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Orent, Milton H.
Skates; Lady Lets Dance; The Big Show Off; also special material for night clubs. Songs: "On the Banks of the Brandywine"; "On the Shores of Italy"; "Oh, What a Beautiful Dream You Seem"; "Hold Me"; "When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South"; "I Hate Myself For Falling In Love With You"; "Freddy the Freshman"; "It's the Girl"; "The Night When Love Was Born"; "Thank You Mr. Moon"; "The Baby Parade"; "I May Be Dancing With Somebody Else"; "Love I'd Give My Life For You"; "That Baboon Baby Dance"; "Darling"; "In Old Kalua." Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Orent, Milton H., composer; b. New York, N.Y., April 3, 1918. ASCAP 1946. Educ: New York Univ., Bachelor of Science in music. A violinist at six, began composing at twelve. Works: Whirlpool; Wonderful World; Riff Staccato; Concerto Grosso. Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Orlob, Harold, composer, producer for stage and screen; b. Logan, Utah, June 3, 1885. ASCAP 1914 (charter member). Educ: high school; Univ. of Utah, majored in architecture. Piano, harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration, at Michigan Cons, of Music. Active in composition and amateur theatricals, Salt Lake City. At fifteen composed and directed full-length operetta: The Prince and the Peasant. At Mich. Cons, composed and directed operetta: The Merry Grafters; composed and directed motion pic­ture Saint Frances Cahrini. Musical plays: The Flirting Princess; The Heart-Breakers; Miss Nobody From Starland; A La Broadway; The Red Canary; Yes, Yes, Yvette; Just a Min­ute; Town Topics; Listen Lester; Nothing But Love; Hitchy Koo; Town Gossip; The Masked Model; Suzanne; A Trail Honeymoon. Songs: "I Won­der Who's Kissing Her Now"; "Wait-
ing"; "Maybe I'll Let You Baby Me"; "Little By Little"; "Take It From Me"; "Melody of the Century"; Td Love To"; "I Was a Very Good Baby in the Day Time"; "How Can You Tell"; "Ask the Stars"; "Let's Pull Together"; "I Saw You Smile"; "See What a Kiss Can Do"; "Make With a Cheerful Song"; "If You Should Stop Caring"; "I Always Knock on Wrong Doors." Also "Saint Frances Cabrini" and "God Is My All," sacred songs. Home: New York, N.Y. Address: 1564 Broadway, New York 19, N.Y.
Osborn, Arthur II., composer, music critic; b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 26, 1884. ASCAP 1945. Educ.: Prince­ton Univ. Bachelor of Science, mem­ber Princeton Triangle Club. Critic and judge for musical organizations. Commissioned by U.S. Army to write march for Coast Artillery Corps, 1935, "Crash on Artillery." Wrote musical comedy The Mummy Monarch. Songs: "The Princeton Cannon Song", "The Colgate Marching Song", "I'm Sav­ing a Place for You"; "The Team from Tigertown"; "The Guards of Old Nassau"; "Princeton Forever"; "The Bull Dog Dirge", "Dreamy Eyes"; "Only A Kiss"; "Here Comes That Tiger." Home: 1 Ober Rd., Prince­ton, N.J.
Osborne, Nat, composer, pianist; b. New York, N.Y., April 23, 1878. ASCAP 1914 (charter member). Educ.: liberal aits, Coll. of City of New York and New York Univ. Med­ical training, at Bellevue Medical Coll. Music, Scharwenka Cons., piano with Xavier Scharwenka; harmony, composition and theory of music with Philip Scharwenka. One year with Hans Strobcl, Vienna. Concert work two years; composed for concert piano; then became interested in pop­ular music. Composed for produc­tions: Atta Boy; I Love You; The Sirens; Not Yet Marie; Hello America. Songs: "Take Me Back to Your

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