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Frazzini, AI
Missy"; "I Know a Band"; "China Toy ; "Nancy"; "Some Dark and Stormy Night ; "Everybody's Smilin Down in Dixie"; "He Always Goes Farther than Father"; "Grin Darn It Grin"; "I'm Holding Hands with Happiness"; "It's You I'm Longing For"; "Oh My Yes"; "Sister Hasn't Got a Chance Since Mother Bobbed Her Hair." Address: 2139-24th St., Astoria 5, N.Y.
Franklin, Dave, composer, author, pianist, entertainer; b. New York, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1895. ASCAP 1934. Left public schools at thirteen to be­come professional pianist in New York music publishing houses. After several years as vaudeville pianist, accompanying various artists, became entertainer in his own right, playing in night clubs in London, Paris, New York, Palm Beach, etc. Began writing own songs. Songs: "I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming"; "When My Dream-boat Comes Home"; "Anniversary Waltz"; "I Must See Annie Tonight ; "You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming"; "The Merry Go Round Broke Down"; "The Concert in the Park"; "Buzz Mirandy"; "It's the Gypsy in Me"; "Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes"; "Joe Palooka"; "Everything You Said Came True"; "Dreamer's Holiday"; "A Good Time Was Had By All"; "If I Had a Magic Carpet"; "One Zy Two Zy"; "You Are My Love." Home: Holly­wood, Calif. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Franklin, Jimmy, composer, author, publisher; b. Orange, N.J., Oct. 18, 1909. ASCAP 1940. Educ: Orange, N.J., High School; College of Pavia, Italy. World War II, Post Headquar­ters; Special Service supervising shows and bands. Author of book, Songwriting Simplified. Songs: "This Melody"; "Aloha, Hawaii Aloha"; "Harlem Stomp"; "Vocalizing Song"; "If I Had Only Known"; "Rain Rain Go Away"; "It s a Southern Holiday"; "Lovestruck"; *They All Recorded to
Beat the Ban"; "Big Talk"; "Strange As It Seems"; "Woo-Woo"; "Oh Theodora"; "Mele-Mele"; "There Ain't Any Chorus"; "The Piano Teacher Song"; "All For You'; "Headin Back to Houston"; "My Mariette." Home: Hollywood, Calif. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Franklin, Malvin M., composer, author, pianist, conductor, arranger; b. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 24, 1889. ASCAP 1914 (charter member). Educ.: New York and Cairo, 111., pub­lic schools; piano with Edna Gochel. Ziegfeld Coll. of Music, Chicago; National Cons, of Music, New York (scholarship) with Raphael Josephy; harmony, theory, counterpoint, and arranging with Frank Sadler. Pioneer in piano-roll and recording field. Wrote special material and conducted for vaudeville and theatrical per­formers. StaflF composer for theater and motion pictures. Musical shows: Wife Hunters; A Lonely Romeo; All Aboard; Dearie; The Lilac Domino; Snapshots 1922. Songs: "Oui Oui Marie"; "I Was Born in Michigan"; "Lilac Domino" (waltz syncopated); "Down at Mammy Jinny's"; "Every Girlie Wants to Be a Sally"; "Shades of Night"; "Will O* Wisp"; "Love is Just the Same Old Game"; "La La Melody"; and instrumental murbers. Books: Practical Song Writing (two volumes); Magic Melody Charts (automatic songwriter). Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Frazzini, Al, composer, author; b. Boston, Mass., June 27, 1890. ASCAP 1938. Educ.: music with private tu­tors, mandolin, violin, cornet, piano; organist Catholic Church for five years. Songs: "The Yanks Are Comin' Again"; "Colorado Moon"; "My Cabin of Dreams"; "Tell All the Girls I'm Gone"; "You Made Me Care"; "Sil­very Moon"; "I'm Just Like an Old Umbrella"; "If You See Margie"; "Moonlight Lane"; "Sunset at Sea";

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