.txt
The Memory of the Dead.nwc
The Memory of the Dead.txt
The Merchants Only Son.nwc
The Merchants Only Son.txt
The Merchants Son.nwc
The Merchants Son.txt
The Mermaid (5).nwc
The Mermaid (5).txt
The Mermaid.nwc
The Mermaid.txt
The Mill The Mill O.nwc
The Mill The Mill O.txt
The Miller and the Lass.nwc
The Miller and the Lass.txt
The Miller of Dee.nwc
The Miller of Dee.txt
The Miramichi Fire.nwc
The Miramichi Fire.txt
The Mistletoe Bough.nwc
The Mistletoe Bough.txt
The Modiewark.nwc
The Modiewark.txt
The Money Crop.nwc
The Money Crop.txt
The Monymustk Lads.nwc
The Monymustk Lads.txt
The Moonshiner.nwc
The Moonshiner.txt
The Mountains of Mourne.nwc
The Mountains of Mourne.txt
The Mule Song.nwc
The Mule Song.txt
The Mulligan Guards.nwc
The Mulligan Guards.txt
The Murder of Colonel Sharp.nwc
The Murder of Colonel Sharp.txt
The Mystic Veil.nwc
The Mystic Veil.txt
The Navvies (The Bold Navigators).nwc
The Navvies (The Bold Navigators).txt
The Navvy Boy.nwc
The Navvy Boy.txt
The Newcombe Gauger.nwc
The Newcombe Gauger.txt
The Night That Paddy Murphy Died.nwc
The Night That Paddy Murphy Died.txt
The Nightingale (Wreck).nwc
The Nightingale (Wreck).txt
The Noel Girl.nwc
The Noel Girl.txt
The North Atlantic Squadron.nwc
The North Atlantic Squadron.txt
The Nutting Girl.nwc
The Nutting Girl.txt
The Old Elm Tree.nwc
The Old Elm Tree.txt
The Old Granite State.nwc
The Old Granite State.txt
The Old Grey Duck.nwc
The Old Grey Duck.txt
The Old Maid (53).nwc
The Old Maid (53).txt
The Old Monk.nwc
The Old Monk.txt
The Old Oak Tree 2 2.txt
The Old Oak Tree 2.nwc
The Old Oak Tree.nwc
The Old Oak Tree.txt
The Old Orange Flute.nwc
The Old Orange Flute.txt
The Old Stone Jar.nwc
The Old Stone Jar.txt
The Orange Maid of Sligo.nwc
The Orange Maid of Sligo.txt
The Ould Triangle 2 2.txt
The Ould Triangle 2.nwc
The Ould Triangle.nwc
The Ould Triangle.txt
The Overgate.nwc
The Overgate.txt
The Oxen Ploughing.nwc
The Oxen Ploughing.txt
The Oxen Song.nwc
The Oxen Song.txt
The Oxford and Hampton Railway.nwc
The Oxford and Hampton Railway.txt
The Oxford Tragedy.nwc
The Oxford Tragedy.txt
The Paisley Officer.nwc
The Paisley Officer.txt
The Parting Glass.nwc
The Parting Glass.txt
The Patriotic Diggers.nwc
The Patriotic Diggers.txt
The Paupers Drive.nwc
The Paupers Drive.txt
The Pensioners Com[laint.nwc
The Pensioners Com[laint.txt
The Perfect Woman.nwc
The Perfect Woman.txt
The Philadelphia Lawyer.nwc
The Philadelphia Lawyer.txt
The Picture on the Wall.nwc
The Picture on the Wall.txt
The Picture That is Turned Toward the Wa.nwc
The Picture That is Turned Toward the Wa.txt
The Pill.nwc
The Pill.txt
The Pioneers.nwc
The Pioneers.txt
The Piper o Dundee.nwc
The Piper o Dundee.txt
The Plain Golden Band.nwc
The Plain Golden Band.txt
The Plains of Illinois.nwc
The Plains of Illinois.txt
The Plodder Seam.nwc
The Plodder Seam.txt
The Plooman Lad (Hishie Ba).nwc
The Plooman Lad (Hishie Ba).txt
The Ploughboy.nwc
The Ploughboy.txt
The Ploughman 2 2.txt
The Ploughman 2.nwc
The Ploughman.nwc
The Ploughman.txt
The Poachers Fate.nwc
The Poachers Fate.txt
The Poor Man.nwc
The Poor Man.txt
The Poor Whores Complaint.nwc
The Poor Whores Complaint.txt
The Poore Man Pays for All.nwc
The Poore Man Pays for All.txt
The Popular Wobbly (They Go Wild ).nwc
The Popular Wobbly (They Go Wild ).txt
The Potato.nwc
The Potato.txt
The Preacher and the Slave.nwc
The Preacher and the Slave.txt
The Pride of Glencoe.nwc
The Pride of Glencoe.txt
The Prince of Morocco.nwc
The Prince of Morocco.txt
The Private Still.nwc
The Private Still.txt
The Puddy in the Well.nwc
The Puddy in the Well.txt
The Quartermaster Corps.nwc
The Quartermaster Corps.txt
The Queen of Elfans Nourice.nwc
The Queen of Elfans Nourice.txt
The Queen of Hearts.nwc
The Queen of Hearts.txt
The Queer Folk i the Shaws.nwc
The Queer Folk i the Shaws.txt
The Rabbis Daughter.nwc
The Rabbis Daughter.txt
The Raging Canal (Two in the Middle).nwc
The Raging Canal (Two in the Middle).txt
The Raging Canal.nwc
The Raging Canal.txt
The Raging Canoe (Sent my Brown Jug).nwc
The Raging Canoe (Sent my Brown Jug).txt
The Railroad Corral.nwc
The Railroad Corral.txt
The Rakes of Mallow.nwc
The Rakes of Mallow.txt
The Rakes of Poverty.nwc
The Rakes of Poverty.txt
The Rambler from Clare.nwc
The Rambler from Clare.txt
The Rambling Sailor.nwc
The Rambling Sailor.txt
The Rantin Laddie.nwc
The Rantin Laddie.txt
The Ranting Dog.nwc
The Ranting Dog.txt
The Rare Oul Times.nwc
The Rare Oul Times.txt
The Rat Race.nwc
The Rat Race.txt
The Rebels.nwc
The Rebels.txt
The Recruited Collier.nwc
The Recruited Collier.txt
The Red Flag.nwc
The Red Flag.txt
The Red Light Saloon.nwc
The Red-Headed Stranger.nwc
The Red-Headed Stranger.txt
The Redlight Saloon.nwc
The Redlight Saloon.txt
The Regular Army Oh.nwc
The Regular Army Oh.txt
The Rejected Lover.nwc
The Rejected Lover.txt
The Rescue of Will Stutly.nwc
The Rescue of Will Stutly.txt
The Rich Man and the Poor Man.nwc
The Rich Man and the Poor Man.txt
The Rich Merchant 2 2.txt
The Rich Merchant 2.nwc
The Rich Merchant.nwc
The Rich Merchant.txt
The Rich Old Lady.nwc
The Rich Old Lady.txt
The Riddle.nwc
The Riddle.txt
The Riflemans Song at Bennington.nwc
The Riflemans Song at Bennington.txt
The Rigs of the Time.nwc
The Rigs of the Time.txt
The Ripest Apples.nwc
The Ripest Apples.txt
The Rising of the Moon.nwc
The Rising of the Moon.txt
The Road Tae Dundee.nwc
The Road Tae Dundee.txt
The Road to the Isles.nwc
The Road to the Isles.txt
The Rock Island Line.nwc
The Rock Island Line.txt
The Rolling of the Stones (2).nwc
The Rolling of the Stones (2).txt
The Rolling of the Stones.nwc
The Rolling of the Stones.txt
The Rolling Stone.nwc
The Rolling Stone.txt
The Rooster.nwc
The Rooster.txt
The Rose of Glenshee.nwc
The Rose of Glenshee.txt
The Rose of Tralee.nwc
The Rose of Tralee.txt
The Rosebud.nwc
The Rosebud.txt
The Roving Journeyman.nwc
The Roving Journeyman.txt
The Roving Newfoundlanders.nwc
The Roving Newfoundlanders.txt
The Rowan County Crew.nwc
The Rowan County Crew.txt
The Rowan Tree.nwc
The Rowan Tree.txt
The Royal Blackbird.nwc
The Royal Blackbird.txt
The Rusty Cold Farmer.nwc
The Rusty Cold Farmer.txt
The Sailor and His Bride.nwc
The Sailor and His Bride.txt
The Sailor and the Tailor.nwc
The Sailor and the Tailor.txt
The Sailor Boy.nwc
The Sailor Boy.txt
The Sailors Bride.nwc
The Sailors Bride.txt
The Sailors Grave.nwc
The Sailors Grave.txt
The Saladin Mutiny 2 2.txt
The Saladin Mutiny 2.nwc
The Saladin Mutiny.nwc
The Saladin Mutiny.txt
The Sandshark.nwc
The Sandshark.txt
The Sash My Father Wore.nwc
The Sash My Father Wore.txt
The Saucy Sailor.nwc
The Saucy Sailor.txt
The Scarborough Settlers Lament.nwc
The Scarborough Settlers Lament.txt
The Schooner E A Horton.nwc
The Schooner E A Horton.txt
The Schooner Fred Dunbar.nwc
The Schooner Fred Dunbar.txt
The Scolding Wife.nwc
The Scolding Wife.txt
The Scopes Trial.nwc
The Scopes Trial.txt
The Scranky Black Farmer.nwc
The Scranky Black Farmer.txt
The Sea Around Us.nwc
The Sea Around Us.txt
The Seeds of Love.nwc
The Seeds of Love.txt
The Sentry Box.nwc
The Sentry Box.txt
The Servant of Rosemary Lane.nwc
The Servant of Rosemary Lane.txt
The Seven Joys of Mary (English).nwc
The Seven Joys of Mary (English).txt
The Seven Joys of Mary.nwc
The Seven Joys of Mary.txt
The Shaking of the Sheets.nwc
The Shaking of the Sheets.txt
The Shanty Boy and the Farmer.nwc
The Shanty Boy and the Farmer.txt
The Shanty Boy on the Big Eau Claire.nwc
The Shanty Boy on the Big Eau Claire.txt
The Shanty Boys.nwc
The Shanty Boys.txt
The Shanty Man.nwc
The Shanty Man.txt
The Shearers Lament.nwc
The Shearers Lament.txt
The Shearins Nae For You.nwc
The Shearins Nae For You.txt
The Sheep Stealer.nwc
The Sheep Stealer.txt
The Sheffield Apprentice.nwc
The Sheffield Apprentice.txt
The Sherman Cyclone.nwc
The Sherman Cyclone.txt
The Ship in Distress.nwc
The Ship in Distress.txt
The Ships Carpenter.nwc
The Ships Carpenter.txt
The Shoemakers Kiss.nwc
The Shoemakers Kiss.txt
The Silk Merchants Daughter.nwc
The Silk Merchants Daughter.txt
The Silver Dagger.nwc
The Silver Dagger.txt
The Silver Tassie.nwc
The Silver Tassie.txt
The Silvery Tide.nwc
The Silvery Tide.txt
The Silvry Rio Grande.nwc
The Silvry Rio Grande.txt
The Single Girl 2 2.txt
The Single Girl 2.nwc
The Single Girl.nwc
The Single Girl.txt
The Slaves Lament.nwc
The Slaves Lament.txt
The Soldiers Boy.nwc
The Soldiers Boy.txt
The Soldiers Fortune.nwc
The Soldiers Fortune.txt
The Son of a Gambolier.nwc
The Son of a Gambolier.txt
The Song of Texas.nwc
The Song of Texas.txt
The Sons of Liberty (1).nwc
The Sons of Liberty (1).txt
The Sons of Liberty (2).nwc
The Sons of Liberty (2).txt
The Soo Ste Marys Jail.nwc
The Soo Ste Marys Jail.txt
The South Down Militia.nwc
The South Down Militia.txt
The South Wind.nwc
The South Wind.txt
The Southern Girls Reply.nwc
The Southern Girls Reply.txt
The Spinning Wheel.nwc
The Spinning Wheel.txt
The Sporting Cowboy.nwc
The Sporting Cowboy.txt
The Sprig of Thyme.nwc
The Sprig of Thyme.txt
The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing.nwc
The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing.txt
The Star of Logy Bay.nwc
The Star of Logy Bay.txt
The Stately Southerner 2 2.txt
The Stately Southerner 2.nwc
The Stately Southerner.nwc
The Stately Southerner.txt
The Storms Are On the Ocean.nwc
The Storms Are On the Ocean.txt
The Story of the Im Alone.nwc
The Story of the Im Alone.txt
The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa.nwc
The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa.txt
The Strawberry Roan.nwc
The Strawberry Roan.txt
The Streets of Forbes.nwc
The Streets of Forbes.txt
The Streets of London.nwc
The Streets of London.txt
The Strip Polka.nwc
The Strip Polka.txt
The Suffolk Miracle (3).nwc
The Suffolk Miracle (3).txt
The Suffolk Miracle 2.nwc
The Suffolk Miracle 2.txt
The Suffolk Miracle.nwc
The Suffolk Miracle.txt
The Sun is Burning.nwc
The Sun is Burning.txt
The Suncook Town Tragedy.nwc
The Suncook Town Tragedy.txt
The Swan Swims Bonnie.nwc
The Swan Swims Bonnie.txt
The Sweet Kumadee.nwc
The Sweet Kumadee.txt
The Tailor and the Louse.nwc
The Tailor and the Louse.txt
The Tailor and the Mouse.nwc
The Tailor and the Mouse.txt
The Tailors Breeches.nwc
The Tailors Breeches.txt
The Tale of a Wife.nwc
The Tale of a Wife.txt
The Tarpaulin Jacket.nwc
The Tarpaulin Jacket.txt
The Tarry Sailor.nwc
The Tarry Sailor.txt
The Taylor Fell Thro the Bed.nwc
The Taylor Fell Thro the Bed.txt
The Tea Tax.nwc
The Tea Tax.txt
The Teetotal Society.nwc
The Teetotal Society.txt
The Telling Takes Me Home.nwc
The Telling Takes Me Home.txt
The Tenderfoot.nwc
The Tenderfoot.txt
The Tennessee Stud.nwc
The Tennessee Stud.txt
The Texas Cowboy.nwc
The Texas Cowboy.txt
The Three Brothers.nwc
The Three Brothers.txt
The Three Crows.nwc
The Three Crows.txt
The Three Hunters.nwc
The Three Hunters.txt
The Three McFarlands.nwc
The Three McFarlands.txt
The Three Ravens.nwc
The Three Ravens.txt
The Tinkers Courtship.nwc
The Tinkers Courtship.txt
The Titanic 2 2.txt
The Titanic 2.nwc
The Titanic 3 3.txt
The Titanic 3.nwc
The Titanic 4 4.txt
The Titanic 4.nwc
The Titanic.nwc
The Titanic.txt
The Town I Loved So Well.nwc
The Town I Loved So Well.txt
The Trail To Mexico.nwc
The Trail To Mexico.txt
The Train that Carried My Girl From Town.nwc
The Train that Carried My Girl From Town.txt
The Tree Craws.nwc
The Tree Craws.txt
The Trees They Grow So High.nwc
The Trees They Grow So High.txt
The Trooper and the Maid.nwc
The Trooper and the Maid.txt
The Trooper and the Tailor.nwc
The Trooper and the Tailor.txt
The Trooper Watering his Nagg.nwc
The Trooper Watering his Nagg.txt
The Troopers Horse.nwc
The Troopers Horse.txt
The True and Trembling Brakeman.nwc
The True and Trembling Brakeman.txt
The True Lovers Departure.nwc
The True Lovers Departure.txt
The Turkish Lady.nwc
The Turkish Lady.txt
The Twa Corbies (4).nwc
The Twa Corbies (4).txt
The Twa Corbies (5).nwc
The Twa Corbies (5).txt
The Twa Emperors.nwc
The Twa Emperors.txt
The Twa Sisters.nwc
The Twa Sisters.txt
The Twangman.nwc
The Twangman.txt
The Twenty-First of Liverpool.nwc
The Twenty-First of Liverpool.txt
The Twenty-Fourth of February.nwc
The Twenty-Fourth of February.txt
The Twin Ballots.nwc
The Twin Ballots.txt
The Two Brothers 2 2.txt
The Two Brothers 2.nwc
The Two Brothers 3 3.txt
The Two Brothers 3.nwc
The Two Brothers.nwc
The Two Brothers.txt
The Two Drummers (My Mother was a lady).nwc
The Two Drummers (My Mother was a lady).txt
The Two Lost French Fliers.nwc
The Two Lost French Fliers.txt
The Two Magicians.nwc
The Two Magicians.txt
The Two Puritains.nwc
The Two Puritains.txt
The Two Sisters 2 2.txt
The Two Sisters 2.nwc
The Two Sisters.nwc
The Two Sisters.txt
The Tyre Fitter.nwc
The Tyre Fitter.txt
The Tythe Pig.nwc
The Tythe Pig.txt
The Uncloudy Day.nwc
The Uncloudy Day.txt
The Unfortunate Lass.nwc
The Unfortunate Lass.txt
The Unfortunate Man (2).nwc
The Unfortunate Man (2).txt
The Unfortunate Rake.nwc
The Unfortunate Rake.txt
The Unquiet Grave (2).nwc
The Unquiet Grave (2).txt
The Unquiet Grave.nwc
The Unquiet Grave.txt
The Vacant Chair.nwc
The Vacant Chair.txt
The Valley of Knockanure 2 2.txt
The Valley of Knockanure 2.nwc
The Valley of Knockanure.nwc
The Valley of Knockanure.txt
The Very Unfortunate Man.nwc
The Very Unfortunate Man.txt
The Vicar and the Frog.nwc
The Vicar and the Frog.txt
The Vicar of Bray.nwc
The Vicar of Bray.txt
The Waggoner.nwc
The Waggoner.txt
The Wagoners Curse on the Railroad.nwc
The Wagoners Curse on the Railroad.txt
The Wagoners Lad.nwc
The Wagoners Lad.txt
The Wandering Cowboy.nwc
The Wandering Cowboy.txt
The Wanton Seed.nwc
The Wanton Seed.txt
The Wark O The Weavers.nwc
The Wark O The Weavers.txt
The Wars o Germany (2).nwc
The Wars o Germany (2).txt
The Water is Wide.nwc
The Water is Wide.txt
The Ways of Man.nwc
The Ways of Man.txt
The Wealthy London Prentice.nwc
The Wealthy London Prentice.txt
The Weaver.nwc
The Weaver.txt
The Wee Falorie Man.nwc
The Wee Falorie Man.txt
The Wee Wee Man.nwc
The Wee Wee Man.txt
The Well Below the Valley 2 2.txt
The Well Below the Valley 2.nwc
The Well Below the Valley.nwc
The Well Below the Valley.txt
The Whale Catchers.nwc
The Whale Catchers.txt
The Whiskey Seller.nwc
The Whiskey Seller.txt
The Whistle.nwc
The Whistle.txt
The White Captive.nwc
The White Captive.txt
The White Cockade.nwc
The White Cockade.txt
The Wife of Ushers Well 2 2.txt
The Wife of Ushers Well 2.nwc
The Wife of Ushers Well.nwc
The Wife of Ushers Well.txt
The Wild Mustard River.nwc
The Wild Mustard River.txt
The Willing Conscript.nwc
The Willing Conscript.txt
The Willoughby Whim.nwc
The Willoughby Whim.txt
The Willow Song.nwc
The Willow Song.txt
The Wind and Rain.nwc
The Wind and Rain.txt
The Wings of a Gull.nwc
The Wings of a Gull.txt
The Winnipeg Whore.nwc
The Winnipeg Whore.txt
The World Turned Upside Down 2 2.txt
The World Turned Upside Down 2.nwc
The World Turned Upside Down.nwc
The World Turned Upside Down.txt
The Wraggle-taggle Gypsies.nwc
The Wraggle-taggle Gypsies.txt
The Wreck of the Green Cove.nwc
The Wreck of the Green Cove.txt
The Wreck of the Royal Palm.nwc
The Wreck of the Royal Palm.txt
The Wreck of the Virginian No 3.nwc
The Wreck of the Virginian No 3.txt
The Wreck on the C&O.nwc
The Wreck on the C&O.txt
The Wreck on the Highway.nwc
The Wreck on the Highway.txt
The Wren Song.nwc
The Wren Song.txt
The Yankee Man-of-War.nwc
The Yankee Man-of-War.txt
The Young and Single Sailor.nwc
The Young and Single Sailor.txt
The Young Man Who Wouldnt Hoe Corn.nwc
The Young Man Who Wouldnt Hoe Corn.txt
The Young Sailor Lad.nwc
The Young Sailor Lad.txt
The Yowe Lamb.nwc
The Yowe Lamb.txt
The Zebra Dun.nwc
The Zebra Dun.txt
Theniel Menzies Bony Mary 2 2.txt
Theniel Menzies Bony Mary 2.nwc
Theniel Menzies Bony Mary.nwc
Theniel Menzies Bony Mary.txt
There But For Fortune.nwc
There But For Fortune.txt
There is a Happy Land.nwc
There is a Happy Land.txt
There is no luck TLY 017.nwc
There Was an Old Miller.nwc
There Was an Old Miller.txt
Therell Be a Hot Time.nwc
Therell Be a Hot Time.txt
Theres a Hole in the Bucket.nwc
Theres a Hole in the Bucket.txt
Theres an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse.nwc
Theres an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse.txt
Theres Nae Luck About the House.nwc
Theres Nae Luck About the House.txt
This Endris Night.nwc
This Endris Night.txt
This Great War.nwc
This Great War.txt
This Land is Your Land.nwc
This Land is Your Land.txt
This Train.nwc
This Train.txt
Thomas and Nancy.nwc
Thomas and Nancy.txt
Thomas of Winesbury.nwc
Thomas of Winesbury.txt
Thomas the Rhymer.nwc
Thomas the Rhymer.txt
Three Birds.nwc
Three Birds.txt
Three Blind Mice.nwc
Three Blind Mice.txt
Three Dishes and Six Questions.nwc
Three Dishes and Six Questions.txt
Three Drunken Maidens.nwc
Three Drunken Maidens.txt
Three Girls Drowned.nwc
Three Girls Drowned.txt
Three Grains of Corn.nwc
Three Grains of Corn.txt
Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne.nwc
Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne.txt
Three Jolly Welchmen.nwc
Three Jolly Welchmen.txt
Three Jolly Welshmen.nwc
Three Jolly Welshmen.txt
Three Men of Eddystone.nwc
Three Men of Eddystone.txt
Three Merry Men.nwc
Three Merry Men.txt
Three Nights and a Sunday.nwc
Three Nights and a Sunday.txt
Three Score and Ten.nwc
Three Score and Ten.txt
Three Travelers.nwc
Three Travelers.txt
Three Weeks Before Easter.nwc
Three Weeks Before Easter.txt
Threes (Dog and Pony).nwc
Threes (Dog and Pony).txt
Through The Wood Lady TLY 079.nwc
Thw Old Sow Song.nwc
Thw Old Sow Song.txt
Thyme It is a Precious Thing.nwc
Thyme It is a Precious Thing.txt
Tibbie Dunbar.nwc
Tibbie Dunbar.txt
Tickle Cove Pond.nwc
Tickle Cove Pond.txt
Tie Me Kangaroo Down.nwc
Tie Me Kangaroo Down.txt
Tifties Annie.nwc
Tifties Annie.txt
Tiftys Annie 2 2.txt
Tiftys Annie 2.nwc
Tiftys Annie.nwc
Tiftys Annie.txt
Till I Go Down To Bimini.nwc
Till I Go Down To Bimini.txt
Time to Be Made a Wife.nwc
Time to Be Made a Wife.txt
Times is Hard.nwc
Times is Hard.txt
Tipping It Up to Nancy 2 2.txt
Tipping It Up to Nancy 2.nwc
Tipping It Up To Nancy.nwc
Tipping It Up To Nancy.txt
Tittery Nan.nwc
Tittery Nan.txt
To Daunton Me.nwc
To Daunton Me.txt
To the Beggin I Will Go.nwc
To the Beggin I Will Go.txt
To the Weavers Gin Ye Go.nwc
To the Weavers Gin Ye Go.txt
Tobacco Union.nwc
Tobacco Union.txt
Tobaccos But an Indian Weed.nwc
Tobaccos But an Indian Weed.txt
Told My Captain.nwc
Told My Captain.txt
Tom Bolyn.nwc
Tom Bolyn.txt
Tom Bolynn 2 2.txt
Tom Bolynn 2.nwc
Tom Bolynn.nwc
Tom Bolynn.txt
Tom Cat Blues.nwc
Tom Cat Blues.txt
Tom Dooley 2 2.txt
Tom Dooley 2.nwc
Tom Dooley.nwc
Tom Dooley.txt
Tom ONeil.nwc
Tom ONeil.txt
Tom Pierce (Tam Pearse)(Widdicombe Fair).nwc
Tom Pierce (Tam Pearse)(Widdicombe Fair).txt
Tommys Gone to Hilo.nwc
Tommys Gone to Hilo.txt
Tone the Bell Easy.nwc
Tone the Bell Easy.txt
Too Much of a Good Thing.nwc
Too Much of a Good Thing.txt
Torn A My Goon.nwc
Torn A My Goon.txt
Tramp on the Street.nwc
Tramp on the Street.txt
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!.nwc
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!.txt
Trees They Do Grow High.nwc
Trees They Do Grow High.txt
Triumph TLY 026.nwc
Trouble in Mind.nwc
Trouble in Mind.txt
Truck Driving Woman.nwc
Truck Driving Woman.txt
Turkey in the Straw.nwc
Turkey in the Straw.txt
Turn Around.nwc
Turn Around.txt
Turn Ye to Me.nwc
Turn Ye to Me.txt
tTurtle Dove.nwc
Turtle Dove.txt
Twa And Twa.nwc
Twa And Twa.txt
Twa Bonnie Maidens.nwc
Twa Bonnie Maidens.txt
Twa Corbies.nwc
Twa Corbies.txt
Twanky Dillo.nwc
Twanky Dillo.txt
Twenty Tons of TNT.nwc
Twenty Tons of TNT.txt
Twenty-one Years.nwc
Twenty-one Years.txt
Two Brothers.nwc
Two Brothers.txt
Two Lovers Discoursing.nwc
Two Lovers Discoursing.txt
Two Maidens Went Milking One Day.nwc
Two Maidens Went Milking One Day.txt
Two Sisters (Binorrie).nwc
Two Sisters (Binorrie).txt
Two Sisters.nwc
Two Sisters.txt
Two Young Brethren.nwc
Two Young Brethren.txt
Tying Ten Knots in the Devils Tail.nwc
Tying Ten Knots in the Devils Tail.txt

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III