Noteworthy Composer Music Archive 2
Please note, this CD is NOT an update of our TML CD,
it is a new or different version collection in
Noteworthy Composer Format*.

This CD-ROM is our second release, and contains some 10000 pieces, traditional and classical in nature, collected and/or converted from various Internet archives. Please note that each piece is for private research and educational use only. To the best of our knowledge all the pieces provided herein are in the "traditional" or "public domain" category or are otherwise out of copyright. However, before embarking on any commercial use, you should verify the copyright status of each piece so used.

Please note, this collection is only available for download purchase but you can see a list of all the files from the links below.
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Traditional & Folk Music Collection in NWC format

Other Traditional Music in NWC format



*In order to play and print Noteworthy format music files you must have installed on your PC the free NWC player and/or browser Plugins available from We do supply copies of these on the CD but please check the Noteworthy site for the latest versions. If you wish to edit the files you will need the registered version of Noteworthy composer. Please note that we do NOT provide this, you can get it via the Noteworthy site.

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