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The 1904 Methodist Hymnal, a collection of 950+ Christian lyrics with PDF for printing.

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Earth Rejoice Our Lord Is King Earth With All Thy Thousand Voices Entered The Holy Place Above Equip Me For The War Ere God Had Built The Mountains Ere I Sleep For Every Favor Eternal Beam Of Light Divine Eternal Depth Of Love Divine Eternal Father Strong To Save Eternal Light Eternal Light Eternal Lord Of Earth And Skies Eternal Power Whose High Abode Eternal Son Eternal Love Eternal Source Of Every Joy Eternal Spirit Come Eternal Spotless Lamb Of God Eternal Wisdom Thee We Praise Every Morning Mercies New Every Morning The Red Sun Except The Lord Conduct The Plan Fading Like A Lifetime Ends Another Day Faith Is A Living Power From Heaven Far As Creations Bounds Extend Far Off We Need Not Rove Father At Thy Footstool See Father Glorify Thy Son Father How Wide Thy Glory Shines Father I Dare Believe Father I Know That All My Life Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee Father If Justly Still We Claim Father In The Name I Pray Father In Whom We Live Father Live By All Things Feared Father Of All In Whom Alone Father Of All Thy Care We Bless Father Of All Whose Powerful Voice Father Of Boundless Grace Father Of Everlasting Grace Father Of Jesus Christ My Lord Father Of Lights From Whom Proceeds Father Of Me And All Mankind Father Of Mercies In Thy Word Father Of Omnipotent Grace Father Of Our Dying Lord Father Son And Holy Ghost One In Three Father Son And Spirit Hear Father To Thee I Lift Mine Eyes Father To Thee My Soul I Lift Father Who Art Alone Father Whose Everlasting Love Fierce Raged The Tempest Oer The Deep Fill Thou My Life O Lord My God For All The Saints Who From Their Labors Rest For All Thy Love And Goodness For The Beauty Of The Earth Forever Here My Rest Shall Be Forever With The Lord Forth In Thy Name O Lord I Go Forward Be Our Watchword From All That Dwell Below The Skies From Every Stormy Wind That Blows From Greenlands Icy Mountains From The Eastern Mountains From Thee All Skill And Science Flow From Trials Unexempted

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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