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Carmichael, Hoagy
also publisher of piano instruction book. In pictures Riverboat Rhythm (1945); Carle Comes Calling (1947). Songs: "Sunrise Serenade"; "Falling Leaves"; "Lover's Lullaby"; "Shad­ows"; "Deep in Your Eyes"; "Geor-gianna"; "Blue Fantasy"; "Don't You Remember"; "Oh, What it Seemed to Be"; "The Busiest Street Corner"; "I Didn't Know"; "Carle Boogie"; "Moonlight Whispers"; "Sunrise Boogie." Home: Sherman Oaks, Calif. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Carleton, Bob (Robert Louis Carle-ton), composer; b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 8, 1896. ASCAP 1942. Educ.: St. Louis public schools. In World War I wrote musical shows for Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Songs: "Ja Da"; "Doo-Dee-Blues", "Teasin'"; "You"; "I've Spent the Evening in Heaven"; "Every Thought"; "I've Got to Break Myself of You", "Cross Roads of the World"; "Mother Nature and Me"; "We're a-Dancin' in the Old Red Barn Tonight"; "Doo-Wah-Ditty"; "Where the Blues Were Born in New Orleans." Home: 5343 Lemon Grove Ave., Hollywood 38, Calif.
Carling, Foster, author, b. St. Paul, Minn., March 14, 1898. ASCAP 1941. Educ.: Shattuck Military Acad. Radio script writer. Wrote songs for motion pictures Renegade Trail; Knights of the Range; Four Aces; Let Freedom Ring; Lady of the Tropics; Stage Coach War; Captain Caution; The Roundup; The Plainsman; Hi-Diddle-Diddle; Uncle Remus; Six Gun Music; West of Laramie; Girl From Gun-sight; South of Santa Fe; Coyote Canyon; Fargo Phantom; Gold Strike. Songs: "All of My Heart"; "Lazy Rolls the Rio Grande"; "Each Time You Sav Goodbve I Die a Lit­tle"; "Leave Me a Kiss"; "Chool (The Chool Song)"; "The Yankee Dood-ler"; "We Too"; "The Blacksmith Song"; "One Starry Night"; "My Darling Chiquita"; "Westward Ho ;
"Tim Tayshun"; "That's How You Tempted Me." Home: 7144 Hockey Trail, Hollywood 28, Calif.
Carlo, Monte, author, composer; b. Skamlingsbanke, Gravenstein, Den­mark, July 14, 1883. ASCAP 1923. To U.S. 1906; citizen 1914. Educ.: Danish schools and colleges; pre-medical training in Chicago, with songwriting as chief avocation. Dur­ing the 1920's wrote with Alma San­ders the Broadway productions Tangerine; Elsie; The Chiffon Girl; Princess April; Bye Bye Barbara; Oh9 Oh Nurse; Houseboat on the Styx. Also the 1947 production Louisiana Lady. Songs: "The Girl of the Lim-berlost"; "Hong Kong"; "Dear Old Mother of Mine"; "India"; "Along the Road to Singapore"; "Two Blue Eyes, One Little Green Isle"; "Penthouse in the Moon"; "In Old Madeira"; "I Feel So Sorry for the Rose"; "My Rainbow Rosary"; three songs made famous by John McCormack: "That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone," "Little Town in the Ould County Down," "My Home in the County Mayo"; also "The Hills of Conne-mara"; "The Old Wooden Bridge in Athlone"; "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon", "For Me and My Little Guitar"; "Dreaming of Louise"; "At the End of a Cobblestone Road"; "Two Hearts in Winter Time"; also the complete musical score for mo­tion picture, Ireland Today. Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Carmichael, Hoa gy (Hoagland), composer; radio, recording, and mo­tion picture artist; b. Bloomington, Ind., Nov. 22, 1899. ASCAP 1931. Educ.: Bloomington public schools; Indiana Univ., grad. lawyer. Natural musician from childhood, active in music throughout school career play­ing in college bands. First com­position, "Riverboat Shuffle," re­corded by Wolverines established him as songwriter. Success of "Washboard

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