Noteworthy Composer Collection 2

Songs A-B

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500 Miles.nwc
500 Miles.txt
66 Highway Blues.txt
A Bird in a Gilded Cage.nwc
A Bird in a Gilded Cage.txt
A Dandy for Nineteen Years Old.nwc
A Dandy for Nineteen Years Old.txt
A Fair Lady of the Plains.nwc
A Fair Lady of the Plains.txt
A Favourite Hornpipe TLY 081.nwc
A Fenian Song.nwc
A Fenian Song.txt
A Fond Kiss (Farewell to Nancy).nwc
A Fond Kiss (Farewell to Nancy).txt
A Fool Such As I.nwc
A Fool Such As I.txt
A Gentleman of Exeter.nwc
A Gentleman of Exeter.txt
A Good Tune JNu 06.nwc
A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach.nwc
A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach.txt
A Hundred Years Ago 2 2.txt
A Hundred Years Ago 2.nwc
A Hundred Years Ago.nwc
A Hundred Years Ago.txt
A Kangaroo Sat on an Oak.nwc
A Kangaroo Sat on an Oak.txt
A La Clair Fontaine.nwc
A La Clair Fontaine.txt
A La Puerta Del Cielo.nwc
A La Puerta Del Cielo.txt
A Landlady of France.nwc
A Landlady of France.txt
A Life in a Prairie SAhack.nwc
A Life in a Prairie SAhack.txt
A Lingering Star.nwc
A Lingering Star.txt
A Mans a Man For All That.nwc
A Mans a Man For All That.txt
A Mighty Fortress is Our Brain.nwc
A Mighty Fortress is Our Brain.txt
A MIghty Ship Was the Gundremar.nwc
A MIghty Ship Was the Gundremar.txt
A New England Ballad.nwc
A New England Ballad.txt
A New Loyal Song Against Home Rule.nwc
A New Loyal Song Against Home Rule.txt
A New War Song by Sir Peter Parker.nwc
A New War Song by Sir Peter Parker.txt
A Picture From Lifes Other Side.nwc
A Picture From Lifes Other Side.txt
A Pint o Wine.nwc
A Pint o Wine.txt
A Prisoner for Life 2 2.txt
A Prisoner for Life 2.nwc
A Prisoner for life.nwc
A Prisoner for life.txt
A Sailor and his True Love.nwc
A Sailor and his True Love.txt
A Sailor Courted.nwc
A Sailor Courted.txt
A Sailors Life.nwc
A Sailors Life.txt
A Shantymans Life.nwc
A Shantymans Life.txt
A Soldier From Missouri.nwc
A Soldier From Missouri.txt
A Tea Party Song.nwc
A Tea Party Song.txt
A Thousand Songs.nwc
A Thousand Songs.txt
A Trip on the Erie.nwc
A Trip on the Erie.txt
A War Song (2).nwc
A War Song (2).txt
A War Song.nwc
A War Song.txt
A Waukrife Minnie.nwc
A Waukrife Minnie.txt
A Wee Drap o Whisky.nwc
A Wee Drap o Whisky.txt
A Wee Drappie Ot.nwc
A-Beggin I Will Go.nwc
A-Beggin I Will Go.txt
Absalom (round).nwc
Absalom (round).txt
Across the Rocky Mountains.nwc
Across the Rocky Mountains.txt
Across the Western Ocean.nwc
Across the Western Ocean.txt
Adam and Eve.nwc
Adam and Eve.txt
Adam Catched Eve (round) 2 2.txt
Adam Catched Eve (round) 2.nwc
Adam Catched Eve (round).nwc
Adam Catched Eve (round).txt
Adam Gorman 2 2.txt
Adam Gorman 2.nwc
Adam Gorman.nwc
Adam Gorman.txt
Adam In The Garden Pinnin Leaves 2 2.txt
Adam In The Garden Pinnin Leaves 2.nwc
Adam In The Garden Pinnin Leaves.nwc
Adam In The Garden Pinnin Leaves.txt
Admiral Benbow (2) 2 2.txt
Admiral Benbow (2) 2.nwc
Admiral Benbow (2).nwc
Admiral Benbow (2).txt
Admiral Benbow 2 2.txt
Admiral Benbow 2.nwc
Admiral Benbow.nwc
Admiral Benbow.txt
After the Ball.nwc
After the Ball.txt
Afton Water (Flow Gently Sweet Afton).nwc
Afton Water (Flow Gently Sweet Afton).txt
Aiken Drum.nwc
Aiken Drum.txt
Ain No Mo Cane on de Brazis.nwc
Ain No Mo Cane on de Brazis.txt
Aint Gonna Grieve My Lord No More.nwc
Aint Gonna Grieve My Lord No More.txt
Air Allegro TLY 029.nwc
Alabama Bound.nwc
Alabama Bound.txt
Alan Bane.nwc
Alan Bane.txt
Albertina (Skonnert Albertina).nwc
Albertina (Skonnert Albertina).txt
Alice B .nwc
Alice B .txt
All For My Grog.nwc
All For My Grog.txt
All Hail To The Days.nwc
All Hail To The Days.txt
All In and Down and Out Blues.nwc
All In and Down and Out Blues.txt
All my trials.nwc
All my trials.txt
All night all day.nwc
All night all day.txt
All Quiet Along the Potomac.nwc
All Quiet Along the Potomac.txt
All Round My Hat 2 2.txt
All Round My Hat 2.nwc
All Round My Hat 3 3.txt
All Round My Hat 3.nwc
All Round My Hat.nwc
All Round My Hat.txt
All the Pretty Little Horses.nwc
All the Pretty Little Horses.txt
All the World Is Desolation .nwc
All the World Is Desolation .txt
All Things Are Quite Silent.nwc
All Things Are Quite Silent.txt
All Things Bright and Beautiful.nwc
All Things Bright and Beautiful.txt
All Through the Ale.nwc
All Through the Ale.txt
All Through the Night.nwc
All Through the Night.txt
All through the Rain and Squally Weather.nwc
All through the Rain and Squally Weather.txt
A-Lumbering We Go.nwc
A-Lumbering We Go.txt
Always a Train in my Dreams.nwc
Always a Train in my Dreams.txt
Aly Croaker 1.nwc
Aly Croaker 1.txt
Am I the Doctor .nwc
Am I the Doctor .txt
Amang the Trees.nwc
Amang the Trees.txt
American Woods.nwc
American Woods.txt
Amog the Blue Flowers and Yellow.nwc
Amog the Blue Flowers and Yellow.txt
Andrew Barton.nwc
Andrew Barton.txt
Andrew Bordeen.nwc
Andrew Bordeen.txt
Andrew Marteen.nwc
Andrew Marteen.txt
Andrew Ross (Andrew Rose).nwc
Andrew Ross (Andrew Rose).txt
Andy Bardeen.nwc
Andy Bardeen.txt
Angels from the Realms of Glory.nwc
Angels from the Realms of Glory.txt
Angels We Have Heard on High.nwc
Angels We Have Heard on High.txt
Anna Thea.nwc
Anna Thea.txt
Annachie Gordon.nwc
Annachie Gordon.txt
Anne Cooper Hewitt.nwc
Anne Cooper Hewitt.txt
Annie Breen.nwc
Annie Breen.txt
Annie Laurie.nwc
Annie Laurie.txt
Aragon Mill.nwc
Aragon Mill.txt
Arans Lonely Home.nwc
Arans Lonely Home.txt
Ard Tac.nwc
Ard Tac.txt
Are You Drinking With Me Jesus .nwc
Are You Drinking With Me Jesus .txt
Aria TLY 042.nwc
Arkansas Boys.nwc
Arkansas Boys.txt
Around the Corner.nwc
Around the Corner.txt
Arranmore Boat Song.nwc
Arranmore Boat Song.txt
Arthur McBride.nwc
Arthur McBride.txt
As I Came In By Fisherrow.nwc
As I Came In By Fisherrow.txt
As I Roved Out.nwc
As I Roved Out.txt
As I Walked Out.nwc
As I Walked Out.txt
As I Went Down to Port Jervis.nwc
As I Went Down to Port Jervis.txt
As I Went Out for a Ramble.nwc
As I Went Out for a Ramble.txt
As I Went Out One May Morning.nwc
As I Went Out One May Morning.txt
As Sylvie Was Walking.nwc
As Sylvie Was Walking.txt
Ascot Hornpipe JNu 05.nwc
Asleep At the Switch.nwc
Asleep At the Switch.txt
A-Smokin His Cigar.nwc
A-Smokin His Cigar.txt
At the Foot of Yonder Mountain.nwc
At the Foot of Yonder Mountain.txt
At the Boarding House.nwc
At the Boarding House.txt
Auld Lang Syne (240).nwc
Auld Lang Syne (240).txt
Auld Lang Syne.nwc
Auld Lang Syne.txt
Aupres de ma Blonde.nwc
Aupres de ma Blonde.txt
Aura Lee.nwc
Aura Lee.txt
Australias on the Wallaby.nwc
Australias on the Wallaby.txt
Avington Pond.nwc
Avington Pond.txt
Awa Whigs Awa.nwc
Awa Whigs Awa.txt
Away In a Manger.nwc
Away In a Manger.txt
Away to Wisconsin.nwc
Away to Wisconsin.txt
Babes in the Wood.nwc
Babes in the Wood.txt
Babies in the Mill.nwc
Babies in the Mill.txt
Babylon is Fallen (2).nwc
Babylon is Fallen (2).txt
Babylon is Falling.nwc
Babylon is Falling.txt
Back Home in Derry.nwc
Back Home in Derry.txt
Bacon on the Rind.nwc
Bacon on the Rind.txt
Bad Brahma Bull.nwc
Bad Brahma Bull.txt
Bald-Headed End of the Broom.nwc
Bald-Headed End of the Broom.txt
Ballad of Penny Evans.nwc
Ballad of Penny Evans.txt
Ballad of Richard III.nwc
Ballad of Richard III.txt
Ballad of Springhill.nwc
Ballad of Springhill.txt
Ballad of the Triangle Fire.nwc
Ballad of the Triangle Fire.txt
Balm in Gilead.nwc
Balm in Gilead.txt
Baltimore Fire.nwc
Baltimore Fire.txt
Banchorys Lands 2 2.txt
Banchorys Lands 2.nwc
Banchorys Lands.nwc
Banchorys Lands.txt
Bang Up Hornpipe TLY 083.nwc
Banks of Allan Water.nwc
Banks of Allan Water.txt
Banks of Green Willow.nwc
Banks of Green Willow.txt
Banks of Inverary.nwc
Banks of Inverary.txt
Banks of Marble.nwc
Banks of Marble.txt
Banks of Newfoundland.nwc
Banks of Newfoundland.txt
Banks Of Sicily.nwc
Banks Of Sicily.txt
Banks of Sweet Primroses.nwc
Banks of Sweet Primroses.txt
Banks of the Condamine.nwc
Banks of the Condamine.txt
Banks of the Dee (Parody).nwc
Banks of the Dee (Parody).txt
Banks of the Little Eau Pleine.nwc
Banks of the Little Eau Pleine.txt
Banks of the Nile.nwc
Banks of the Nile.txt
Banks of the Ohio.nwc
Banks of the Ohio.txt
Barbara Allan.nwc
Barbara Allan.txt
Barbara Allen 2 2.txt
Barbara Allen 2.nwc
Barbara Allen.nwc
Barbara Allen.txt
Barbara Ellen.nwc
Barbara Ellen.txt
Barbary Allen.nwc
Barbary Allen.txt
Barney and Katie.nwc
Barney and Katie.txt
Barnyards O Delgaty.nwc
Barnyards O Delgaty.txt
Barretts Privateers.nwc
Barretts Privateers.txt
Basket of Eggs.nwc
Basket of Eggs.txt
Battle Cry of Freedom.nwc
Battle Cry of Freedom.txt
Battle of Alma (2).nwc
Battle of Alma (2).txt
Battle of Harlaw.nwc
Battle of Harlaw.txt
Bawbee Allan.nwc
Bawbee Allan.txt
Bay of Biscay Oh.nwc
Bay of Biscay Oh.txt
Bay of Fundy.nwc
Bay of Fundy.txt
Bayou Sara.nwc
Bayou Sara.txt
Be Kind to Your Nainsel John.nwc
Be Kind to Your Nainsel John.txt
Bear Away Yankee.nwc
Bear Away Yankee.txt
Bear Away Yankee Bear Away Boy.nwc
Bear Away Yankee Bear Away Boy.txt
Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes.nwc
Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes.txt
Beautiful Dreamer.nwc
Beautiful Dreamer.txt
Beautiful Rose.nwc
Beautiful Rose.txt
Beaver Dam Road.nwc
Beaver Dam Road.txt
Because He was Only a Tramp.nwc
Because He was Only a Tramp.txt
Bed of Roses.nwc
Bed of Roses.txt
Bedlam Boys.nwc
Bedlam Boys.txt
Before I met You.nwc
Before I met You.txt
Before They Close the Minstrel Show.nwc
Before They Close the Minstrel Show.txt
Beggar Girl The TLY 004.nwc
Behold With Joy.nwc
Behold With Joy.txt
Belgian Waltz 1st part JNu 18.nwc
Belgian Waltz 2nd part JNu 18.nwc
Belgian Waltz bass part JNu 18.nwc
Bell Bottom Trousers.nwc
Bell Bottom Trousers.txt
Bells of Rhymney.nwc
Bells of Rhymney.txt
Ben Hall.nwc
Ben Hall.txt
Benjamin Bowmaneer.nwc
Benjamin Bowmaneer.txt
Benjamin Deane.nwc
Benjamin Deane.txt
Benjy Met the Bear.nwc
Benjy Met the Bear.txt
Bessie of Ballydubray.nwc
Bessie of Ballydubray.txt
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray.nwc
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray.txt
Bessy Bell.nwc
Bessy Bell.txt
Betty Anne.nwc
Betty Anne.txt
Beware Oh Take Care.nwc
Beware Oh Take Care.txt
Beware O Bonie Ann.nwc
Beware O Bonie Ann.txt
Bheir Me O or Eriskay Love Lilt.nwc
Bheir Me O or Eriskay Love Lilt.txt
Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe.nwc
Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe.txt
Bill Bailey.nwc
Bill Bailey.txt
Bill Grogans Goat.nwc
Bill Grogans Goat.txt
Bill Martin and Ella Speed.nwc
Bill Martin and Ella Speed.txt
Bill Vanero.nwc
Bill Vanero.txt
Billy Boy.nwc
Billy Boy.txt
Billy Grimes.nwc
Billy Grimes.txt
Billy Taylor.nwc
Billy Taylor.txt
Billy The Kid.nwc
Billy The Kid.txt
Bingo In the Morning.nwc
Bingo In the Morning.txt
Binnorie 2 2.txt
Binnorie 2.nwc
Binorie 2 2.txt
Binorie 2.nwc
Bird in a Cage.nwc
Bird in a Cage.txt
Birmingham Boys.nwc
Birmingham Boys.txt
Black Betty.nwc
Black Betty.txt
Black Chimney Sweeper.nwc
Black Chimney Sweeper.txt
Black Fox.nwc
Black Fox.txt
Black is the Color of my True Loves Hai.nwc
Black is the Color of my True Loves Hai.txt
Black is the Colour.nwc
Black is the Colour.txt
Black Jack Davy.nwc
Black Jack Davy.txt
Black Joke.nwc
Black Joke.txt
Black Rock Pork.nwc
Black Rock Pork.txt
Black Velvet Band.nwc
Black Velvet Band.txt
Black Water Side.nwc
Black Water Side.txt
Black Waters.nwc
Black Waters.txt
Blackberry Grove.nwc
Blackberry Grove.txt
Black-eyed Mary 2.nwc
Black-eyed Mary 2.txt
Black-Eyed Mary.nwc
Black-Eyed Mary.txt
Black-eyed Susie.nwc
Black-eyed Susie.txt
Black-Jack Gypsy (2).nwc
Black-Jack Gypsy (2).txt
Bless Em All.nwc
Bless Em All.txt
Blessed Quietness.nwc
Blessed Quietness.txt
Blind Fiddler.nwc
Blind Fiddler.txt
Blink Over the Burn Sweet Betty.nwc
Blink Over the Burn Sweet Betty.txt
Blood on the Saddle.nwc
Blood on the Saddle.txt
Blood Red Roses.nwc
Blood Red Roses.txt
Bloody Waterloo.nwc
Bloody Waterloo.txt
Blow Boys Blow 2 2.txt
Blow Boys Blow 2.nwc
Blow Boys Blow.nwc
Blow Boys Blow.txt
Blow Away the Morning Dew.nwc
Blow Away the Morning Dew.txt
Blow the Candles Out.nwc
Blow the Candles Out.txt
Blow the Man Down.nwc
Blow the Man Down.txt
Blow the Wind Southerly.nwc
Blow the Wind Southerly.txt
Blow The Winds I-O.nwc
Blow The Winds I-O.txt
Blow Ye Winds of Morning.nwc
Blow Ye Winds of Morning.txt
Blue Bells of Scotland.nwc
Blue Bells of Scotland.txt
Blue Bottle.nwc
Blue Bottle.txt
Blue Monday.nwc
Blue Monday.txt
Blue Mountain.nwc
Blue Mountain.txt
Blue-Eyed Gal.nwc
Blue-Eyed Gal.txt
Blue-Eyed Lover.nwc
Blue-Eyed Lover.txt
Bluey Brink.nwc
Bluey Brink.txt
Blythe Was She.nwc
Blythe Was She.txt
Bo Lamkin.nwc
Bo Lamkin.txt
Boating on a Bullhead.nwc
Boating on a Bullhead.txt
Bob and Joan TLY 005.nwc
Bob And Joan TLY 065.nwc
Bob The Pedigree Sheepdog.nwc
Bob The Pedigree Sheepdog.txt
Bogies Bonnie Belle.nwc
Bogies Bonnie Belle.txt
Bold Archer.nwc
Bold Archer.txt
Bold Archie.nwc
Bold Archie.txt
Bold Dickie.nwc
Bold Dickie.txt
Bold Fenian Men (Glenside).nwc
Bold Fenian Men (Glenside).txt
Bold General Wolfe.nwc
Bold General Wolfe.txt
Bold Riley.nwc
Bold Riley.txt
Bold Robert Emmet.nwc
Bold Robert Emmet.txt
Bold Robin Hood and the Pedlar.nwc
Bold Robin Hood and the Pedlar.txt
Bold Robin Hood and the Threee Squires.nwc
Bold Robin Hood and the Threee Squires.txt
Bold Robinson.nwc
Bold Robinson.txt
Boneys Defeat.nwc
Boneys Defeat.txt
Bonie Lesley.nwc
Bonie Lesley.txt
Bonnie Annie.nwc
Bonnie Annie.txt
Bonnie Black Bess 2 2.txt
Bonnie Black Bess 2.nwc
Bonnie Black Bess.nwc
Bonnie Black Bess.txt
Bonnie Dundee.nwc
Bonnie Dundee.txt
Bonnie Susie Cleland.nwc
Bonnie Susie Cleland.txt
Bonnie Ythanside.nwc
Bonnie Ythanside.txt
Bonny Baby Livingston.nwc
Bonny Baby Livingston.txt
Bonny Eloise (Belle of the Mohawk Vale).nwc
Bonny Eloise (Belle of the Mohawk Vale).txt
Bonny George Campbell.nwc
Bonny George Campbell.txt
Bonny Light Horseman (4).nwc
Bonny Light Horseman (4).txt
Bonny Light Horseman.nwc
Bonny Light Horseman.txt
Bonny Lizie Bailie.nwc
Bonny Lizie Bailie.txt
Bonny Portmore.nwc
Bonny Portmore.txt
Bonny Wee Thing.nwc
Bonny Wee Thing.txt
Bony on the Isle of St Helena.nwc
Bony on the Isle of St Helena.txt
Boomer Johnson.nwc
Boomer Johnson.txt
Border Widows Lament.nwc
Border Widows Lament.txt
Boring For Oil.nwc
Boring For Oil.txt
Boston Harbor.nwc
Boston Harbor.txt
Botany Bay 2 2.txt
Botany Bay 2.nwc
Botany Bay.nwc
Botany Bay.txt
Both Sides Now.nwc
Both Sides Now.txt
Bottle o the Best.nwc
Bottle o the Best.txt
Bound Down to Newfoundland.nwc
Bound Down to Newfoundland.txt
Bound for Greenland 2 2.txt
Bound for Greenland 2.nwc
Bound For Greenland 3 3.txt
Bound For Greenland 3.nwc
Bound for Greenland 4 4.txt
Bound for Greenland 4.nwc
Bound for Greenland.nwc
Bound for Greenland.txt
Bound to Australia.nwc
Bound to Australia.txt
Bounty Was a Packet Ship.nwc
Bounty Was a Packet Ship.txt
Bowling Green.nwc
Bowling Green.txt
Boys will be Boys.nwc
Boys will be Boys.txt
Braes of Balquidder.nwc
Braes of Balquidder.txt
Brandy Tree.nwc
Brandy Tree.txt
Brave General Brock.nwc
Brave General Brock.txt
Brave Wolfe(2).nwc
Brave Wolfe(2).txt
Bread and Fishes.nwc
Bread and Fishes.txt
Bread and Roses.nwc
Bread and Roses.txt
Breton Liberation Song.nwc
Breton Liberation Song.txt
Brian OLynn (2).nwc
Brian OLynn (2).txt
Bridget OMalley.nwc
Bridget OMalley.txt
Brighton Camp.nwc
Brighton Camp.txt
Bring Em Down.nwc
Bring Em Down.txt
Bring Us In Good Ale.nwc
Bring Us In Good Ale.txt
Bring Us in Hot Tea.nwc
Bring Us in Hot Tea.txt
Bringing In the Sheaves.nwc
Bringing In the Sheaves.txt
Britannia Mine.nwc
Britannia Mine.txt
British Grenadiers.nwc
British Grenadiers.txt
Broken-Down Squatter.nwc
Broken-Down Squatter.txt
Broomfield Wager.nwc
Broomfield Wager.txt
Brother Can You Spare a Dime .nwc
Brother Can You Spare a Dime .txt
Brother Noah.nwc
Brother Noah.txt
Brown Adam.nwc
Brown Adam.txt
Brown Gal in the Ring.nwc
Brown Gal in the Ring.txt
Brown Girl (Child #295).nwc
Brown Girl (Child #295).txt
Brown Girl 2 2.txt
Brown Girl 2.nwc
Brown Girl.nwc
Brown Girl.txt
Brown Robin.nwc
Brown Robin.txt
Browned Off.nwc
Browned Off.txt
Browns Ferry Blues.nwc
Browns Ferry Blues.txt
Bryan OLynn (1).nwc
Bryan OLynn (1).txt
Buck-Eyed Jim.nwc
Buck-Eyed Jim.txt
Buffalo Skinners.nwc
Buffalo Skinners.txt
Building Solomons Temple.nwc
Building Solomons Temple.txt
Bullockies Song.nwc
Bullockies Song.txt
Bully in the Alley.nwc
Bully in the Alley.txt
Bunker Hill.nwc
Bunker Hill.txt
Burgundian Carol.nwc
Burgundian Carol.txt
Burke and Hare.nwc
Burke and Hare.txt
Burkes Dream.nwc
Burkes Dream.txt
Burns and his Highland Mary.nwc
Burns and his Highland Mary.txt
Bury Me Beneath the Willow.nwc
Bury Me Beneath the Willow.txt
Bury Me in my Overalls.nwc
Bury Me in my Overalls.txt
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 2 2.txt
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 2.nwc
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie.nwc
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie.txt
Bushes and Briars.nwc
Bushes and Briars.txt
Buttermilk Hill.nwc
Buttermilk Hill.txt
Buy a Penny Ginger.nwc
Buy a Penny Ginger.txt
Buy Broom Besoms.nwc
Buy Broom Besoms.txt
By the Hush.nwc
By the Hush.txt
By the Waters of Babylon.nwc
By the Waters of Babylon.txt
Byker Hill.nwc
Byker Hill.txt

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III