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Mackie Designs (, Mixers, monitors, digital recorders.

Marantz Professional part of Phillips Electronics

Mark of the Unicorn ( - Audio/MIDI hardware, synchronizers, pro software.

Marshall Arts Information, FAQ, artists who use Marshall amps.

M-Audio ( - Monitors, MIDI, mixers, mics, preamps.

Maxell Worldwide

MaxiSound Resource Center Unnoficial site for MaxiSound cards supported for enthusiast users. Find everything you want to know about that card.

MD Report


Mercatino Musicale An Italian website featuring ads for used musical instruments.

Metric Halo Labs Home of SpectraFoo, the award winning visual audio monitoring system.

MicroBoards Technology, Inc.

Microtech Systems CD/DVDr production equip.

Middle Atlantic ( - Studio furniture, racks, enclosures.

Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.

Midi control software Audio automation/control software for any midi device

MIDI Farm An extremely large and complete collection of MIDI and audio links and info.

Midi Magic Studio Recording information and advice for songwriters and artists.

Midi Mark Sounds Sounds for many of the older samplers on CD, CD Rom, and even floppy disks.

MIDI Solutions Inc. The official site of MIDI Solutions, Inc.; a leading manufacturer of MIDI processing products

MIDIMAN Web Site Leading seller of MIDI interfaces worldwide. Various digital audio products.

Mike Rivers' Show Reports New stuff at NAMM/AES

MilesTek ( - Racks, cabinets, power, tools, networking.

Miller & Kreisel Sound Monitor speaker systems for desktop to 5.1 and beyond. Features news, info and resources for users of the minidisc digital audio format.

Mission A/V Earths first online music retailer (since 1994!). Digital audio and video for computers is our Mission! Home of the pc-daw mailinglist. Great Deals, Great service.

MIX Magazine

Mixonline Mixonline is the web version of the world's most popular and largest recording magazine

Modern Recording Techniques -  Articles, directories of schools and manufacturers, tutorials, searchable glossary and message boards.

MOTU Mark of the Unicorn - Site dedicated to the Akai MPC 2000xl drum sampler featuring tutorials, FAQs, a busy discussion forum and thousands of high quality samples available for immediate download


MPEG3 Music Archive A good site with software players & utilities plus music in MPEG3 format.

Music and Digital Audio  a complete range of MIDI and Digital Audio software for professional and multimedia Sound and Music applications on PC computer

Music Books Plus A large catalog of music related books. Also videos, audio cassettes, CD-ROMs on music, audio, recording, songwriting, multimedia, broadcasting, MIDI, music business, computers and the Internet.

Music Forte Free music promotion service where you can promote and sell you music online.

Music Industries

Music Machine Studio Recording, composition & production services as well as computer music consultancy.

Music Teachers National Association

Music Trades

Musical Notebook Computer Welcome to The Musical Notebook Computer. I've built this site in order to share information of interest to anyone trying to use a notebook computer to make music. - Extensive selection of recording gear & reviews.

Musicians' Exchange Caters to all musicians with some good articles as well as links to relevant resources.

Musician's Health An educational web site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician's injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention and for achieving an optimum state of health.

Musician's Tech Central -  A clearinghouse of music electronics, MIDI/audio, indie, and recording information.

Musician's Worldwide Net Home of the Talkbox FAQ, Musical Instrument Manufacturers Links, Marshall Arts, Band Automatic Name Generator (BANG), Online Manuals Archive (OMA), and more. Lot of good resources and articles for online electronic musicians from the Miller Freeman group of magazines. -  Information on home studio recording techniques, equipment, and the music business as it affects the home recording studio owner.

Muse's Muse A good songwriting site with chat & resources.

Music Site Cubase & WaveLab FAQ and a lot of useful information regarding music and recording with computer. Tips and Tricks, Links and Downloads.

Melody Assistant My personal favorite, it not only does TAB, it does ABC, MIDI, WAV, and who knows what else. Real low-cost quality shareware from a group in France!

MIDInight Express The MIDInight ExpressTM is a FREE, programmable, software wavetable MIDI player and MIDI to WAV renderer. No wavetable card is required. Any entry-level 16 bit sound card, or even the simple sound circuits found in most laptops, will do just fine.

MidiNotate Print standard notation from MIDI files. "MidiNotate (for Windows 95, 98, and NT) converts MIDI files to scores that you can then print or view on the screen during playback. If you can get a MIDI file for the song or piece for which you need a score, then all you need to do is open the MIDI file. MidiNotate will automatically convert it into a score."

MidiRunnerr Free download. The easiest way to create your MIDI accompaniments from MIDI files ! MidiRunner is also a Jukebox for MIDI, MP3, Wave, CD-Audio files and others WindowsMedia supported sound files that permits you to live play the MIDI instruments togheter with a background music ...

Music Study Identify chord changes by ear. Identify pitches by name relative to the key in which they are played. Know the notes in all diatonic scales, chords, and intervals. Download demos.

Music On My PC: - Lots of information on choosing and using music software; product reviews; where to start; how to progress.

Musicease Home of "SongBox", a shareware program that loads and prints "collections" of music. Offers several "collections" or "libraries" for download, including collections of traditional fiddle/dance tunes, Christmas songs, and ragtime.

MusicEase MusicEase is a combination music notation editor / automatic accompaniment creator. As a full-featured, intelligent music notation editor, it produces highly polished, publication quality, printed music

MusicGoals Educational software for the serious student or the teaching studio. Goals to improve sight-reading, ear training, and knowledge of music theory. Learn music on the instrument, in staff notation, and by sound.

Musicianship Basics Music education software for schools and piano teachers. Graded ear training and theory activities for all music students.

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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III