Noteworthy Composer Collection 2

Songs M-S

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Ma Bakers Little Acre.nwc
Ma Bakers Little Acre.txt
MacPhersons Lament.nwc
MacPhersons Lament.txt
Mad Moll TLY 007.nwc
Mad Moll.nwc
Mad Moll.txt
Mad Robin (Love Me Little Love me Long).nwc
Mad Robin (Love Me Little Love me Long).txt
Madam Will You Walk .nwc
Madam Will You Walk .txt
Maggie Lauder.nwc
Maggie Lauder.txt
Maggie May.nwc
Maggie May.txt
Maid Freed From Gallows.nwc
Maid Freed From Gallows.txt
Maid Gaed Tae The Mill.nwc
Maid Gaed Tae The Mill.txt
Maid on the Shore (2).nwc
Maid on the Shore (2).txt
Maids When Youre Young.nwc
Maids When Youre Young.txt
Mairis Wedding.nwc
Mairis Wedding.txt
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor.nwc
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor.txt
Make New Friends (Round).nwc
Make New Friends (Round).txt
Make New Friends.nwc
Make New Friends.txt
Making Whoopie.nwc
Making Whoopie.txt
Mallys Meek.nwc
Mallys Meek.txt
Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo.nwc
Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo.txt
Man with the Microphone.nwc
Man with the Microphone.txt
Manassa Junction.nwc
Manassa Junction.txt
Mango Walk.nwc
Mango Walk.txt
Man-o-War Sailor.nwc
Man-o-War Sailor.txt
Many a Man Been Murdered in Luzon.nwc
Many a Man Been Murdered in Luzon.txt
Many Mosk JNu 07.nwc
Many Tousand Gone.nwc
Many Tousand Gone.txt
March 1st part JNu 15.nwc
March 2nd part JNu 15.nwc
March bass part JNu 15.nwc
March No1 TLY 006.nwc
March No2 TLY 019.nwc
March No3 TLY 021.nwc
March of the 15th Regiment TLY 018.nwc
Marching On.nwc
Marching On.txt
Marching Through Georgia].nwc
Marching Through Georgia].txt
Marco Polo.nwc
Marco Polo.txt
Marnie Come Fare Away.nwc
Marnie Come Fare Away.txt
Marquis(of Harlington) The TLY 045.nwc
Married and Single Life 2 2.txt
Married and Single Life 2.nwc
Married and Single Life.nwc
Married and Single Life.txt
Marsden Hornpipe JNu 02.nwc
Martin Said To His Man.nwc
Martin Said To His Man.txt
Martinmas Time.nwc
Martinmas Time.txt
Marvelous Toy.nwc
Marvelous Toy.txt
Mary Ann.nwc
Mary Ann.txt
Mary Golden Tree.nwc
Mary Golden Tree.txt
Mary Had a Little Lamb (2).nwc
Mary Had a Little Lamb (2).txt
Mary Hamilton.nwc
Mary Hamilton.txt
Mary Mack.nwc
Mary Mack.txt
Mary Mild.nwc
Mary Mild.txt
Mary Morison.nwc
Mary Morison.txt
Mary Nail.nwc
Mary Nail.txt
Mary on the Wild Moor (Wind blew across.nwc
Mary on the Wild Moor (Wind blew across.txt
Mary On the Wild Moor.nwc
Mary On the Wild Moor.txt
Maryland My Maryland.nwc
Maryland My Maryland.txt
Masons Apron.nwc
Masons Apron.txt
Master McGrath.nwc
Master McGrath.txt
Mattie Groves.nwc
Mattie Groves.txt
Maurice Kelly.nwc
Maurice Kelly.txt
May Irwins Frog Song.nwc
May Irwins Frog Song.txt
Mayn Rue-Platz.nwc
Mayn Rue-Platz.txt
McAfees Confession.nwc
McAfees Confession.txt
McCarthys Widow.nwc
McCarthys Widow.txt
Meaghers Children.nwc
Meaghers Children.txt
Meet Me by the Moonlight.nwc
Meet Me by the Moonlight.txt
Meg Drummond.nwc
Meg Drummond.txt
Men of Harlech.nwc
Men of Harlech.txt
MGintys Meal and Ale.nwc
MGintys Meal and Ale.txt
Michael row the boat ashore (In D).nwc
Michael row the boat ashore (In D).txt
Michael row the boat ashore (in G).nwc
Michael Wiggins in Ireland TLY 049.nwc
Michie Bainjo.nwc
Michie Bainjo.txt
Mickey Mouse Theme.nwc
Mickey Mouse Theme.txt
Mighty Mississippi.nwc
Mighty Mississippi.txt
Mill o Tiftys Annie.nwc
Mill o Tiftys Annie.txt
Miners Childs Dream.nwc
Miners Childs Dream.txt
Miners Doom.nwc
Miners Doom.txt
Miners Lifegard.nwc
Miners Lifegard.txt
Mingulay Boat Song.nwc
Mingulay Boat Song.txt
Mining Camp Blues.nwc
Mining Camp Blues.txt
Miss Bakers Hornpipe TLY 078.nwc
Miss Gaytons Hornpipe TLY 022.nwc
Miss Lucy Loo.nwc
Miss Lucy Loo.txt
Miss Smith.nwc
Miss Smith.txt
Mister Bach.nwc
Mister Bach.txt
Mister Frog Went A-Courtin.nwc
Mister Frog Went A-Courtin.txt
Misty Moisty Morning.nwc
Misty Moisty Morning.txt
Mockin Bird Hill.nwc
Mockin Bird Hill.txt
Molly Brannigan.nwc
Molly Brannigan.txt
Molly Malone.nwc
Molly Malone.txt
Money Musk TLY 023.nwc
Morrisey and the Russian Sailor (2).nwc
Morrisey and the Russian Sailor (2).txt
Moscow Nights.nwc
Moscow Nights.txt
Mother Is the Battle Over.nwc
Mother Is the Battle Over.txt
Mother Goose TLY 008.nwc
Mount and Go.nwc
Mount and Go.txt
Mountain Dew.nwc
Mountain Dew.txt
Moving Day.nwc
Moving Day.txt
Moving On.nwc
Moving On.txt
Mozart Waltz 2 TLY 028.nwc
Mozarts Grand Waltz JNu 17.nwc
Mozarts Waltz 1 TLY 027.nwc
Mr Fox.nwc
Mr Fox.txt
Mrs MacDonalds Lament.nwc
Mrs MacDonalds Lament.txt
Mrs McGrath.nwc
Mrs McGrath.txt
Mrs Murphys Chowder (overalls).nwc
Mrs Murphys Chowder (overalls).txt
Mrs Murphys Chowder.nwc
Mrs Murphys Chowder.txt
Muff Lawler the Squealer.nwc
Muff Lawler the Squealer.txt
Mule on the Mount.nwc
Mule on the Mount.txt
Mush Mush Mush Too-Ri-Li-Ady.nwc
Mush Mush Mush Too-Ri-Li-Ady.txt
Music Sweet Music.nwc
Music Sweet Music.txt
Music Alone Shall Live.nwc
Music Alone Shall Live.txt
Musing on the Roaring Ocean.nwc
Musing on the Roaring Ocean.txt
Mussels in the Corner.nwc
Mussels in the Corner.txt
Mustang Gray.nwc
Mustang Gray.txt
My Ain Kind Dearie TLY 037.nwc
My Blue-Eyed Jane.nwc
My Blue-Eyed Jane.txt
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.nwc
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.txt
My Bonny Bonny Boy.nwc
My Bonny Bonny Boy.txt
My Brother Sylveste.nwc
My Brother Sylveste.txt
My Dame Had a Lame Tame Crane.nwc
My Dame Had a Lame Tame Crane.txt
My Dancing Day.nwc
My Dancing Day.txt
My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog.nwc
My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog.txt
My Donald.nwc
My Donald.txt
My Fathers Old Souwester.nwc
My Fathers Old Souwester.txt
My Gal is a High Born Lady.nwc
My Gal is a High Born Lady.txt
My Gals a Corker.nwc
My Gals a Corker.txt
My Good Old Man.nwc
My Good Old Man.txt
My Good-Looking Man.nwc
My Good-Looking Man.txt
My Grandfathers Clock.nwc
My Grandfathers Clock.txt
My Hearts in the Highlands.nwc
My Hearts in the Highlands.txt
My Husband Got No Courage In Him.nwc
My Husband Got No Courage In Him.txt
My Irish Molly-o 2 2.txt
My Irish Molly-o 2.nwc
My Irish Molly-O.nwc
My Irish Molly-O.txt
My Johnny Lad.nwc
My Johnny Lad.txt
My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up.nwc
My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up.txt
My Last Farewell to Sterling.nwc
My Last Farewell to Sterling.txt
My Last Ol Dollar.nwc
My Last Ol Dollar.txt
My Little Bimbo.nwc
My Little Bimbo.txt
My Love is Like a Dewdrop.nwc
My Love is Like a Dewdrop.txt
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.nwc
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.txt
My Love Shes But a Lassie Yet.nwc
My Love Shes But a Lassie Yet.txt
My Mother Chose My Husband.nwc
My Mother Chose My Husband.txt
My Name is Morgan (but it aint J P).nwc
My Name is Morgan (but it aint J P).txt
My Oklahoma Home It Blowed Away.nwc
My Oklahoma Home It Blowed Away.txt
My Peggys Face.nwc
My Peggys Face.txt
My Singing Bird.nwc
My Singing Bird.txt
My Sweethearts the Mule in the Mine.nwc
My Sweethearts the Mule in the Mine.txt
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing.nwc
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing.txt
Navvy Boots.nwc
Navvy Boots.txt
Nell Flahertys Drake.nwc
Nell Flahertys Drake.txt
Nellie Lost and Found.nwc
Nellie Lost and Found.txt
Nelly Bly.nwc
Nelly Bly.txt
Neros Expedition.nwc
Neros Expedition.txt
Net-Hauling Song.nwc
Net-Hauling Song.txt
New River Train.nwc
New River Train.txt
New South WAles.nwc
New South WAles.txt
New Stranger Blues.nwc
New Stranger Blues.txt
Next Monday Morning.nwc
Next Monday Morning.txt
Next Sunday Morning.nwc
Next Sunday Morning.txt
Night Herding Song.nwc
Night Herding Song.txt
Nightingales Sing (One Morning In May).nwc
Nightingales Sing (One Morning In May).txt
Nine Inch Will Please a Lady.nwc
Nine Inch Will Please a Lady.txt
Nine Pound Hammer (Roll On Buddy).nwc
Nine Pound Hammer (Roll On Buddy).txt
Nine Times a Night.nwc
Nine Times a Night.txt
Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer.nwc
Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer.txt
No 2 Polka TLY 069.nwc
No Balls At All.nwc
No Balls At All.txt
No Dough Blues.nwc
No Dough Blues.txt
No Irish Need Apply.nwc
No Irish Need Apply.txt
No Job Blues.nwc
No Job Blues.txt
No Letters From Home.nwc
No Letters From Home.txt
No More Booze.nwc
No More Booze.txt
No More Shall I Work In a Factory.nwc
No More Shall I Work In a Factory.txt
No Sign of a Marriage.nwc
No Sign of a Marriage.txt
No Surrender.nwc
No Surrender.txt
Nobody knows the trouble Ive seen.nwc
Nobody knows the trouble Ive seen.txt
Nobodys Business If I Do.nwc
Nobodys Business If I Do.txt
North Country Maid.nwc
North Country Maid.txt
Nothing Like Grog.nwc
Nothing Like Grog.txt
Now Moses!.nwc
Now Moses!.txt
Now Let Me Fly.nwc
Now Let Me Fly.txt
Now Robin Lend to Me thy Bow.nwc
Now Robin Lend to Me thy Bow.txt
Now Westlin Winds.nwc
Now Westlin Winds.txt
O Good Ale.nwc
O Good Ale.txt
O That I Had Never Been Married.nwc
O That I Had Never Been Married.txt
O Come All Ye Faithful 2 2.txt
O Come All Ye Faithful 2.nwc
O Come All Ye Faithful.nwc
O Come All Ye Faithful.txt
O Holy Night.nwc
O Holy Night.txt
O Little Town of Bethleham.nwc
O Little Town of Bethleham.txt
O Logie O Buchan.nwc
O Logie O Buchan.txt
O Mistress Mine 2 2.txt
O Mistress Mine 2.nwc
O Mistress Mine.nwc
O Mistress Mine.txt
O Say Bonny Lass.nwc
O Say Bonny Lass.txt
O Tis Love 1st part JNu 14.nwc
O Tis Love 2nd part JNu 14.nwc
O Tis Love bass part JNu 14.nwc
O! Come Sweet Slumber.nwc
O! Come Sweet Slumber.txt
Oakham Poachers.nwc
Oakham Poachers.txt
Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow.nwc
Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow.txt
ODooleys First Five OClock Tea.nwc
ODooleys First Five OClock Tea.txt
Of Late Ive Been Driven Near Crazy.nwc
Of Late Ive Been Driven Near Crazy.txt
Oggyman The.nwc
Oggyman The.txt
Oh Are You Sleeping Maggie .nwc
Oh Are You Sleeping Maggie .txt
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be .nwc
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be .txt
Oh Death.nwc
Oh Death.txt
Oh freedom 2 2.txt
Oh freedom 2.nwc
Oh Freedom.nwc
Oh Freedom.txt
Oh How He Lied.nwc
Oh How He Lied.txt
Oh Lovely Appearance of Death.nwc
Oh Lovely Appearance of Death.txt
Oh My Liver and My Lungs.nwc
Oh My Liver and My Lungs.txt
Oh Who Is At My Bedroom Window .nwc
Oh Who Is At My Bedroom Window .txt
Oh Dear Minny What Shall I Do .nwc
Oh Dear Minny What Shall I Do .txt
Oh Green Fields Roxie.nwc
Oh Green Fields Roxie.txt
OH No John.nwc
OH No John.txt
Oh Onochie O.nwc
Oh Onochie O.txt
Oh Polly You Might Have Toyd and Kisd.nwc
Oh Polly You Might Have Toyd and Kisd.txt
Oh Susanna!.nwc
Oh Susanna!.txt
Old Avram Brown.nwc
Old Avram Brown.txt
Old Bangum.nwc
Old Bangum.txt
Old Black Joe.nwc
Old Black Joe.txt
Old Blue.nwc
Old Blue.txt
Old Dun Cow.nwc
Old Dun Cow.txt
Old Grumbler.nwc
Old Grumbler.txt
Old Hundred.nwc
Old Hundred.txt
Old Joe Clark.nwc
Old Joe Clark.txt
Old Judge Duffy.nwc
Old Judge Duffy.txt
Old Keg of Rum.nwc
Old Keg of Rum.txt
Old King Cole.nwc
Old King Cole.txt
Old Maid in the Garret.nwc
Old Maid in the Garret.txt
Old Moke Pickin on the Banjo.nwc
Old Moke Pickin on the Banjo.txt
Old Pike.nwc
Old Pike.txt
Old Sally Walker.nwc
Old Sally Walker.txt
Old Shoes and Leggins 2 2.txt
Old Shoes and Leggins 2.nwc
Old Shoes and Leggins.nwc
Old Shoes and Leggins.txt
Old Soldiers (2) 2 2.txt
Old Soldiers (2) 2.nwc
Old Soldiers (2).nwc
Old Soldiers (2).txt
Old Threshing Song.nwc
Old Threshing Song.txt
Old Time Religion.nwc
Old Time Religion.txt
Olden Memories.nwc
Olden Memories.txt
Omie Wise.nwc
Omie Wise.txt
On a Bank of Flowers.nwc
On a Bank of Flowers.txt
On Monday Morning.nwc
On Monday Morning.txt
On Springfield Mountain.nwc
On Springfield Mountain.txt
On the Banks of Red Roses.nwc
On the Banks of Red Roses.txt
On the Road to Fairfax County.nwc
On the Road to Fairfax County.txt
On Top of Old Smoky.nwc
On Top of Old Smoky.txt
Once I Went In Swimmin.nwc
Once I Went In Swimmin.txt
Once More a-Lumbering Go.nwc
Once More a-Lumbering Go.txt
One Dime Blues.nwc
One Dime Blues.txt
One More Day.nwc
One More Day.txt
One Morning in May.nwc
One Morning in May.txt
One Night as I Lay on my Bed.nwc
One Night as I Lay on my Bed.txt
One Ship Drives East.nwc
One Ship Drives East.txt
One-Hour Mama.nwc
One-Hour Mama.txt
Only a Miner.nwc
Only a Miner.txt
Only Our Rivers Run Free.nwc
Only Our Rivers Run Free.txt
Only Remembered.nwc
Only Remembered.txt
Onochio Oh (Irish Air from D Corri).nwc
Onochio Oh (Irish Air from D Corri).txt
Onward Christian Soldiers.nwc
Onward Christian Soldiers.txt
Otto Wood the Bandit.nwc
Otto Wood the Bandit.txt
Our Baby Died Last Night.nwc
Our Baby Died Last Night.txt
Our Captains Last Words.nwc
Our Wedding Day.nwc
Our Wedding Day.txt
Outlandish Knight.nwc
Outlandish Knight.txt
Outskirts of Town.nwc
Outskirts of Town.txt
Outward and Homeward Bound.nwc
Outward and Homeward Bound.txt
Over the Hills and Far Away.nwc
Over the Hills and Far Away.txt
Over There.nwc
Over There.txt
Ox-Driving Song.nwc
Ox-Driving Song.txt
Oxford City.nwc
Oxford City.txt
Pace-Egging Song.nwc
Pace-Egging Song.txt
Pack Up Your Sorrows.nwc
Pack Up Your Sorrows.txt
Paddy and the Whale.nwc
Paddy and the Whale.txt
Paddy Backwards.nwc
Paddy Backwards.txt
Paddy Cary TLY 024.nwc
Paddy Doyle.nwc
Paddy Doyle.txt
Paddy on the Canal.nwc
Paddy on the Canal.txt
Paddy West (Tramps and Hawkers etc ).nwc
Paddy West (Tramps and Hawkers etc ).txt
Paddy Works on the Railway.nwc
Paddy Works on the Railway.txt
Paddys Green Shamrock Shore.nwc
Paddys Green Shamrock Shore.txt
Paganini Hornpipe JNu 04.nwc
Paganinis Manchester Set #1 JNu 61.nwc
Paganinis Manchester Set #2 JNu 62.nwc
Paganinis Manchester Set #3 JNu 63.nwc
Paganinis Manchester Set #4 JNu 64.nwc
Panic Is On.nwc
Panic Is On.txt
Paper of Pins.nwc
Paper of Pins.txt
Paradise Valley.nwc
Paradise Valley.txt
Pass Around Your Bottle.nwc
Pass Around Your Bottle.txt
Passing By.nwc
Passing By.txt
Pastime With Good Company.nwc
Pastime With Good Company.txt
Pat Malloy.nwc
Pat Malloy.txt
Pat Malone Forgot that he was Dead.nwc
Pat Malone Forgot that he was Dead.txt
Patriot Game.nwc
Patriot Game.txt
Pattonio The Pride of the Plains.nwc
Pattonio The Pride of the Plains.txt
Paul Jones 2 2.txt
Paul Jones 2.nwc
Paul Jones.nwc
Paul Jones.txt
Pay Me the Money Down.nwc
Pay Me the Money Down.txt
Peck o Maut.nwc
Peck o Maut.txt
Peeler and the Goat.nwc
Peeler and the Goat.txt
Peg and Awl.nwc
Peg and Awl.txt
Peg o Ramsay.nwc
Peg o Ramsay.txt
Peggy Alison.nwc
Peggy Alison.txt
Peggy Gordon.nwc
Peggy Gordon.txt
Peri-meri-dictum Domini.nwc
Peri-meri-dictum Domini.txt
Perry Merry Dictum (Riddle Song).nwc
Perry Merry Dictum (Riddle Song).txt
Persian Dance The 1st part JNu 22.nwc
Persian Dance The 2nd part JNu 22.nwc
Persian Dance The bass part JNu 22.nwc
Persiand Ricado The TLY 012.nwc
Persias Crew.nwc
Persias Crew.txt
Peter Emberly.nwc
Peter Emberly.txt
Phoebe Snow.nwc
Phoebe Snow.txt
Pick a Bale of Cotton.nwc
Pick a Bale of Cotton.txt
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down.nwc
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down.txt
Pinery Boy.nwc
Pinery Boy.txt
Pioneers Song.nwc
Pioneers Song.txt
Pirate The 1st part JNu 31.nwc
Pirate The 2nd part JNu 31.nwc
Pirate The bass part JNu 31.nwc
Plains of Waterloo (2).nwc
Plains of Waterloo (2).txt
Plaisir Damour.nwc
Plaisir Damour.txt
Pleasant and Delightful.nwc
Pleasant and Delightful.txt
Please Mommy PLease Stay Home With Me.nwc
Please Mommy PLease Stay Home With Me.txt
Please Mr Conductor (Lightning Express.nwc
Please Mr Conductor (Lightning Express.txt
Please to See the King.nwc
Please to See the King.txt
Ploughboy The JNu 59.nwc
Po Farmer.nwc
Po Farmer.txt
Polka by Jubin TLY 068.nwc
Poll and Sal.nwc
Poll and Sal.txt
Polly Oliver.nwc
Polly Oliver.txt
Polly on the Shore.nwc
Polly on the Shore.txt
Polly Williams.nwc
Polly Williams.txt
Poor But Ambitious (Too Proud to Beg).nwc
Poor But Ambitious (Too Proud to Beg).txt
Poor Ellen Smith 2 2.txt
Poor Ellen Smith 2.nwc
Poor Ellen Smith.nwc
Poor Ellen Smith.txt
Poor Jack.nwc
Poor Jack.txt
Poor Lil.nwc
Poor Lil.txt
Poor Lonesome Cowboy.nwc
Poor Lonesome Cowboy.txt
Poor Murdered Woman.nwc
Poor Murdered Woman.txt
Poor Old Maid.nwc
Poor Old Maid.txt
Pop Goes the Weasel.nwc
Pop Goes the Weasel.txt
Portland County Jail.nwc
Portland County Jail.txt
Portsmouth City.nwc
Portsmouth City.txt
Poverty Knock.nwc
Poverty Knock.txt
Pray Fair One Be Kind.nwc
Pray Fair One Be Kind.txt
Precious Lord.nwc
Precious Lord.txt
Prentice Boy.nwc
Prentice Boy.txt
Pretty Boy Floyd.nwc
Pretty Boy Floyd.txt
Pretty Little Bird.nwc
Pretty Little Bird.txt
Pretty Little Miss.nwc
Pretty Little Miss.txt
Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth.nwc
Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth.txt
Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green.nwc
Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green.txt
Pretty Polly.nwc
Pretty Polly.txt
Pretty Saro.nwc
Pretty Saro.txt
Prince of Wales March TLY 033.nwc
Prince of Wales March cont TLY 034.nwc
Prison of Newfoundland.nwc
Prison of Newfoundland.txt
Prisoners Song (If I had the Wings ).nwc
Prisoners Song (If I had the Wings ).txt
Puff the Magic Dragon.nwc
Puff the Magic Dragon.txt
Punchin Dough.nwc
Punchin Dough.txt
Push Boat.nwc
Push Boat.txt
Put John On The Islan.nwc
Put John On The Islan.txt
Put My Little Shoes Away.nwc
Put My Little Shoes Away.txt
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.nwc
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.txt
Puttin on the Style.nwc
Puttin on the Style.txt
Quadrille TLY 039.nwc
Quadrils (1) TLY 070.nwc
Quadrils (3) TLY 072.nwc
Quadrils (4) TLY 073.nwc
Quadrils (5) TLY 074.nwc
Quadrils(2) TLY 071.nwc
Quare Bungle Rye.nwc
Quare Bungle Rye.txt
Queen Jane.nwc
Queen Jane.txt
Queen of Roses Polka The TLY 020.nwc
Queen of the May.nwc
Queen of the May.txt
Queen of the Rails.nwc
Queen of the Rails.txt
Queensland Whalers.nwc
Queensland Whalers.txt
Raggedy-Ass Marines.nwc
Raggedy-Ass Marines.txt
Raglan Road.nwc
Raglan Road.txt
Ragtime Cowboy Joe.nwc
Ragtime Cowboy Joe.txt
Ragtime Suffragette.nwc
Ragtime Suffragette.txt
Railroad Bill and the Kitten.nwc
Railroad Bill and the Kitten.txt
Railroad Bill.nwc
Railroad Bill.txt
Railroading on the Great Divide.nwc
Railroading on the Great Divide.txt
Railway Hornpipe The JNu 11.nwc
Rake and Rambling Boy.nwc
Rake and Rambling Boy.txt
Rambleaway 2 2.txt
Rambleaway 2.nwc
Rambling Boy.nwc
Rambling Boy.txt
Ramsey County Jail.nwc
Ramsey County Jail.txt
Randy Dandy O!.nwc
Randy Dandy O!.txt
Rangers Command.nwc
Rangers Command.txt
Ranzo Ray.nwc
Ranzo Ray.txt
Rap Er Te Bank.nwc
Rap Er Te Bank.txt
Raspberry Lane.nwc
Raspberry Lane.txt
Ratcliffe Highway 2 2.txt
Ratcliffe Highway 2.nwc
Ratcliffe Highway.nwc
Ratcliffe Highway.txt
Rattle on the Stovepipe.nwc
Rattle on the Stovepipe.txt
Rattlin Roarin Willie.nwc
Rattlin Roarin Willie.txt
Raving Winds.nwc
Raving Winds.txt
Rawtenstall Annual Fair.nwc
Rawtenstall Annual Fair.txt
Real Ol Mountain Dew.nwc
Real Ol Mountain Dew.txt
Red Apple Juice.nwc
Red Apple Juice.txt
Red is the Rose.nwc
Red is the Rose.txt
Red River Valley.nwc
Red River Valley.txt
Red Rosy Bush.nwc
Red Rosy Bush.txt
Red the Rose and White Lily.nwc
Red the Rose and White Lily.txt
Red-Haired Mary.nwc
Red-Haired Mary.txt
Reillys Daughter 2 2.txt
Reillys Daughter 2.nwc
Reillys Daughter.nwc
Reillys Daughter.txt
Remeber Sinful Youth.nwc
Remeber Sinful Youth.txt
Remember the Alamo.nwc
Remember the Alamo.txt
Reuben and Rachel.nwc
Reuben and Rachel.txt
Revolutionary Tea.nwc
Revolutionary Tea.txt
Reynardine (All on the mountain high).nwc
Reynardine (All on the mountain high).txt
Richies Lady.nwc
Richies Lady.txt
Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel.nwc
Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel.txt
Riddles Wisely Expounded (Bonnie Broom).nwc
Riddles Wisely Expounded (Bonnie Broom).txt
Rigs O Rye.nwc
Rigs O Rye.txt
Rileys Trial.nwc
Rileys Trial.txt
Ringy Dang Doo.nwc
Ringy Dang Doo.txt
Risselty Rosselty.nwc
Risselty Rosselty.txt
Road to Gundagai.nwc
Road to Gundagai.txt
Robbie Tampsons Smitty.nwc
Robbie Tampsons Smitty.txt
Robin Good-fellow.nwc
Robin Good-fellow.txt
Robin Hood and Little John.nwc
Robin Hood and Little John.txt
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford 2 2.txt
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford 2.nwc
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford.nwc
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford.txt
Robin Hood and the Tanner.nwc
Robin Hood and the Tanner.txt
Robin Shure in Hairst.nwc
Robin Shure in Hairst.txt
Rock my soul.nwc
Rock of Ages.nwc
Rock of Ages.txt
Rock Road to Dublin 2 2.txt
Rock Road to Dublin 2.nwc
Rock Road to Dublin.nwc
Rock Road to Dublin.txt
Rocky Top.nwc
Rocky Top.txt
Rody McCorley (2).nwc
Rody McCorley (2).txt
Rogues March.nwc
Rogues March.txt
Roll Alabama Roll 2 2.txt
Roll Alabama Roll 2.nwc
Roll Alabama Roll.nwc
Roll Alabama Roll.txt
Roll Down the Line 2 2.txt
Roll Down the Line 2.nwc
Roll Down the Line.nwc
Roll Down the Line.txt
Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms.nwc
Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms.txt
Roll On John.nwc
Roll On John.txt
Roll On the Ground.nwc
Roll On the Ground.txt
Roll the Cotton Down 2 2.txt
Roll the Cotton Down 2.nwc
Roll the Cotton Down.nwc
Roll the Cotton Down.txt
Roll the Old Chariot.nwc
Roll the Old Chariot.txt
Roll the Union On.nwc
Roll the Union On.txt
Roll the Woodpile Down.nwc
Roll the Woodpile Down.txt
Rolling Down to Old Maui.nwc
Rolling Down to Old Maui.txt
Rolling Down to Old Mohee.nwc
Rolling Down to Old Mohee.txt
Rolling Hills of the Border.nwc
Rolling Hills of the Border.txt
Rolling Home 2 2.txt
Rolling Home 2.nwc
Rolling Home.nwc
Rolling Home.txt
Rolling in the Dew 2 2.txt
Rolling in the Dew 2.nwc
Rolling in the Dew.nwc
Rolling in the Dew.txt
Room For Company.nwc
Room For Company.txt
Root Hog Or Die.nwc
Root Hog Or Die.txt
Rory OMore 1st part JNu 19.nwc
Rory OMore 2nd part JNu 19.nwc
Rory OMore 2nd part JNu 19.txt
Rory OMore bass part JNu 19.nwc
Rory OMore.nwc
Rory OMore.txt
Rose Rose Rose.nwc
Rose Rose Rose.txt
Rose and Crown.nwc
Rose and Crown.txt
Rose of Allandale.nwc
Rose of Allandale.txt
Rosebud In June.nwc
Rosebud In June.txt
Rosemary Lane.nwc
Rosemary Lane.txt
Roseville Fair.nwc
Roseville Fair.txt
Rosie Jane.nwc
Rosie Jane.txt
Rosin the Beau.nwc
Rosin the Beau.txt
Rough and Rocky.nwc
Rough and Rocky.txt
Round Cape Horn.nwc
Round Cape Horn.txt
Round the Bay of Mexico.nwc
Round the Bay of Mexico.txt
Round the Corner.nwc
Round the Corner.txt
Rounding the Horn.nwc
Rounding the Horn.txt
Row Row Row your Boat.nwc
Row Row Row your Boat.txt
Roxiana JNu 34.nwc
Royal Oak.nwc
Royal Oak.txt
Rue and Thyme.nwc
Rue and Thyme.txt
Rule Britannia TLY 001.nwc
Run Come See Jerusalem.nwc
Run Come See Jerusalem.txt
Rye Whisky.nwc
Rye Whisky.txt
Sae Far Awa.nwc
Sae Far Awa.txt
Said the Blackbird to the Crow.nwc
Said the Blackbird to the Crow.txt
Sail Away Ladies.nwc
Sail Away Ladies.txt
Sailing in the Lowlands Low.nwc
Sailing in the Lowlands Low.txt
Sailor from Dover.nwc
Sailor from Dover.txt
Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea.nwc
Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea.txt
Sailors Alphabet.nwc
Sailors Alphabet.txt
Sailors Dream.nwc
Sailors Dream.txt
Sailors Hornpipe JNu 09.nwc
Sally Brown.nwc
Sally Brown.txt
Sally Free and Easy.nwc
Sally Free and Easy.txt
Sally in our Alley.nwc
Sally in our Alley.txt
Sally Munro.nwc
Sally Munro.txt
Sally My Dear.nwc
Sally My Dear.txt
Sam Bass.nwc
Sam Bass.txt
Sambos Right to be Kilt.nwc
Sambos Right to be Kilt.txt
Sammy Ring the Bell.nwc
Sammy Ring the Bell.txt
Sammys Bar.nwc
Sammys Bar.txt
Samuel Allen.nwc
Samuel Allen.txt
Samuel Young.nwc
Samuel Young.txt
San Francisco Bay Blues.nwc
San Francisco Bay Blues.txt
Santy Anna.nwc
Santy Anna.txt
Sarah Jane.nwc
Sarah Jane.txt
Sari Marais.nwc
Sari Marais.txt
Saw You My Hero George.nwc
Saw You My Hero George.txt
Saxon Waltz TLY 030.nwc
Scalloped Potatoes.nwc
Scalloped Potatoes.txt
Scarborough Fair.nwc
Scarborough Fair.txt
Scarborough Sand.nwc
Scarborough Sand.txt
Schooners at Digby.nwc
Schooners at Digby.txt
Scilly Rocks.nwc
Scilly Rocks.txt
Scotch Air TLY 038.nwc
Scotland the Brave.nwc
Scotland the Brave.txt
Scots Wha Hae Wi Wallace Bled.nwc
Scots Wha Hae Wi Wallace Bled.txt
Scots Wha Hae.nwc
Scots Wha Hae.txt
Sean Sullivan.nwc
Sean Sullivan.txt
Sean Van Voght.nwc
Sean Van Voght.txt
Second of August.nwc
Second of August.txt
Seeds of Love.nwc
Seeds of Love.txt
Selfish Runs the Hare.nwc
Selfish Runs the Hare.txt
Separation Blues.nwc
Separation Blues.txt
Sept Ans Sur Mer.nwc
Sept Ans Sur Mer.txt
Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat.nwc
Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat.txt
Seven Gypsies on Yon Hill.nwc
Seven Gypsies on Yon Hill.txt
Seven Long Years.nwc
Seven Long Years.txt
Shadow You Have Seen.nwc
Shadow You Have Seen.txt
Shady Grove.nwc
Shady Grove.txt
Shake Sugaree.nwc
Shake Sugaree.txt
Shall I Wasting in Despair.nwc
Shall I Wasting in Despair.txt
Shall We Gather by the River.nwc
Shall We Gather by the River.txt
Shallo Brown.nwc
Shallo Brown.txt
Shame and Scandal.nwc
Shame and Scandal.txt
Shamrock Shore.nwc
Shamrock Shore.txt
Share Me With Texas.nwc
Share Me With Texas.txt
She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured.nwc
She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured.txt
She Lay All Naked in Her Bed.nwc
She Lay All Naked in Her Bed.txt
She Moved Through the Fair.nwc
She Moved Through the Fair.txt
She Said the Same to Me.nwc
She Said the Same to Me.txt
She Was a Rum One.nwc
She Was a Rum One.txt
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.nwc
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.txt
Shearing in a Bar.nwc
Shearing in a Bar.txt
Sheath and Knife.nwc
Sheath and Knife.txt
Sheep-Shearing Song.nwc
Sheep-Shearing Song.txt
Sheffield Park.nwc
Sheffield Park.txt
Shellback Song.nwc
Shellback Song.txt
Shes Like the Swallow.nwc
Shes Like the Swallow.txt
Shickered as He Could Be.nwc
Shickered as He Could Be.txt
Shiny Gun (Hark the Herald Angels Sing).nwc
Shiny Gun (Hark the Herald Angels Sing).txt
Ship in the Sky.nwc
Ship in the Sky.txt
Ship That Never Returned.nwc
Ship That Never Returned.txt
Shoals of Herring.nwc
Shoals of Herring.txt
Short Jacket (Cabin Boy).nwc
Short Jacket (Cabin Boy).txt
Short Jacket and White Trousers.nwc
Short Jacket and White Trousers.txt
Shorty George.nwc
Shorty George.txt
Shule Aroon.nwc
Shule Aroon.txt
Si Me Quieres Escribir.nwc
Si Me Quieres Escribir.txt
Sicilian Dance 1st part JNu 41.nwc
Sicilian Dance 2nd part JNu 41.nwc
Sicilian Dance bass part JNu 41.nwc
Signor Abbate.nwc
Signor Abbate.txt
Silent Night.nwc
Silent Night.txt
Silver in the Stubble.nwc
Silver in the Stubble.txt
Silver Threads Among the Gold.nwc
Silver Threads Among the Gold.txt
Simon Slick.nwc
Simon Slick.txt
Simss Flotilla.nwc
Simss Flotilla.txt
Since First I Saw Your Face.nwc
Since First I Saw Your Face.txt
Since Love Can Enter an Iron Door.nwc
Since Love Can Enter an Iron Door.txt
Since Maggie Went Away.nwc
Since Maggie Went Away.txt
Sing Me a Song with Social Significance.nwc
Sing Me a Song with Social Significance.txt
Sing Sally O!.nwc
Sing Sally O!.txt
Single Girl.nwc
Single Girl.txt
Sinner Man.nwc
Sinner Man.txt
Sioux Indians.nwc
Sioux Indians.txt
Sipping Cider.nwc
Sipping Cider.txt
Sir Arthur and Charming Mollee.nwc
Sir Arthur and Charming Mollee.txt
Sir Cawline.nwc
Sir Cawline.txt
Sir Eglamore.nwc
Sir Eglamore.txt
Sir Hugh.nwc
Sir Hugh.txt
Sir James the Rose.nwc
Sir James the Rose.txt
Sir Patrick Spens.nwc
Sir Patrick Spens.txt
Sister Susies Sewing Shirts.nwc
Sister Susies Sewing Shirts.txt
Sittin on Top of the World.nwc
Sittin on Top of the World.txt
Six Dukes Went A-Fishing.nwc
Six Dukes Went A-Fishing.txt
Six Feet of Mud.nwc
Six Feet of Mud.txt
Skillet Good and Greasy.nwc
Skillet Good and Greasy.txt
Sleeping for the Flag.nwc
Sleeping for the Flag.txt
Slieve Gallen Braes.nwc
Slieve Gallen Braes.txt
Slow March 1 TLY 032.nwc
Slow March 2 TLY 044.nwc
Smiths Hornpipe TLY 080.nwc
Sodger Laddie 2 2.txt
Sodger Laddie 2.nwc
Sodger Laddie.nwc
Sodger Laddie.txt
Soldier Soldier Will You Marry Me.nwc
Soldier Soldier Will You Marry Me.txt
Somebodys Darling.nwc
Somebodys Darling.txt
Someday Soon.nwc
Someday Soon.txt
Somerset Wassail.nwc
Somerset Wassail.txt
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.nwc
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.txt
Song o the Sons of Liberty.nwc
Song o the Sons of Liberty.txt
Song of a Thousand Years.nwc
Song of a Thousand Years.txt
Song of Liberty TLY 043.nwc
Song of the Fishes.nwc
Song of the Fishes.txt
Song of the Fish-Gutters.nwc
Song of the Fish-Gutters.txt
Song of the Red Man.nwc
Song of the Red Man.txt
Song On Courtship.nwc
Song On Courtship.txt
Song on the Victory of Agincourt.nwc
Sons of Sorrow.nwc
Sons of Sorrow.txt
Soon One Mornin Death Come Creepin.nwc
Soon One Mornin Death Come Creepin.txt
Sorrows Away (Thousands or More).nwc
Sorrows Away (Thousands or More).txt
Sorry the Day I Was Married.nwc
Sorry the Day I Was Married.txt
Sospan Voch (The Little Saucepan).nwc
Sospan Voch (The Little Saucepan).txt
Soul Cakes.nwc
Soul Cakes.txt
Sound Off! (Duckworth Chant).nwc
Sound Off! (Duckworth Chant).txt
South Australia.nwc
South Australia.txt
Southern Blues.nwc
Southern Blues.txt
Sow Got the Measles.nwc
Sow Got the Measles.txt
Sowin on the Mountain.nwc
Sowin on the Mountain.txt
Spanish is the Loving Tongue.nwc
Spanish is the Loving Tongue.txt
Spanish Ladies.nwc
Spanish Ladies.txt
Spencer the Rover.nwc
Spencer the Rover.txt
Sportin Bachelors.nwc
Sportin Bachelors.txt
Springfield Mountain 2 2.txt
Springfield Mountain 2.nwc
Springfield Mountain 3 3.txt
Springfield Mountain 3.nwc
Springfield Mountain.nwc
Springfield Mountain.txt
Springhill Mine Disaster (1891).nwc
Springhill Mine Disaster (1891).txt
St Stephen and Herod.nwc
St Stephen and Herod.txt
Staines Morris.nwc
Staines Morris.txt
Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus.nwc
Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus.txt
Star of Belle Isle.nwc
Star of Belle Isle.txt
Star of the County Down.nwc
Star of the County Down.txt
Starvation Blues.nwc
Starvation Blues.txt
Starving to Death on my Government Claim.nwc
Starving to Death on my Government Claim.txt
State of Arkansaw.nwc
State of Arkansaw.txt
Stay My Charmer Can You Leave Me.nwc
Stay My Charmer Can You Leave Me.txt
Steal Away.nwc
Steal Away.txt
Steam Packet Hornpipe 1st part JNu 12.nwc
Steam Packet Hornpipe 2nd part JNu 12.nwc
Steam Packet Hornpipe bass part JNu 12.nwc
Stenka Razin.nwc
Stenka Razin.txt
Step It Out Nancy.nwc
Step It Out Nancy.txt
Step Stone.nwc
Step Stone.txt
Stern Old Bachelor.nwc
Stern Old Bachelor.txt
Stewball 2 2.txt
Stewball 2.nwc
Still I Love Him.nwc
Still I Love Him.txt
Stokess Verdict.nwc
Stokess Verdict.txt
Stonewall Jacksons Way.nwc
Stonewall Jacksons Way.txt
Stormy Weather Boys.nwc
Stormy Weather Boys.txt
Strafe the Town and Kill the People.nwc
Strafe the Town and Kill the People.txt
Strangers Hornpipe 1st part JNu 25.nwc
Strangers Hornpipe 2nd part JNu 25.nwc
Strangers Hornpipe bass part JNu 25.nwc
Stratton Mountain Tragedy.nwc
Stratton Mountain Tragedy.txt
Streams of Lovely Nancy.nwc
Streams of Lovely Nancy.txt
Streets of Laredo.nwc
Streets of Laredo.txt
Stung Right.nwc
Stung Right.txt
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation.nwc
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation.txt
Sumer Is Icumen In.nwc
Sumer Is Icumen In.txt
Sunday Morning (Ill be Married).nwc
Sunday Morning (Ill be Married).txt
Supper Isna Ready.nwc
Supper Isna Ready.txt
Survivor Leave.nwc
Survivor Leave.txt
Susan Strayed the Briny Beach.nwc
Susan Strayed the Briny Beach.txt
Susannah Clargy.nwc
Susannah Clargy.txt
Sussex Toast.nwc
Sussex Toast.txt
Swallowed a Fly.nwc
Swallowed a Fly.txt
Swannanoa Tunnel.nwc
Swannanoa Tunnel.txt
Sweet and Lovely.nwc
Sweet and Lovely.txt
Sweet and Low.nwc
Sweet and Low.txt
Sweet Jane.nwc
Sweet Jane.txt
Sweet Lovely Joan.nwc
Sweet Lovely Joan.txt
Sweet Rosy OGrady.nwc
Sweet Rosy OGrady.txt
Sweet Thames Flow Softly.nwc
Sweet Thames Flow Softly.txt
Sweet Violets.nwc
Sweet Violets.txt
Sweet Williams Ghost.nwc
Sweet Williams Ghost.txt
Sweet Wyoming Home.nwc
Sweet Wyoming Home.txt
Swing Low Sweet Chariot.nwc
Swing Low Sweet Chariot.txt

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III