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Irwin, Gene
country, also adjudicator and guest conductor in state and national con­tests and music festivals. Charter member and past pres. Texas Band­masters Assoc.; member Texas Music Educators Assoc; hon. member Kappa Kappa Fsi; hon. life member Phi Beta Mu; Lt.-Col. Governor's Staff of Texas 1935; hon. degree, Doctor of Music, Zoellner Cons. 1942; Vice Pres. Amer. Bandmasters Assoc. 1950-51. Works: American Grandeur, Tradition, Inspiration, Starlet, band overtures; Emerald Isle, Everglades, Cedarvale, cornet solos; also other overtures and marches for band, brass solos, and cornet instruction book, Development of the Embouchure. Home: P.O. Box 262, Arlington, Texas.
Irwin, Gene, composer; b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 11, 1916. ASCAP 1941. Educ: Central High School; Brown Prep., Philadelphia. Piano with Joseph Angert and D. Sokoloff. In radio; later piano duo, Mann and Irwin. World War II, Naval pre-flight inspector. Songs: "It Aint Being Done No More"; "Sweet Night"; "Five O'Clock Whistle"; "Melinda the Mousie"; "The Widow Brown"; "The Tailors' Song." Also series of chil­dren's songs. Home: 7900 Michener Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Irwin, William C. K. (Will Irwin), composer; b. San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 3, 1907. ASCAP 1937. Songs: "In a Little Swiss Chalet"; "Rhythm in My Hair"; Tm Not Me, I'm You." Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Ives, Burl, composer, author, folk singer, motion-picture, radio, and re­cording artist; b. Hunt Township, 111., June 14, 1909. ASCAP 1949. Educ.: Eastern Illinois State Teachers College; New York Univ. School of Music; music with private tutors. Ap­peared in dramatic shows, New York, also in Sing Out Sweet Land, which established him as singer in folk music field; on radio, "The Wayfaring Stranger" series. To Hollywood; has appeared in various motion pictures. Songs: "Blue Tail Fly"; "Bold Soldier"; "Come AH Ye Good Fel­lers"; "Foggy Foggy Dew"; "The Fox"; "Henry Martin"; "I'm Sad and Lonely"; "Jolly Farmer"; "Lord Thomas and Fair Elinore"; "Robin"; "Sow Took the Measles"; "Ten Thou­sand Miles"; "Tibbie Dunbar"; "Turtle Dove"; "Wayfarin Stranger"; "Where is the Old Man"; "On the Grand Canyon Line"; "Wollie Boogie Bee." Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Jackson, Franz (Franz Robert Jack­son), composer, arranger, saxophon­ist, clarinetist; b. Rock Island, IlL, Nov. 1, 1912. ASCAP 1942. Educ.: Chicago Musical Coll.; also studied commercial radio operating. Artist and arranger popular orchestras. World War II, U.S.O. tours in Pacific. At present playing bassoon with Community Symphony of Chicago. Songs: "You're the Maker of the Rain"; "Boogie Woogie Camp Meetin"; "Yellow Fire"; "Blues to the Dole"; "Elephant Swing"; "Lonely
Blues"; "Morning Blues"; "Arcadia Shuffle"; "Rompin' and Stompin'"; "Gate Swing Out"; "Southside"; "For Bass Only"; "Escapade"; "Hip-Hop"; "Two, Four and Eight"; 'No Use Now"; "That Glorious Feelin'"; "Keep This in Mind"; "Frivolity"; "There's Another World"; "Roust­about"; "Little Flirt"; "Incidental Thing"; "Longing Blues"; "Pretty Thing"; "Comin In Home"; "Take Off"; "Out of Place"; "Maizie"; "Ith-wagie"; "Screws, Nuts and Bolts." Home: 5358 S. Wells, Chicago, 111.

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