Noteworthy Composer Collection 2

Folk Music Archive Tunes M-S

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M T B .nwc
MacCrimmons Lament Cha Till Mi Tuille 2.nwc
MacCrimmons Lament Cha Till Mi Tuille.nwc
MacDonalds Jig.nwc
Macdonalds March.nwc
Macdougalls Polka.nwc
MacGregors March 2.nwc
MacGregors March.nwc
Mackelmoyels Reel.nwc
Mackilmoyle Reel.nwc
Macton Reel.nwc
Madam Frederick.nwc
Madame Bonaparte Variation.nwc
Madame Bonaparte.nwc
Madame Renaud.nwc
Madness !.nwc
Maggie and Jiggs.nwc
Maggie in the Woods.nwc
Maggie Pickens.nwc
Maggies Favourite 2.nwc
Maggies Favourite.nwc
Maggies Pancakes.nwc
Maggy Lowther JBa 10.nwc
Maguire and Patterson .nwc
Maid at the spinning wheel.nwc
Maid at the Well The 2.nwc
Maid at the Well The.nwc
Maid Behind the Bar (in D) The.nwc
Maid Behind the Bar (in G) The.nwc
Maid behind the Bar.nwc
Maid In the Meadow The.nwc
Maid in the Pump-Room Hornpipe.nwc
Maid Marian Hornpipe.nwc
Maid of GlenConnel.nwc
Maidenhead is a Folly JBa 71.nwc
Maids of Arrocher.nwc
Maids of Mount Kisco.nwc
Maids of Tulla The.nwc
Máire Breathnachs 2.nwc
Máire Breathnachs.nwc
Mairies Wedding.nwc
Mairis Wedding.nwc
Major Duffs Favourite Quickstep .nwc
Major Mackie 2.nwc
Major Mackie.nwc
Major Mackies Jig.nwc
Major Mackies Jig1.nwc
Major OFlacherty.nwc
Major Ye JBa 48.nwc
Mallorca 2.nwc
Man from Newry.nwc
Man of the House.nwc
Manchester Hornpipe.nwc
Manhattan Hornpipe.nwc
Manitoba Special.nwc
Manitoba Waltz.nwc
Manitobas Golden Boy.nwc
Manor Gardens 2.nwc
Manor Gardens.nwc
Maple Leaf Jig 2.nwc
Maple Leaf Jig.nwc
Maple Leaf Two-Step.nwc
Maple Sugar.nwc
March JBa 42.nwc
March JBa 60.nwc
March of St Timothy.nwc
Marching Through Georgia 2.nwc
Marching Through Georgia.nwc
Marchioness of Huntly The.nwc
Marchmont House.nwc
Margarets Waltz .nwc
Margarets Waltz.nwc
Market Town.nwc
Marmadukes Hornpipe.nwc
Marquis of Huntly.nwc
Marquis of Lorne.nwc
Marquis of Tullibardine The.nwc
Marshall Hills Clog.nwc
Martin Wynnes #2.nwc
Martin Wynnes 2.nwc
Martin Wynnes 3.nwc
Martin Wynnes 4.nwc
Martin Wynnes No 2.nwc
Martin Wynnes.nwc
marwnad y cadno.nwc
marwnad yr heliwr bach.nwc
marwnad yr heliwr.nwc
Mary Anns Reel.nwc
Mary Claire.nwc
Mary McMahon 2.nwc
Mary McMahon.nwc
Mary ONeill.nwc
Masons Apron The.nwc
Masons Apron.nwc
Master Crowleys.nwc
Master Henrys.nwc
Maudabawn Chapel.nwc
Maxwells Rant II.nwc
Maxwells Rant.nwc
May Day (Miss McLeods Reel).nwc
Mazawattee Tea Break 2.nwc
Mazawattee Tea Break.nwc
McElroys Fancy.nwc
McFaddens Handsome Daughter 2.nwc
McFaddens Handsome Daughter.nwc
McFarleys 2.nwc
McKenzie Hay.nwc
McKenzie Highlanders.nwc
McQuillens Irish Green 2.nwc
McQuillens Irish Green.nwc
McQuillens March.nwc
McQuillens Squeezebox 2.nwc
McQuillens Squeezebox.nwc
Meggys Foot.nwc
Melange 2.nwc
Melodía de gaita para la procesión 2 2.nwc
Melodía de gaita para la procesión 2.nwc
Melodía de gaita para procesión 2.nwc
Melodía de gaita para procesión.nwc
Mengie of McBrides Hill.nwc
Merch Megan.nwc
Merrily Kiss the Quakers Wife.nwc
Merry Blacksmith.nwc
Merry Harriers The 2.nwc
Merry Harriers The.nwc
Merry Month of May 2.nwc
Merry Month of May.nwc
Merry Scotchman Breakdown.nwc
Merrydale Romp.nwc
mesur pur.nwc
Mexican Waltz.nwc
mi drawodd ar fy meddwl.nwc
Michael Gormans.nwc
Mid-Day Jig 2.nwc
Mid-Day Jig.nwc
Midnight on the Water .nwc
Midnight on the Water.nwc
Mike Flynns 2.nwc
Mike Flynns.nwc
Mikes Fancy.nwc
Milford Pavillion 2.nwc
Milford Pavillion.nwc
Militia March for Cumberland Militia A JBa 18.nwc
Mill Da.nwc
Millers Maggot The 2.nwc
Millers Maggot The.nwc
Millicents Favourite.nwc
Milliners Daughter The 2.nwc
Milliners Daughter The.nwc
Mingulay Boat Song.nwc
Minstrels Fancy The.nwc
Minuet JBa 06.nwc
Minuet JBa 22.nwc
Minuet JBa 38.nwc
Minuet JBa 70.nwc
Minuet A JBa 05.nwc
Minuet A JBa 33.nwc
Minuet A JBa 62.nwc
Miss Baird of Saughtonhalls Hornpipe.nwc
Miss Barkers Hornpipe.nwc
Miss Bennets Jig 2.nwc
Miss Bennets Jig.nwc
Miss Bruce Jig.nwc
Miss Campbell of Saddells.nwc
Miss Campbell.nwc
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff 2.nwc
Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff.nwc
Miss Grace Hays Delight.nwc
Miss Jean Milligan.nwc
Miss Kay Rose.nwc
Miss Lyall.nwc
Miss Margaret McLachlan.nwc
Miss Mary Printy.nwc
Miss McClouds Reel.nwc
Miss McLeods.nwc
Miss McLeods Reel.nwc
Miss Monaghan.nwc
Miss Rowan Davies.nwc
Miss S Campbell of Saddle.nwc
Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth.nwc
Miss Spences Reel.nwc
Miss Supertests Victory Reel.nwc
Miss Susan Cooper.nwc
Miss Thompsons Hornpipe.nwc
Miss Thompsons Reel.nwc
Miss Thompsons.nwc
Miss Wedderburn.nwc
Miss Wharton Duff 2.nwc
Miss Wharton Duff.nwc
Mississipi Sawyer.nwc
Mississippi Sawyer.nwc
Mist Covered Mountains The.nwc
Mist on the Marsh.nwc
Mist on the Mountain.nwc
Mittens Breakdown.nwc
Moccasin Reel.nwc
Mocking Bird Hill.nwc
Molloys 2.nwc
Molly Hogan Reel.nwc
Molly Rankins 2.nwc
Molly Rankins.nwc
Moms Jig 2.nwc
Moms Jig.nwc
Mon Vieux Wagon.nwc
Monaghan Jig.nwc
Monaghan Twig.nwc
Money Musk.nwc
Montecarlo or Bust.nwc
Montreal Reel.nwc
Mooncoin Jig.nwc
Mopping Nelly Part of JBa 72.nwc
Mopsys Tune (the old way).nwc
More for Beauty than( ) Gear JBa 45.nwc
Morecambe Bay 2.nwc
Morecambe Bay.nwc
Morfa Rhuddlan.nwc
Morgan Magan.nwc
Mormond Braes.nwc
Morning Dew.nwc
Morning Fair Hornpipe.nwc
Morning Star The.nwc
Morning Star.nwc
Morpeth Rant.nwc
Morris Off 2.nwc
Morris Off.nwc
Morrisons Jig.nwc
Mortons Reel.nwc
Morvens Waltz .nwc
Mos Peerie Boston 2.nwc
Mos Peerie Boston.nwc
Mother Rileys Tour.nwc
Mothers Reel.nwc
Moulin Dhu.nwc
Mountain Girl Breakdown.nwc
Mountain Park Breakdown.nwc
Mountain Rangers Hornpipe.nwc
Mountain Road.nwc
Mountain Top The.nwc
Mouth of the Tobique.nwc
Moving Cloud The 2.nwc
Moving Cloud The.nwc
Moving Cloud.nwc
Mowin the Hay.nwc
Mr and Mrs Maple.nwc
Mr Beveridges Maggot.nwc
Mr Englefields New Hornpipe.nwc
Mr Turveydrop.nwc
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran.nwc
Mrs Monroes Jig.nwc
Mrs Casey 2.nwc
Mrs Casey 3.nwc
Mrs Casey.nwc
Mrs Charles Menteath of Clofa Burns Jig.nwc
Mrs Crawford.nwc
Mrs Gordons Favorite.nwc
Mrs Gordons Favourite.nwc
Mrs Grace Bowie.nwc
Mrs McLeods.nwc
Mrs Norman MacKeigan.nwc
Mrs Oliphant of Condies.nwc
Mrs Ramsay of Barnton.nwc
Mrs Willis.nwc
Mucking O Geordies Byre.nwc
Mucking of Geordies Byre 2.nwc
Mucking of Geordies Byre.nwc
Mudanza de palos de Jaca 2.nwc
Mudanza de palos de Jaca.nwc
Muddy Water.nwc
Mug of Brown Ale.nwc
Muillean Dubh (the Black Mill).nwc
Mulvihills reel.nwc
Muncies Favorite Clog.nwc
Munster Buttermilk 2.nwc
Munster Buttermilk.nwc
Munster Cloak.nwc
Munster Hop.nwc
Murrays Reel.nwc
Music For A Found Harmonium.nwc
Music in the Glen.nwc
Music of Spey.nwc
Musical Priest The.nwc
Musical Priest.nwc
Mutts Favorite reel.nwc
Mutual Love.nwc
mwynen glan teifi em.nwc
mwynen mai [Gentle May].nwc
My Darling Asleep 2.nwc
My Darling Asleep.nwc
My Favourite Flute 2.nwc
My Favourite Flute.nwc
My Grandfathers Clock.nwc
My Home.nwc
My Love is but a Lassie Yet.nwc
My Love is in America.nwc
My Love is Like a Red Red Frog.nwc
My Mind Will Never Be Easy 2.nwc
My Mind Will Never Be Easy.nwc
My Old Man 2.nwc
My Old Man.nwc
My Sons A Prawn.nwc
My Wifes A Wanton Wee Thing 2.nwc
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing 3.nwc
My Wifes A Wanton Wee Thing 4.nwc
My Wifes a Wanton Wee Thing.nwc
My Wifes A Winsome Wee Thing.nwc
Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose (For Thady U Gander).nwc
naid drosd y llanerch bach.nwc
Naid Tros Lannerch [A Leap Oer the Glade].nwc
Nail That Catfish to a Tree.nwc
Nancy Dawson 2.nwc
Nancy Dawson.nwc
Nancys Fancy 2.nwc
Nancys Fancy.nwc
Nans Waltz.nwc
Nantwich Fair 2.nwc
Nantwich Fair.nwc
Narrowback The 2.nwc
Narrowback The.nwc
Navvie on the Line.nwc
Ned Puws farewell.nwc
Needle Case.nwc
Neopolitan The JBa 23.nwc
Never Love Thee More.nwc
New Broom The 2.nwc
New Broom The.nwc
New Brunswick Breakdown.nwc
New Exchange.nwc
New Found Out The 2.nwc
New Found Out The.nwc
New High Level.nwc
New Land.nwc
New Rigged Ship 2.nwc
New Rigged Ship.nwc
New Scotland Schottische.nwc
New Way of Wooing The JBa 39.nwc
New Years Day.nwc
Newark March.nwc
Newcastle Hill Clog.nwc
Newcastle Station.nwc
Newfoundland set tunes.nwc
Ní Fios 2.nwc
Ní Fios.nwc
Nick Nack Paddy Whack.nwc
Niel Gows Compliments Returned to Mr Marshall.nwc
Niel Gows Lament for the Death of His Second Wife 2.nwc
Niel Gows Lament for the Death of his Second Wife.nwc
Nine Pint Cloggie.nwc
Nine Points of Roguery.nwc
Ninepins 2.nwc
No Name #1.nwc
No Name #3.nwc
No Name Reel.nwc
Noonday Feast The 2.nwc
Noonday Feast The.nwc
North Carolina Breakdown.nwc
North Shore Breakdown.nwc
North Shore.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 1 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 1.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 2 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 3 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 v 3.nwc
North Skelton 2 v 1 2.nwc
North Skelton 2 v 1.nwc
North Skelton 2 v 2 2.nwc
North Skelton 2 v 2.nwc
North Skelton 3 v 1.nwc
North Skelton 3 v 2.nwc
Northern Hospitality Jig or Seamus Plagiarism 2.nwc
Northern Hospitality Jig or Seamus Plagiarism.nwc
Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen.nwc
Northern Lights.nwc
Norwegian Waltz.nwc
nos galan fel y cenir yn bencader.nwc
nos galan fel y cenir yn gheredigion.nwc
Nos Galan.nwc
Nottingham Knees Up !.nwc
Nova Scotia Polka.nwc
Nutting Girl 2.nwc
Nutting Girl.nwc
Nyth y Gog [The Cuckoos Nest].nwc
nyth y gwcw.nwc
Oak Tree.nwc
OCarolans Concerto.nwc
ODonnel Abu.nwc
Of A the Airts the Wind Can Blaw.nwc
OFarrells Welcome to Limerick 2.nwc
OFarrells Welcome to Limerick.nwc
Off She Goes 2.nwc
Off She Goes.nwc
Off to California.nwc
Off to Donnybrook Jig.nwc
Off to Puck Fair.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be 2.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be.nwc
Oh Susanna.nwc
OKeeffes Slide.nwc
Old Concertina Reel.nwc
Old Copper Plate.nwc
Old French.nwc
Old Grey Cat The.nwc
Old Grey Cat.nwc
Old Hag You Have Killed me.nwc
Old Joe Clark 1.nwc
Old Joe Clark 2.nwc
Old Joe Clark 3.nwc
Old Joe Clark.nwc
Old Joes Ife.nwc
Old Johns Jig.nwc
Old Man and the Old Woman.nwc
Old Man of Mow.nwc
Old Mans Delight Jig.nwc
Old Polka The.nwc
Old Rocking Chair The.nwc
Old Sport Reel.nwc
Old Tipparerry.nwc
Old Tipperary.nwc
Old Torn Petticoat.nwc
Old Wife K( )ist and Pa al The JBa 51.nwc
Olde Tyme Quadrille.nwc
Oliphant of Condies Welcome Home The.nwc
Olive Branch Hornpipe.nwc
OMahonys Hornpipe.nwc
On Christmas Night.nwc
On The Road To Boston.nwc
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine 2.nwc
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.nwc
One For The Pot 2.nwc
One For The Pot.nwc
One More Dance ;& Then.nwc
One More Step .nwc
Only Our Rivers .nwc
Oot Pik Waltz.nwc
Opera Reel.nwc
Operators Reel.nwc
Orange and Blue.nwc
Orange in Bloom.nwc
Orange Rogue 2.nwc
Orange Rogue.nwc
Orcadian 2.nwc
Orcadian Waltz.nwc
Oriental hornpipe.nwc
Otters Holt.nwc
Oughterside Rant JBa 52.nwc
Our Highland Queen.nwc
Out on the Ocean.nwc
Out on the Road 2.nwc
Out on the Road.nwc
Outer Magnolia Reel.nwc
Over The Hills 2.nwc
Over The Hills.nwc
Over the Moor to Maggie 2.nwc
Over the Moor to Maggie.nwc
Over the Waterfall.nwc
Over Ye Moor to Betty JBa 12.nwc
owens partner.nwc
Oyster Girl 2.nwc
Oyster Girl.nwc
Oyster River Hornpipe.nwc
P J McNamaras.nwc
Pachelbel Reel.nwc
Pack Up Your Troubles.nwc
Paddy Cannys 2.nwc
Paddy Cannys Jig.nwc
Paddy Cannys.nwc
Paddy Carey 2.nwc
Paddy Carey.nwc
Paddy Carthy.nwc
Paddy Carthys Reel.nwc
Paddy Cartys Jig.nwc
Paddy Clancys.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 1.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 2.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 3.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 7.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 8.nwc
Paddy Faheys No 9.nwc
Paddy Fahys 1.nwc
Paddy Fahys 2.nwc
Paddy Gavins.nwc
Paddy in Flow.nwc
Paddy Lynns Delight.nwc
Paddy on the Turnpike.nwc
Paddy Raineys Jig 2.nwc
Paddy Raineys Jig.nwc
Paddy Taylors Reel.nwc
Paddy the Dandy 2.nwc
Paddy the Dandy.nwc
Paddy the Piper Reel.nwc
Paddy Wack JBa 88.nwc
Paddy Whack 2.nwc
Paddy Whack.nwc
Paddys Leather Britches.nwc
Paddys the Boy Jig.nwc
Paddys Trip to Scotland.nwc
Paddy-Wack Jig.nwc
Palmers Gate 2.nwc
Palmers Gate.nwc
Pams Fancy.nwc
Pant Corlan yr Wyr.nwc
pant y pistyll.nwc
Pany Corlan yr Wyn.nwc
Paper Bird The 2.nwc
Paper Bird The.nwc
Pappy Dailys Breakdown.nwc
Parasott Hornpipe.nwc
Parcel of Rogues.nwc
Parnell and Ireland Jig.nwc
Parnells Reel.nwc
Parry Sound Reel.nwc
parsal y fesur.nwc
Parson in the Suds The JBa 43.nwc
Pastwn Mawr (the Big Stick).nwc
Patchwork Polka.nwc
Pats Parlour 2.nwc
Pats Parlour.nwc
Patsy Gearys Jig.nwc
Payne and Bond.nwc
Peace and Plenty JBa 83.nwc
Peacock Rag.nwc
Peat Fire Flame.nwc
Peelers Jacket.nwc
Peerless Hornpipe.nwc
Peggies Wedding.nwc
Penny on the H2O.nwc
Perrie Werrie.nwc
Pet of the Pipers 2.nwc
Pet of the Pipers.nwc
Peters Peerie Boat 2.nwc
Peters Peerie Boat.nwc
Petes Peerie Boat 2.nwc
Petes Peerie Boat.nwc
Petit Larousse.nwc
Pheasants Dance.nwc
Phil Cunninghams 2.nwc
Phil Cunninghams.nwc
Pibddawns Hart [Harts Hornpipe].nwc
Picnic Reel.nwc
Pierres Special.nwc
Pigeon on the Gate.nwc
Pilgrim The JBa 77.nwc
Pinch of Snuff.nwc
Pincushion Polka.nwc
Pine Cones 2.nwc
Pine Cones.nwc
Pipe on the Hob.nwc
Piper and the Pony The.nwc
Pipers Despair 2.nwc
Pipers Despair.nwc
Pipers Fancy 2.nwc
Pipers Fancy.nwc
Pipers Lass Reel.nwc
Pirntaton Waltz The.nwc
Pizza and Apple Pies 2.nwc
Pizza and Apple Pies.nwc
Planxty Eleanor Plunkett .nwc
Planxty Fanny Power.nwc
Planxty Irwin .nwc
Planxty Irwin.nwc
Platnix 2.nwc
Pleasures of Home Reel.nwc
Pleasures of the Town.nwc
Plodder Seam.nwc
Pnt ur y Bys.nwc
polca 2.nwc
Polca Piqué 2.nwc
Polca Piqué.nwc
Policemans Holiday The 2.nwc
Policemans Holiday The.nwc
Polka 2.nwc
Polly Peachums Hornpipe.nwc
Polly Put the Kettle on.nwc
Poor Girl Waltz.nwc
Pop Along Polka.nwc
Pop Goes the Wheezle 2.nwc
Pop Goes the Wheezle.nwc
Popcorn Reel.nwc
Pork and Beans.nwc
Portland Fancy 2.nwc
Portland Fancy.nwc
Porto Bello JBa 85.nwc
Portsmouth Hornpipe.nwc
Prairie Reel.nwc
Prairie Schooner.nwc
Prairie Schottische.nwc
President Grants Hornpipe.nwc
Preston Tally-Ho !.nwc
Pretty Betty Reel.nwc
Pretty Little Widder.nwc
Pretty Maggie Morrisey.nwc
Priests Boots.nwc
Primrose Lass The 2.nwc
Primrose Lass The.nwc
Primrose Polka.nwc
Prince Albert Hornpipe.nwc
Prince Charlies Medley.nwc
Prince Charlies Quickstep.nwc
Prince Charlies Welcome to Skye.nwc
Prince of Oranges March The JBa 19.nwc
Princess Margaret 2.nwc
Princess Margaret.nwc
Princess Royal 2.nwc
Princess Royal 3.nwc
Princess Royal.nwc
Principio tienen las cosas 2.nwc
Principio tienen las cosas .nwc
Prodsdan Boys( ) JBa 80.nwc
Proudlockss Hornpipe.nwc
Proudlockss Variation.nwc
Puddlegums Misery.nwc
Pumpkins Fancy The.nwc
Punch in the Dark 2.nwc
Punch in the Dark.nwc
Push About the Jorum Strathspey.nwc
Quadrille Montcalm.nwc
Quakers Hornpipe The JBa 36.nwc
Quakers Wife 2.nwc
Quakers Wife.nwc
Quare Bungle Rye.nwc
Quebec Reel.nwc
Queen of the Fair.nwc
Queen Victoria 2.nwc
Queen Victoria.nwc
Queens Fancy 2.nwc
Queens Fancy.nwc
Quigleys Reel.nwc
Quince Dillons High D.nwc
R na G Reel 2.nwc
R na G Reel.nwc
Rabbit in the Field The.nwc
Racketty Jacks Reel.nwc
Racoon Reel.nwc
Raemonas Waltz.nwc
Raggety Anne.nwc
Raglan Road .nwc
Ragtime Annie.nwc
Rainy Day.nwc
Rainy River Waltz.nwc
Rake Makers Jig 2.nwc
Rake Makers Jig.nwc
Rakes O Mallow.nwc
Rakes of Kildare 2.nwc
Rakes of Kildare Jig (Gm).nwc
Rakes of Kildare.nwc
Rakes of Mallow.nwc
Rakish Paddy.nwc
Ralph Page Jig 2.nwc
Ralph Page Jig.nwc
Ramblers Hornpipe.nwc
Rambling Pitchfork.nwc
Randels Reel.nwc
Ran-Tan 2.nwc
Rattlebones 2.nwc
Rattlin Roarin Willie.nwc
Rattling Bog.nwc
Reavys 2.nwc
Recogida de los mozos 2.nwc
Recogida de los mozos.nwc
Reconciliation Reel.nwc
Red Bee The 2.nwc
Red Bee The.nwc
Red Cigar 2.nwc
Red Cigar.nwc
Red Cross Hornpipe.nwc
Red Crow The 2.nwc
Red Crow The.nwc
Red Crow.nwc
Red Haired Boy.nwc
Red Leciester 2.nwc
Red Leciester.nwc
Red River Blues.nwc
Red River Waltz.nwc
Red Stocking 2.nwc
Red Stocking 3.nwc
Red Stocking 4.nwc
Red Stocking.nwc
Redesdale Hornpipe.nwc
Redhaired Lass The.nwc
Reel a Rémi.nwc
Reel Beatrice 2.nwc
Reel Beatrice.nwc
Reel Boule de Neige.nwc
Reel de Cabano.nwc
Reel de Chateauguay.nwc
Reel de Gaspe.nwc
Reel de la Tuque Bleue.nwc
Reel de la Veuve.nwc
Reel de LEnfant.nwc
Reel de lHotelier.nwc
Reel de Limoilou.nwc
Reel de Mattawa.nwc
Reel de Minuit.nwc
Reel De Montreal.nwc
Reel de Napoleon.nwc
Reel de Peribonka.nwc
Reel de Portneuf.nwc
Reel de Rimouski.nwc
Reel de Sauvagesse.nwc
Reel de Tadoussac.nwc
Reel de TiPit.nwc
Reel des Bottes Sauvages.nwc
Reel des Chantiers.nwc
Reel des Fusilles.nwc
Reel des Habitants.nwc
Reel des Moissonneurs.nwc
Reel des Oignons.nwc
Reel des Ouvrieres.nwc
Reel des Skieurs.nwc
Reel des Sucres.nwc
Reel des temps Dull.nwc
Reel du Canada.nwc
Reel du Carnaval.nwc
Reel du Cultivateur.nwc
Reel du Goglu.nwc
Reel du Gueux.nwc
Reel du Pecheur.nwc
Reel du Pendu.nwc
Reel du Printemps.nwc
Reel du Regiment.nwc
Reel du Tricentenaire.nwc
Reel du Veterinaire.nwc
Reel Jaccques-Cartier.nwc
Reel of Tullochgorum The.nwc
Reel of Tullochgorum.nwc
Reel On Mandolin.nwc
Reel Polo.nwc
Reel Saint-Sauveur.nwc
Reel St Sauveur.nwc
Reels of Boggie The JBa 07.nwc
Reginalds Waltz.nwc
Regs Cigar 2.nwc
Regs Cigar.nwc
Reillys Own Reel.nwc
Reillys Reel.nwc
Relativity .nwc
Remembrance of Dublin Clog.nwc
Resting Chair (Part two) The.nwc
Resting Chair.nwc
Rhif Wyth.nwc
Rhos-y-gwaliau Romp.nwc
Rhubarb Sandwich.nwc
Richmond Reel.nwc
Ricketts Hornpipe.nwc
Riding on a Hand-Car Jig.nwc
Rights of Man 2.nwc
Rights of Man.nwc
Rigs O Mallow.nwc
Rileys Favorite Reel.nwc
Rip the Calico.nwc
Rival Reel.nwc
Riverside Waltz.nwc
Road to Butlins A52.nwc
Road to California.nwc
Road to Dundee.nwc
Road to Durham.nwc
Road To Errol.nwc
Road to Knock 2.nwc
Road to Knock.nwc
Road To Lisdoonvarna 2.nwc
Road to Lisdoonvarna.nwc
Road to Rio.nwc
Roaring hornpipe The.nwc
Roaring Jelly.nwc
Roaringwater Reel #1 The 2.nwc
Roaringwater Reel #1 The.nwc
Roberstons Reel.nwc
Robert Cormack Aberdeen.nwc
Robin ddiog [Idle or Lazy Robin].nwc
Rochester Schottische.nwc
Rock the Cradle Joe.nwc
Rocks of Cashel Reel.nwc
Rocky Road to Dublin.nwc
Rockys Reel 2.nwc
Rockys Reel.nwc
Roddy McCawley.nwc
Roddy Millers Jig 2.nwc
Roddy Millers Jig.nwc
Rodneys Glory.nwc
Rogativa de agua de Alcolea de Cinca 2.nwc
Rogativa de agua de Alcolea de Cinca.nwc
Rogativa de La Puebla de Castro 2.nwc
Rogativa de La Puebla de Castro.nwc
Rogueland Waltz (traditional).nwc
Roll out the Barrels.nwc
Rollin In.nwc
Rolling in the Ryegrass.nwc
Rolling Off A Log 2.nwc
Rolling Off A Log.nwc
Rolling Wave The.nwc
Rolling Wave.nwc
Rollstone Mountain.nwc
Roman Reel.nwc
Romeos First Change.nwc
Rope Waltz The.nwc
Rope Waltz.nwc
Rory O More.nwc
Rory OMore 2.nwc
Rory OMore.nwc
Roscommon Reel.nwc
Rose in the Heather.nwc
Rose Tree.nwc
Rosin The Beau 2.nwc
Rosin The Beau.nwc
Rosss Reel.nwc
Rothiemuchus Rant.nwc
Rothiemurcus Rant.nwc
Roxburgh Castle 2.nwc
Roxburgh Castle.nwc
Rufty Tufty.nwc
Ruins of Killmallock Jig.nwc
Running the Goat #1.nwc
Running the Goat #2.nwc
Running the Goat #3.nwc
Running the Goat #4.nwc
Rushwick 2.nwc
Russ Allen.nwc
Russian Dance.nwc
Rustic Reel.nwc
Ryans Rant.nwc
S H Reel.nwc
Sacketts Harbor.nwc
Saddle The Pony 2.nwc
Saddle the Pony.nwc
Sadlers Wells.nwc
Sailor on the Rock.nwc
Sailors Bonnet.nwc
Sailors Hornpipe.nwc
Sailors Hornpipe1.nwc
Sailors Wife The.nwc
Sailors Wife 2.nwc
Sailors Wife.nwc
Saint Annes Reel.nwc
Salamanca Reel.nwc
Sally Gardens.nwc
Sally Hunter 2.nwc
Sally Hunter.nwc
Sally Picker.nwc
Sallylun Jig.nwc
Salmon Tails Up the Water.nwc
Salmon Tails.nwc
Salve a la Virgen de los Dolores 2.nwc
Salve a la Virgen de los Dolores.nwc
Salve Dolorosa 2.nwc
Salve Dolorosa.nwc
Sam Hides Jig.nwc
Sands o Munness.nwc
Sandy Buchanans Strathspey.nwc
Sandy MacIntyres Trip to Boston.nwc
Sandy River Belles 2.nwc
Sandy River Belles.nwc
Sarahs Jig 2.nwc
Sarahs Jig.nwc
Saratoga Reel.nwc
Saskatoon Breakdown.nwc
Saturday Night Breakdown.nwc
Scan Waltz.nwc
Scarce O Tatties 2.nwc
Scarce O Tatties.nwc
Scarfuin ( ).nwc
Scatter the Mud.nwc
Scenes From the Findland Woods.nwc
Scollys 2.nwc
Scotch Reel A JBa 30.nwc
Scotch Song A JBa 74.nwc
Scotch Tune A JBa 24.nwc
Scotland the Brave.nwc
Scots Wha Hae.nwc
Scotsbroome Jig 2.nwc
Scotsbroome Jig.nwc
Scott Skinner Rockin Step.nwc
Scottish Caddie.nwc
Scottish Circassian Circle.nwc
Scottish Reform 2.nwc
Scottish Reform.nwc
Scrabble On Sunday 2.nwc
Scrabble On Sunday .nwc
Sculleys Reel.nwc
Scully Caseys Jig 2.nwc
Scully Caseys Jig.nwc
Seamus Connollys.nwc
Seamus OBrien.nwc
Sean Frank 2.nwc
Sean Frank.nwc
Sean McCuskers 2.nwc
Sean McCuskers.nwc
Sean McGoverns Polka.nwc
Sean Ryans (1).nwc
Sean Ryans (2).nwc
Sean Ryans reel.nwc
Sean sa Cheo.nwc
Seanamhac Tube Station 2.nwc
Seanamhac Tube Station.nwc
Seneca Square Dance.nwc
Seonaids Reel.nwc
September Reel 2.nwc
September Reel.nwc
Sergeant Earlys Dream.nwc
Service !.nwc
sesiwn yng nghymru.nwc
Set De La Baie St Paul.nwc
Setting a course for Lewis.nwc
Seven Stars 2.nwc
Seven Stars.nwc
Seventy Seconds Farewell.nwc
Sgian Dubh.nwc
Sgiandubh 2.nwc
Shafters Shindig 2.nwc
Shafters Shindig 3.nwc
Shafters Shindig 4.nwc
Shafters Shindig.nwc
Shamtrues JBa 87.nwc
Shandon Bells 2.nwc
Shandon Bells.nwc
Shanes Fancy 2.nwc
Shanes Fancy.nwc
Shannon Breeze.nwc
Shannon Jig The 2.nwc
Shannon Jig The.nwc
Sharon Shannons Waltz .nwc
Shaskeen Reel The.nwc
Shaws Reel.nwc
She Moved Through the Fair .nwc
She Was a .nwc
Sheards of Foula 2.nwc
Sheards of Foula.nwc
Shebag Shebong.nwc
Sheehans 2.nwc
Sheehans Reel.nwc
Sheffield Hornpipe.nwc
Shell be Coming Round the Mountain.nwc
Shepherds Hey.nwc
Shepton Reel.nwc
Shetland Boston 2.nwc
Shetland Boston.nwc
Shetland Fiddler.nwc
Shetland Polka.nwc
Ships Are Sailing.nwc
Shooting the Bull.nwc
Shores of Lough Gowna.nwc
Short Grass The 2.nwc
Short Grass The.nwc
Si Beag Si Mor .nwc
Si Bheag Si Mhor.nwc
Silver And Gold Two-Step.nwc
Silver and Gold.nwc
Silver Reel The 2.nwc
Silver Reel The.nwc
Silver Roses For June 2.nwc
Silver Roses For June.nwc
Silver Slipper The 2.nwc
Silver Slipper The.nwc
Silver Spear The 2.nwc
Silver Spear The.nwc
Silver Spear.nwc
Silver Spire.nwc
Silver Wings Polka.nwc
Singing of the Travels.nwc
Siobhan ODonnells 2.nwc
Siobhan ODonnells.nwc
Sir Adam Fergusons Reel.nwc
Sir Charless Sedleys( ) Minuet JBa 02.nwc
Sir John Fenwick JBa 09.nwc
Sir Roger de Coverley.nwc
Sir Sidney Smith.nwc
Sir Torquil Monroe.nwc
Sir Watkins Jigg 2.nwc
Sir Watkins Jigg.nwc
Sir William Nobles Quickstep.nwc
Sirius Reel The 2.nwc
Sirius Reel The.nwc
Sister Jean.nwc
Sitting Bull Reel (Am).nwc
Sitting in da Stern of da Boat.nwc
Sitting on the Throne 2.nwc
Sitting on the Throne.nwc
Sixpenny Money.nwc
Skidoo 2.nwc
Slane .nwc
Slashers 2.nwc
Sleep soond ida moarnin.nwc
Sleep Sound in the Morning.nwc
Sleeping Giant Two-Step.nwc
Sligo Indians 2.nwc
Sligo Indians.nwc
Sligo Maid The.nwc
Sligo Maid.nwc
Slip Jig.nwc
Slow March for Pipers.nwc
Smash the Windows 2.nwc
Smash the Windows.nwc
Smell of the Bog The 2.nwc
Smell of the Bog The.nwc
Smiths Reel.nwc
Smugglers Reel.nwc
Snow Shoers Reel.nwc
Snowy Path The 2.nwc
Snowy Path The.nwc
So Long.nwc
Soggy Path The.nwc
Soldiers Dance 2.nwc
Soldiers Dance.nwc
Soldiers Joy.nwc
Soldiers Joy1.nwc
Solomon Levi 2.nwc
Solomon Levi.nwc
Some Say the Devil is Dead.nwc
Sonnys Mazurka.nwc
So-so Polka.nwc
Sourgrass & Granite.nwc
South Wind.nwc
Southern Breakdown.nwc
Spaghetti Panic 2.nwc
Spaghetti Panic.nwc
Spanish Cloak.nwc
Spanish Dance 2.nwc
Spanish Dance.nwc
Sparrow on the Barrow.nwc
Speed the Plough.nwc
Spencefield Lane 2.nwc
Spencefield Lane.nwc
Spences Tent.nwc
Spey in Spate.nwc
Spider Island 2.nwc
Spider Island.nwc
Splendid Isolation 2.nwc
Splendid Isolation.nwc
Sport 2.nwc
Sporting Paddy.nwc
Sprained Ankle The 2.nwc
Sprained Ankle The.nwc
Spread Eagle The JBa 44.nwc
Sprig of Shillelah 2.nwc
Sprig of Shillelah.nwc
Squire of Bensham 2.nwc
Squire of Bensham.nwc
St Annes Reel.nwc
St Bruno 2.nwc
St Bruno.nwc
St Clair Hornpipe.nwc
St Lawrence Jig 2.nwc
St Lawrence Jig.nwc
St Annes (L).nwc
St Annes (V).nwc
St Annes Reel.nwc
St Clair Hornpipe.nwc
St Hughs Jig.nwc
St Pierre Hornpipe.nwc
Stacks of Barley.nwc
Staggering Home.nwc
Staines Morris.nwc
Stan Chapmans.nwc
Star o Robbie Burns The.nwc
Star of Munster The.nwc
Star of Munster 2.nwc
Star of Munster.nwc
Star of the County Down .nwc
Star of the County Down The.nwc
Star Of The County Down The.nwc
Star of the Lothians The.nwc
Starry Night for a Ramble 2.nwc
Starry Night for a Ramble.nwc
Starry Nights of Shetland.nwc
Staten Island Hornpipe.nwc
Staten Island.nwc
Steam-boat Hornpipe.nwc
Steamboat Quickstep 2.nwc
Steamboat Quickstep.nwc
Steampacket The 2.nwc
Steampacket The.nwc
Steeple Chase Reel.nwc
Stepping Stone.nwc
Stir ye Girls JBa 54.nwc
Stool of Repentance 2.nwc
Stool of Repentance.nwc
Stormont Lads.nwc
Stratfield Saye 2.nwc
Stratfield Saye.nwc
Strayaway Child.nwc
Stronsay Waltz.nwc
Struan Robertsons Rant.nwc
Sugar in my Coffee-o.nwc
Sugar in the Gourd.nwc
Sullys No 6 2.nwc
Sullys No 6.nwc
Summer Lightning 2.nwc
Summer Lightning.nwc
Sundrum Castle.nwc
Sunny Banks.nwc
Sunset The 2.nwc
Sunset The.nwc
Sunset Over Ayr.nwc
Sunset Waltz.nwc
Sunshine Hornpipe.nwc
Surveyors Reel.nwc
Swallows Tails.nwc
Swallowtail 2.nwc
Swallowtail Jig.nwc
Swallow-Tail Jig.nwc
Swallowtail Reel.nwc
Swedish Masquerade.nwc
Sweeneys Buttermilk.nwc
Sweet Ellen.nwc
Sweet Georgia Brown.nwc
Sweet is the Lass that Dwells among the Heather 2.nwc
Sweet is the Lass that Dwells among the Heather.nwc
Sweet Jenny Jones.nwc
Sweet Journey .nwc
Sweet Maid of Mull The.nwc
Sweets of May 2.nwc
Sweets of May.nwc
Swimming In The Gutter 2.nwc
Swimming In The Gutter.nwc
Swine Jig 2.nwc
Swine Jig.nwc
Swinging Gate Reel.nwc
Swinging on a gate.nwc

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III