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H R H The Prince of Waless Favourite.nwc
Habanera 2.nwc
hafoty dafydd owen.nwc
Hags Purse.nwc
Hakkis Polka 2nd part.nwc
Hakkis Polka.nwc
Halfe Hannikin.nwc
Hallow Eeen .nwc
Hamish the Carpenter.nwc
Hammy Hamiltons #1 2.nwc
Hammy Hamiltons #1.nwc
Hand Me Down the Tackle.nwc
Handsome Young Maidens The 2.nwc
Handsome Young Maidens The.nwc
Hannah Onestep.nwc
Happy Aunt The 2.nwc
Happy Aunt The.nwc
Happy Day.nwc
Happy Days Jig.nwc
Happy Land Schottische.nwc
Happy Meeting 2.nwc
Happy Meeting.nwc
Happy to Meet-Sorry to Part Jig.nwc
Hardiman the Fiddler.nwc
Hare in the Corn.nwc
Harmonica 2.nwc
Harmony JBa 78.nwc
Harpers Frolic.nwc
Harpers Frolick.nwc
Harrisons Celebrated Reel.nwc
Harrys Trip.nwc
Harum Scarum.nwc
Harvest Home.nwc
Harveys 2.nwc
Haste To The Wedding 2.nwc
Haste to the Wedding aka JBa 89.nwc
Haste to the Wedding.nwc
Have a drink with me.nwc
Hayden Fancy.nwc
Haymakers JBa 15.nwc
Haymakers Jig 2.nwc
Haymakers Jig.nwc
Head Light Reel.nwc
Heart of Oak primo JBa 14.nwc
Hearts of Oak bass JBa 14.nwc
Hearty Boys of Ballymote The.nwc
Hearty Boys of Ballymote Jig.nwc
Hearty Boys of Ballymote.nwc
Heather Breeze.nwc
Hector the Hero.nwc
Heights of Alma.nwc
Helar Sgyfarnog [Hunting the Hare].nwc
Hell Broke Loose In Georgia.nwc
Hell On the Wabash.nwc
Hen Wlad fy Nhadau [Land of My Fathers] National Anthem of Wales 2.nwc
Hen Wlad fy Nhadau [Land of My Fathers] National Anthem of Wales.nwc
Hens March Through the Midden The.nwc
Herb Reids.nwc
Here and There Hornpipe.nwc
Herne Bay Dance.nwc
Hervés 2.nwc
Hexham Quadrille 2.nwc
Hexham Quadrille.nwc
Hexham Races 2.nwc
Hexham Races.nwc
Hibernias Pride Reel.nwc
Hidden Note The 2.nwc
Hidden Note The.nwc
High Caul Cap.nwc
High Level Bridge.nwc
High Level hornpipe The.nwc
High Level Hornpipe.nwc
High Part of the Road.nwc
High Reel The.nwc
High Reel.nwc
High road to Linton The.nwc
High Road to Linton.nwc
High Spy 2.nwc
High Spy.nwc
Highland Fling.nwc
Highland laddie.nwc
Highland Mary.nwc
Highland Soldier.nwc
Highlanders Jig.nwc
Hilly-Go Filly-Go 2.nwc
Hilly-Go Filly-Go.nwc
Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden.nwc
Hobos Jig.nwc
Hoffed ap Hywel [Powells Fancy] Breuddwyd y Wrach [the witchs dream].nwc
Hogmany Jig 2.nwc
Hogmany Jig.nwc
Hogmany Strathspey.nwc
Hole in the Wall.nwc
Holiday Polka.nwc
Holly Bush The 2.nwc
Holly Bush The.nwc
Home From Holm.nwc
Home Ruler The 2.nwc
Home Ruler The.nwc
Home Ruler.nwc
Hon Ms Fraser.nwc
Honest John.nwc
Honey Harbour.nwc
Honeymoon Hornpipe.nwc
Honeypot Jig 2.nwc
Honeypot Jig.nwc
Honeysuckle Schottische.nwc
Honley( ) at( ) Cricketers The JBa 35.nwc
Hopwas Hornpipe.nwc
Horrocks( ) Rant JBa 29.nwc
Hot Ashpelt.nwc
Hot Punch 2.nwc
Hot Punch.nwc
Hot Time.nwc
Hughs Happy 2.nwc
Hughs Happy.nwc
Hullichan Jig 2.nwc
Hullichan Jig.nwc
Hulls Victory 2.nwc
Hulls Victory.nwc
Humber Jumber (The Frisky) 2.nwc
Humber Jumber (The Frisky).nwc
Humors of Bandon .nwc
Humors of Castelcomer.nwc
Humors of Galway The 2.nwc
Humors of Galway The.nwc
Humors of Kilkenny 2.nwc
Humors of Kilkenny.nwc
Humors of Max The 2.nwc
Humors of Max The.nwc
Humors of Rockstown Reel.nwc
Humors of Scarriff The 2.nwc
Humors of Scarriff The.nwc
Humors of Tufts Street Reel.nwc
Humors of Tulla The.nwc
Humors of Whiskey The 2.nwc
Humors of Whiskey The 3.nwc
Humors of Whiskey The 4.nwc
Humors of Whiskey The.nwc
Humours of Ballyconnell.nwc
Humours of Ballyloughlin.nwc
Humours of Boston Hornpipe.nwc
Humours of California.nwc
Humours of Donnybrook 2.nwc
Humours of Donnybrook.nwc
Humours of Glendart.nwc
Humours of Lisadell.nwc
Humours of Lissadel.nwc
Humours of Tullah.nwc
Hunt The Squirrel 2.nwc
Hunt The Squirrel.nwc
Hunters House.nwc
Hunters March.nwc
Hunters Purse.nwc
Hunting the Hare.nwc
Huntsmans Chorus.nwc
Huntsmans Hornpipe.nwc
Hurricane The 2.nwc
Hurricane The.nwc
Hut in the Bog.nwc
I Belong to Glasgow.nwc
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 2.nwc
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.nwc
I Feed a Lad at Michaelmas.nwc
I Hae a Wife o My Ain.nwc
I Know What You Like Jig.nwc
I Loved a Lass.nwc
I m w t Fiddle Says JBa 76.nwc
I Neer Shall Wean Her 2.nwc
I Neer Shall Wean Her.nwc
I Wandered By A Brookside.nwc
I Went to Pick Some Blaeberries.nwc
I will have a Wife of my Own JBa 57.nwc
Ian Duncan.nwc
Ian James Wilson.nwc
Ian Powrie.nwc
Icy Jig 2.nwc
Icy Jig.nwc
Iles de la Madeleine.nwc
Ill get wedded in my auld claes.nwc
Ill Go and Enlist.nwc
Im A Doun For Lack O Johnnie.nwc
Im Oer Young to Marry Yet.nwc
Imitiation Reel.nwc
In Search Of Love.nwc
In the Promised Land 2.nwc
In the Promised Land.nwc
Inauguration Reel or The Clinton Canter.nwc
Inches to Dublin 2.nwc
Inches to Dublin.nwc
Independence Hornpipe The 2.nwc
Independence Hornpipe The.nwc
Indian Point 2.nwc
Indian Point.nwc
Indian Reel.nwc
Ingalls Jingle 2.nwc
Ingalls Jingle.nwc
Iníon Ní Scannláin 2.nwc
Iníon Ní Scannláin.nwc
Inisheer .nwc
Innis Dhombs Cal Cadal.nwc
Innocent Hare.nwc
Interlake Waltz.nwc
Inverary Castle.nwc
Invercaulds Reel.nwc
Irish Jig.nwc
Irish Lilt An.nwc
Irish March.nwc
Irish Reel II.nwc
Irish Reel III.nwc
Irish Reel IV.nwc
Irish Washerwoman 2.nwc
Irish Washerwoman 3.nwc
Irish Washerwoman 4.nwc
Irish Washerwoman.nwc
Irish Whiskey 2.nwc
Irish Whiskey.nwc
Irish-American Reel.nwc
Irving Steeple.nwc
Its a Long Way to Tipperary.nwc
J B Milne.nwc
J B Milne.nwc
J Scott Skinner.nwc
Jabe Meadow Hornpipe.nwc
Jack Broke da Prison Door.nwc
Jack Cameron.nwc
Jack Lattin JBa 41.nwc
Jack of Ye Green JBa 67.nwc
Jack OLantern.nwc
Jack Pine Trail.nwc
Jack Roe 2.nwc
Jack Roe.nwc
Jack Wilson.nwc
Jack Wood Reel.nwc
Jacket Trimmed in Blue.nwc
Jackie Colemans reel.nwc
Jackie Dalys 2.nwc
Jackie Dalys.nwc
Jackpot Breakdown.nwc
Jacks Life.nwc
Jacksons 2.nwc
Jacksons Bottle of Brandy.nwc
Jacksons Breakdown.nwc
Jacksons Favourite Jig.nwc
Jacksons Jig.nwc
Jacob (or Enrico).nwc
Jacobs Ladder.nwc
Jacques Cartier.nwc
jâl caerdydd.nwc
James Byrnes 2.nwc
James Byrnes.nwc
James Lees Favourite.nwc
James OByrnes 2.nwc
James OByrnes.nwc
James Scott Skinner.nwc
Jamie Rae.nwc
Jan Martindales Trip To The Bathroom 2.nwc
Jan Martindales Trip To The Bathroom.nwc
Jaque Latin.nwc
Jaunting Car Clog.nwc
Jeans reel.nwc
Jefferson and Liberty.nwc
Jefferson and Liberty Jig.nwc
Jenny Lind 2.nwc
Jenny Lind.nwc
Jennys Bawbee.nwc
Jennys Chickens.nwc
Jennys Wedding Reel.nwc
Jennys Welcome to Charlie.nwc
Jessicas Polka.nwc
Jessies Hornpipe.nwc
Jig For Chris 2.nwc
Jig For Chris.nwc
Jig from the Water Music 2.nwc
Jig from the Water Music.nwc
Jig in A.nwc
Jig in G.nwc
Jig Jazz 2.nwc
Jig Jazz.nwc
Jig of Slurs.nwc
Jig Runrig The.nwc
Jim Magills Breakdown.nwc
Jim Magills Theme.nwc
Jim Mullins Hornpipe.nwc
Jimmy Allen.nwc
Jimmy Battys 2.nwc
Jimmy Battys.nwc
Jimmy Keanes 2.nwc
Jimmy Keanes.nwc
Jimmys Favorite Jig.nwc
Jinglin Johnnie.nwc
Joan of Arc 2.nwc
Joan of Arc.nwc
Joanies Jig 2.nwc
Joanies Jig.nwc
Jock o Hazeldean.nwc
Jock Tamsons Hornpipe.nwc
Jockey to the Fair.nwc
Joe Ryans Barndance 2.nwc
Joe Ryans Barndance.nwc
Joe Tanzys.nwc
John and Tony.nwc
John Browns Body 2.nwc
John Browns Body.nwc
John Davids cat.nwc
John Howatts Reel.nwc
John of Paris.nwc
John OGroats Jig.nwc
John Peel Variations.nwc
John Peel.nwc
John Ryans Polka.nwc
John Ryans.nwc
Johnnie Jigamy.nwc
Johnny Harlings 2.nwc
Johnny Harlings.nwc
Johnny MacGill 2.nwc
Johnny MacGill.nwc
Johnny OLearys #1.nwc
Johnny OLearys #2.nwc
Johnny Wagoners Breakdown.nwc
Johnnys Down the River.nwc
Johnnys Gone to France.nwc
Johnnys Lovers gone.nwc
Johns Friends is Never Pleasd JBa 61.nwc
Jolly Dogs.nwc
Jolly Dolly Polka.nwc
Jonathans Jig 2.nwc
Jonathans Jig.nwc
Jopplety How 2.nwc
Jopplety How.nwc
Josefins Waltz .nwc
jota de baile 2.nwc
jota de baile.nwc
Joy of the Dance 2.nwc
Joy of the Dance.nwc
Joy Street Jig 2.nwc
Joy Street Jig.nwc
Joys Of Quebec.nwc
Joys of Wedlock Jig.nwc
Joys of Wedlock.nwc
Jubilate Deo (round).nwc
Judys Reel.nwc
Julia Delaney.nwc
Julia McMahons Jig.nwc
Julians Jig 2.nwc
Julians Jig.nwc
Julies Jig 2.nwc
Julies Jig 3.nwc
Julies Jig 4.nwc
Julies Jig.nwc
Jump at the Sun 2.nwc
Jump at the Sun.nwc
Jumping Geordie.nwc
Junior Crehans Favourite.nwc
Just as the Sun was Setting.nwc
Kail an Knockit Coarn.nwc
Kanon bars 1 - 30.nwc
Kanon bars 31 - 57.nwc
Karl Fants Waltz .nwc
Kathleen Hehirs Jig.nwc
Kathleens Waltz.nwc
Katies Rambles 2.nwc
Katies Rambles.nwc
Katy is Waiting Jig.nwc
Keel Row 2.nwc
Keel Row.nwc
Keely Krankie JBa 68.nwc
Kelly the Boy From Kilken.nwc
Kelsterne Gardens.nwc
Kendal Gill JBa 46.nwc
Kennet Jig (For Kennet Mixer) 2.nwc
Kennet Jig (For Kennet Mixer).nwc
Kenny Gilles of Portnalong 2.nwc
Kenny Gilles of Portnalong.nwc
Kerry Polka.nwc
kerry reel.nwc
Kesh Jig.nwc
Kevin Burke Polka #2.nwc
Kevin Griffins Hornpipe.nwc
Kid on the Mountain.nwc
Kilavel Fancy.nwc
Kilavel Jig.nwc
Kildare Fancy.nwc
Killaghbeg House.nwc
Killarney Boys of Pleasure.nwc
Kilmoulis Jig.nwc
Kilty Lads 2.nwc
Kilty Lads.nwc
King George the IVth.nwc
King of the Fairies 2.nwc
King of the Fairies.nwc
Kings Reel.nwc
Kingussie Flower.nwc
Kiss her Sweetly JBa 49.nwc
Kiss Me Quick Me Mithers Coming.nwc
Kitchen Girl.nwc
Kitchen Reel.nwc
Kitty ONiel.nwc
Kitty ONiels Champion.nwc
Kittys Wedding.nwc
Knick-Knack 2.nwc
Knick-Knack 3.nwc
Knocknagow 2.nwc
Knotted Cord.nwc
La Bastrangue.nwc
La Bastringue.nwc
la Culebra 2.nwc
la Culebra.nwc
La Grande Chaine 2.nwc
La Grande Chaine.nwc
La Guenille.nwc
La Morisque.nwc
La Pasión 2.nwc
La Pasión.nwc
La Poule 2.nwc
La Poule.nwc
La Russe.nwc
La Schottische.nwc
La Valse des Jeunes Filles.nwc
La Valse des Jouets.nwc
Lad OBeirnes Hornpipe.nwc
Lad OBeirnes.nwc
Ladies Triumph.nwc
Lads a Bunchum.nwc
Lads and Lasses JBa 08.nwc
Ladus Reel.nwc
Lady Ann Hope .nwc
Lady Ann Montgomery.nwc
Lady Belhaven.nwc
Lady Edmontons Reel.nwc
Lady Elgins Courtship Reel.nwc
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay.nwc
Lady Forbes Reel.nwc
Lady Haddo.nwc
Lady in the Boat 2.nwc
Lady in the Boat.nwc
Lady Margaret Stewart 2.nwc
Lady Margaret Stewart.nwc
Lady Mary Douglas 2.nwc
Lady Mary Douglas.nwc
Lady Montgomery 2.nwc
Lady Montgomery.nwc
Lady of Ardross.nwc
Lady Of The Lake.nwc
Lady Walpoles Reel.nwc
Laird O Cockpen 2.nwc
Laird O Cockpen.nwc
Lamb Skinnet 2.nwc
Lamb Skinnet.nwc
Lambeth Walk.nwc
Lament for the Death of the Rev Archie Beaton.nwc
Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairney.nwc
Lamplighters Hornpipe.nwc
Langour of Love The.nwc
Langstroms Pony.nwc
Lanigans Ball.nwc
Lannigans Ball 2.nwc
Lannigans Ball.nwc
Lark In The Morning.nwc
Lark on the Strand The 2.nwc
Lark on the Strand The.nwc
Larry OGaff 2.nwc
Larry OGaff.nwc
Larry Redicans No 2.nwc
Larry the Beer Drinker 2.nwc
Larry the Beer Drinker.nwc
Las Varas 2.nwc
Las Varas.nwc
Lass in ye Yellow Coat The JBa 32.nwc
Lass O Dallogill 2.nwc
Lass O Dallogill.nwc
Lass O Killiecrankie.nwc
Lassie Look Before Ye.nwc
Last Orders 2.nwc
Last Orders.nwc
Late Evening Reel.nwc
Launching the Boat 2.nwc
Launching the Boat.nwc
Laura Lynn Cunningham 2.nwc
Laura Lynn Cunningham.nwc
Lawsons Strathspey.nwc
Lay Dee At Dee.nwc
Le Parc de Sceaux.nwc
Le Reel Des Jeunes Maries.nwc
Lea Riggs.nwc
Leaping Jack 2.nwc
Leaping Jack.nwc
Leather Breeches.nwc
Leaving Brittany 2.nwc
Leaving Brittany.nwc
lem the gower shepherd.nwc
Lemmie Brezils.nwc
Lemonville Jig 2.nwc
Lemonville Jig.nwc
Lesley Dolmans Jig 2.nwc
Lesley Dolmans Jig.nwc
Lesleys March.nwc
Levantines Barrel.nwc
Leventines Barrel.nwc
Levi Jackson.nwc
Lexie McAskill.nwc
Liberty Bell 2.nwc
Liberty Bell.nwc
Liberty Two Step.nwc
Life is all Chequered 2.nwc
Life is all Chequered.nwc
Life on the Ocean Waves.nwc
Light and Airy.nwc
Lili Y [Lily the].nwc
Lilting Banshee The.nwc
Lilting Banshee.nwc
Limerick Lassies The 2.nwc
Limerick Lassies The 3.nwc
Limerick Lassies The 4.nwc
Limerick Lassies The.nwc
Limerick Rake.nwc
Limestone Rock 2.nwc
Limestone Rock.nwc
Lindberghs Crate 2.nwc
Lindberghs Crate.nwc
Linhope Loup.nwc
Lisheen Jig The 2.nwc
Lisheen Jig The.nwc
Little Black Hen.nwc
Little Black Moustache.nwc
Little Brown Jug Jig.nwc
Little Brown Jug.nwc
Little Burnt Potato 2.nwc
Little Burnt Potato.nwc
Little Czech Number.nwc
Little Judique Reel.nwc
Little Liza Jane.nwc
Little Pickle.nwc
Little Red Waggon.nwc
Little Stack of Barley.nwc
Little Stack of Wheat.nwc
Littlehohone ( ).nwc
Live Country.nwc
Lively Tim 2.nwc
Lively Tim.nwc
Liverpool Hornpipe.nwc
Liza Jane.nwc
Llanover Reel.nwc
Llef Harlech [Harlechs cry].nwc
Lloyd of Binghampton.nwc
Loch Giel.nwc
Loch Leven Castle.nwc
Loch Lomond.nwc
Loch Long.nwc
Loch Ordie.nwc
Loch Tay boat song.nwc
Lochaber No More.nwc
Lock My Heart.nwc
Log Cabin.nwc
Logie OBuchan.nwc
London Clog.nwc
Londonderry Clog.nwc
Londonderry Hornpipe.nwc
Lone Bush The 2.nwc
Lone Bush The.nwc
Lonesome Injun.nwc
Long Er Onie Old Man.nwc
Long Journey The 2.nwc
Long Journey The.nwc
Long Long Trail.nwc
Long Note.nwc
Longford Collector.nwc
Longford Tinker.nwc
Longthwaite 2.nwc
Lord Breadalbanes March.nwc
Lord George Gordon Lennox.nwc
Lord Inchiquin .nwc
Lord Inchiquin.nwc
Lord McDonalds Reel.nwc
Lord Moira.nwc
Lord Moiras Hornpipe.nwc
Lord of all Hopefulness.nwc
Lord of the Dance.nwc
Lord Wellington.nwc
Lornas Reel.nwc
Lost Indian.nwc
Lost My Love 2.nwc
Lost My Love.nwc
Lothian Scottish.nwc
Louis Waltz.nwc
Louisburg 2.nwc
Louises New Parlor.nwc
Love Port and Sherry 2.nwc
Love Port and Sherry.nwc
Love at the Endings.nwc
Lovers Waltz.nwc
Luck Penny The 2.nwc
Luck Penny The.nwc
Luck Penny 2.nwc
Luck Penny.nwc

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