Noteworthy Composer Collection 2

Folk Music Archive Tunes A-B

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30 Year Jig The 2.nwc
30 Year Jig The.nwc

42 Pound Cheque.nwc
A and As Waltz.nwc
A and D 2.nwc
A and D.nwc
A Blast of Wind 2.nwc
A Blast of Wind.nwc
A Bruxa.nwc
A La Page.nwc
A mans a man for a that.nwc
A Miko Russell Reel.nwc
A Pinch Of Saltire 2.nwc
A Pinch Of Saltire.nwc
A Quiet Autumn.nwc
A Short Journey #2.nwc
A Trip to Highgate.nwc
A Wee Drappie Ot.txt
Aandowin at da bow.nwc
Aarons (Rarified) Air.nwc
Abacus 2.nwc
Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance.nwc
Abram Circle.nwc
Ace and Deuce of Pipering The 2.nwc
Ace and Deuce of Pipering The.nwc
Adventure at Margate.nwc
Agueda flor de las flores 2.nwc
Agueda flor de las flores.nwc
Aiken Drum.nwc
Aint Nobodys Business.nwc
Air for Linda (Harmony).nwc
Air for Linda.nwc
Air for New York.nwc
Airts the Wind Can Blow.nwc
Alabama Jubilee.nwc
Albada (la Virgen de Pineta) 2.nwc
Albada (la Virgen de Pineta).nwc
Albada de Sinués 2.nwc
Albada de Sinués.nwc
Albemarle Hornpipe.nwc
Ale is dear The.nwc
Ale is Dear.nwc
Alexanders Hornpipe.nwc
Alexanders Hornpipe1.nwc
Alices Reel 2.nwc
Alices Reel.nwc
Alister McAlister 2.nwc
Alister McAlister.nwc
All Around the World.nwc
All the blue bonnets are over the border.nwc
All the Rage.nwc
All The Way To Galway.nwc
All Those Endearing Young Charms.nwc
Allie Crocker.nwc
Allt y Caethiwed [Heights of Caethiwed the].nwc
Allt y Caethiwed bach.nwc
Alnwick Castle.nwc
Altan reel from Liz Carroll.nwc
Always Welcome Reel.nwc
Always Welcome.nwc
Aly Anderson.nwc
Aly Grogan.nwc
Amazing Grace .nwc
Amelias Waltz .nwc
American Hornpipe.nwc
American Patrol.nwc
An Droichead Beag.nwc
Andy Dejarlis Jig 2.nwc
Andy Dejarlis Jig.nwc
Andy McGanns 2.nwc
Andy McGanns No 1.nwc
Andy McGanns No 2.nwc
Andy McGanns No42 Bunratty.nwc
Andy McGanns.nwc
Andy Renwicks Ferret.nwc
Andys Jig.nwc
Andys Schottische.nwc
Andys Special.nwc
Ane Irish Tune.nwc
Angeline The Baker.nwc
Angus Campbell (Glasgow).nwc
Angus Campbell.nwc
Anne Fraser MacKenzie.nwc
Anniversary Reel.nwc
Ap Shenkin 2.nwc
Ap Shenkin.nwc
Applejacks Reel.nwc
Apprentice Lads of Alnwick The.nwc
April Fool 2.nwc
April Fool.nwc
April Waltz.nwc
Archie Menzies.nwc
Are You Ready Yet 2.nwc
Are You Ready Yet .nwc
Argyll is my name.nwc
Ariel Hornpipe.nwc
Arkensas Traveller.nwc
Armstrongs 2.nwc
Army and Navy Reel.nwc
Art Wootens Quadrille 2.nwc
Art Wootens Quadrille.nwc
Arthur Darley 2.nwc
Arthur Darley.nwc
Arthur Darleys.nwc
As Luck Will Have It 2.nwc
As Luck Will Have It.nwc
Ashmoleen House 2.nwc
Ashmoleen House.nwc
Ashokan Farewell .nwc
Ashokan Farewell.nwc
Assinaboine Polka.nwc
Astleys Hornpipe.nwc
Astleys Ride.nwc
Athole Flowers of Edinburgh.nwc
Atholl Braes #1.nwc
Atholl Braes #2.nwc
Atholl Highlanders 2.nwc
Atholl Highlanders.nwc
Atkins Polka No 1.nwc
Atkins Polka No 2.nwc
Atkins Polka No 3.nwc
Atkins Polka No 4.nwc
Atkins Polka No 5.nwc
Atlanta Hornpipe.nwc
Atlantic Polka (first change).nwc
Atlantic Polka (second change).nwc
Atlantic Polka (third change).nwc
Auld Gudeman The.nwc
Aunt Hessies White Horse.nwc
Aunt Marys Canadian Jig 2.nwc
Aunt Marys Canadian Jig.nwc
Aux Bois De Norwich or Norwich Woods 2.nwc
Aux Bois De Norwich or Norwich Woods.nwc
Avalanche Clog.nwc
Avon Jig 2.nwc
Avon Jig.nwc
Away Back.nwc
B Variation.nwc
B C Centennial.nwc
Baby Brat.nwc
Back to the Sugar Camp.nwc
Back up and Push.nwc
Backstairs Jig 2.nwc
Backstairs Jig.nwc
Baginbun Dance 2.nwc
Baginbun Dance.nwc
Baileys Breakdown.nwc
Balance the Straw.nwc
Balkin Hills Schottische.nwc
Ballybunion 2.nwc
Ballydesmond Polkas No 1.nwc
Ballydesmond Polkas No 2.nwc
Ballyhoura Mountains.nwc
Balmoral Highlanders the.nwc
Balquhidder Lasses.nwc
Banish Misfortune.nwc
Bank of Ireland.nwc
Banks of the Allan 2.nwc
Banks of the Allan.nwc
Banks of the Quay.nwc
Bannocks O Barley Meal Jig.nwc
Barbary Bell 2.nwc
Barbary Bell.nwc
Barlow Knife.nwc
Barn Dance 1.nwc
Barn Dance 2.nwc
Barren Rocks of Aden The.nwc
Barren Rocks of Aden.nwc
Barrys Favourite.nwc
Bath Carnival.nwc
Battering Ram.nwc
Battle of Aughrim.nwc
Be Off.nwc
Bean Setting (North Skelton) 2.nwc
Bean Setting (North Skelton).nwc
Bear Dance.nwc
Bear Island Reel.nwc
Beare Island Reel.nwc
Beautiful Goretree 2.nwc
Beautiful Goretree.nwc
Beauty in Tears .nwc
Beaux of London City.nwc
Beaux of Oakhill.nwc
Beaver Creek.nwc
Bedd Anacreon [Anacreaons Grave].nwc
Bedd Anacreon Pastwn Mawr.nwc
Bedding of the Bride The.nwc
Bedford Waltz.nwc
Bees Wing The.nwc
Behind the Haystack.nwc
Belfast Almanac 2.nwc
Belfast Almanac.nwc
Belfast Hornpipe.nwc
Belledune Quickstep.nwc
Belles of Tipperary Reel.nwc
Bells Favorite Jig.nwc
Bells Favourite 2.nwc
Bells Favourite.nwc
Belvidere Hornpipe.nwc
Ben Lomond .nwc
Ben Lowreys Reel.nwc
Bernadettes reel.nwc
Betty Gluaistean.nwc
Biddy The Bowl Wife 2.nwc
Biddy The Bowl Wife.nwc
Big Corral.nwc
Big John McNeil.nwc
Big Reel of Ballynacally 2.nwc
Big Reel of Ballynacally.nwc
Bill Charltons Fancy 2.nwc
Bill Charltons Fancy.nwc
Bill Cheetham.nwc
Bill Collins.nwc
Bill Hartes Reel.nwc
Bill Harts Jig.nwc
Bill Sullivans Polka.nwc
Billy Ballantines Reel.nwc
Billy In The Lowground.nwc
Billy Pattersons Favourite Jig.nwc
Billys Forty Footer.nwc
Bimíd ag Ól 2.nwc
Bimíd ag Ól.nwc
Biodag Dhoill-IC Alasdair.nwc
Birmingham Hornpipe.nwc
Black Boy.nwc
Black Jack 2.nwc
Black Jack.nwc
Black Joak The JBa 26.nwc
Black Joke.nwc
Black Mountain Reel.nwc
Black Pats 2.nwc
Black Pats.nwc
Black Swan.nwc
Black Tulip Hornpipe.nwc
Blackberry Blossom.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille 2.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille.nwc
Blackbird The 2.nwc
Blackbird The.nwc
Black-Eyed Lassie Reel.nwc
Blackthorn Bush.nwc
Blackthorne Stick 2.nwc
Blackthorne Stick.nwc
Bladon Races.nwc
Blarney Pilgrim 2.nwc
Blarney Pilgrim.nwc
Blaydon Races 2.nwc
Blaydon Races.nwc
Blind Ifans.nwc
Blodam Drain.nwc
Blodaur Drain [Flowers of the Thorn].nwc
Blodaur Drain.nwc
Blooming Meadows Jig.nwc
bloter gorllewin (flowers of the west).nwc
Blow the Wind Southerly.nwc
Blue Angel.nwc
Blue Bell Polka.nwc
Blue Bell Waltz.nwc
Blue Bells of Scotland.nwc
Blue Pacific Hornpipe.nwc
Bluebell Polka.nwc
Boatie Rows.nwc
Bobbin Mill Reel.nwc
Bobby Caseys #1.nwc
Bobby Caseys 2.nwc
Bobby Caseys Hornpipe.nwc
Bobby Caseys.nwc
Bobby Caseys2.nwc
Boganuadh The.nwc
Boggy Brays.nwc
Boil Em Cabbage Down.nwc
Bonawe Highlanders The.nwc
Boniest Las in Ye World JBa 13.nwc
Bonners Maggot JBa 81.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 2.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 3.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 4.nwc
Bonnets So Blue.nwc
Bonnie Dundee.nwc
Bonnie Kate 2.nwc
Bonnie Kate.nwc
Bonny Breast Knot (Devon).nwc
Bonny Breast Knot 2.nwc
Bonny Breast Knot.nwc
Bonny Dundee.nwc
Bonny Green Garters.nwc
Bonny Laddie.nwc
Bonny Lass of Aberdeen JBa 40.nwc
Bonny Lass of Fyfie.nwc
Bonratty Reel 2.nwc
Bonratty Reel.nwc
Bottom of the Punch Bowl.nwc
Bottom of the Punchbowl The.nwc
Bovaglies Plaid 2.nwc
Bovaglies Plaid.nwc
Boy in the Gap.nwc
Boyne Hunt.nwc
Boys Lament for His Dragan 2.nwc
Boys Lament for His Dragan 3.nwc
Boys Lament for His Dragan .nwc
Boys of Ballysadare.nwc
Boys of Ballysodare.nwc
Boys of Bluehill.nwc
Boys of Malin.nwc
Boys of Portaferry The.nwc
Boys of Tanderagee.nwc
Boys of the Lough.nwc
Boys of the Town.nwc
Braes of Auchentyre Reel.nwc
Braes of Auchtertyre The.nwc
Bramley Brae.nwc
Brandy Bottle JBa 66.nwc
Brave Lewie Roy.nwc
Bread N Butter.nwc
Break Yer Bass Drone.nwc
Brenda Stubbert.nwc
Brenda Stubberts.nwc
Brendan Tonros.nwc
Breuddwyd y Wrach [the witchs dream].nwc
Brian Borouhme 2.nwc
Brian Borouhme.nwc
Brian Borus March.nwc
Brian OLynn.nwc
Brid Harpurs.nwc
Bridal Jig 2.nwc
Bridal Jig.nwc
Brides Favorite.nwc
Brides Favourite.nwc
Bridge of Perth.nwc
Brig o Perth The.nwc
Brighton Camp.nwc
Britan JBa 64.nwc
Britches .nwc
Britches Full of Stitches.nwc
British Grenadiers.nwc
Broadcove Bride 2.nwc
Broadcove Bride.nwc
Broom Jig.nwc
Brown Chest.nwc
Brumley Brae The.nwc
Brumley Brae.nwc
Bryan OLynn.nwc
Buck Fever Rag.nwc
Bucks of Oranmore.nwc
Buffalo Gals.nwc
Buggy Ride Jig 2.nwc
Buggy Ride Jig.nwc
Bulgarian Red.nwc
Bunch of Keys.nwc
Bundle and Go Jig.nwc
Bung Your Eye 2.nwc
Bung Your Eye.nwc
Bunker Hill.nwc
Bunnys Hat The 2.nwc
Bunnys Hat The.nwc
Burn O Craigie The.nwc
Busker Brag.nwc
Butchers Row.nwc
Butlers of Glen Avenue The 2.nwc
Butlers of Glen Avenue The.nwc
Buttered Peas.nwc
Butterfly The.nwc
Butter-Milk and Pratees Jig.nwc
Buttermilk Mary.nwc

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