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When the Comforter Came-William Moore When the Dark Waves Round Us Roll-William How When the Day of Toil Is Done-John Ellerton When the Fire Came Down-Arthur Spooner When the Gospel Race Is Run-William Dickinson When the Great Judge-Isaac Watts When the Great Sun Sinks to His Rest-Maltbie Babcock When the King Comes!-Emily Elliott When the King Shall Come-Fanny Crosby When the King Shall Come(-Charles Hilton When the Last Trumpet's Awful Voice-Isaac Watts When the Lord of Love Was Here-Stopford Brooke When the Mists Have Rolled Away-Annie Herbert When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder-James Black When the Saints Are Marching In-Katharine Purvis When the Storms of Life Surround Me-Richard Adams When the Toils of Life Are Over-Charles Widmeyer When the Trump Shall Sound-Laurene Highfield When the Weary, Seeking Rest-Horatius Bonar When, Gracious Lord, When Shall It Be-Charles Wesley When, His Salvation Bringing-John King When, Overwhelmed with Grief-Isaac Watts When, Streaming from the Eastern Skies-William Shrubsole Whence Comes This Rush of Wings-French carol from BasQuercy Whenever I Think of Him-Ethel Barlow Where Are Thy Sins-Clara Denton Where Are the Nine-Philip Bliss Where Can One Look for Wisdom-Susan Peterson Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life-Frank North Where Hast Thou Gleaned Today-Philip Bliss Where He Leads I'll Follow-William Ogden Where He Leads Me-Ernest Blandy Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands-Michael Bruce Where Is My Boy Tonight-Robert Lowry Where Is Thy Refuge-Fanny Crosby Where Is Thy Sting-Fanny Crosby Where Is the Holy Heav'n-Born Child-Charles Wesley Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven-Charles Butler Where Shall I Be-Charles Jones Where Shall My Soul Begin to Sing-William Sanders Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin-Charles Wesley Where Shall True Believers Go-Charles Wesley Where Shall the Man Be Found-Isaac Watts Where They Need No Sun-Haldor Lillenas Where Two or Three, with Sweet Accord-Samuel Stennett Where Will You Spend Eternity-Elisha Hoffmann Where the Blood Can Heal!-Franklin Eiland Where the Cross Is Leading-Lizzie DeArmond and Charles Gabriel Where the Gates Swing Outward Never-Charles Gabriel ca Where the Savior Leads-Fanny Crosby Where the Wrecks Wash In-J E H Where'er His Creatures Gather-The Psalter Wherefore Do the Nations Rage-From Psalm Wherefore Is It That Thou, O Lord-From Psalm Wherefore, O Father-William Jervois Wheresoe'er I Roam-Carl Rosenius Wherewith, O Lord, Shall I Draw Near-Charles Wesley Whether the Word Be Preached or Read-Charles Wesley Which Bid, My Brother-Cora Turrell Which Side Are You On-Thompson Jones While Here-Edgar Mason While I Keep Silence, and Conceal-Isaac Watts While Life Prolongs Its Precious Light-Timothy Dwight While Men Grow Bold in Wicked Ways-Isaac Watts While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks-Nahum Tate While Sinks Our Land to Realms of Night-Janet Pattinson While Thee I Seek, Protecting Power-Helen Williams While Their Flocks the Shepherds Tended-Medieval German While Time Is Spent-Carrie Moore While Ye Waste on Trifling Cares-Philip Doddridge While Yet the Morn Is Breaking-Johannes Muhlmann While o'er Our Guilty Land, O Lord-Samuel Davies While on the Verge of Life I Stand-Philip Doddridge While the World Awaited-Michael Cullinan While with Ceaseless Course the Sun-John Newton Whilst Bethlehem's Shepherds Kept Their Flocks-Leslie Bainbridge Whisper a Prayer-Avis Christiansen Whispering Hope-Septimus Winner Whispering Winds Softly Sighing-Lizzie DeArmond White as the Wings of a Dove-L F Cole Whiter Than Snow-James Nicholson Whither, Pilgrims, Are You Going-Fanny Crosby Who Are These Arrayed in White-Charles Wesley Who Are These Like Stars Appearing-Theobald Schenk Who Is He in Yonder Stall-Benjamin Hanby Who Is This Fair One in Distress-Isaac Watts Who Is This Man of Sorrows-Lelia Morris Who Is This That Comes from Edom-Thomas Kelly Who Is This of Whom Ye Tell-William Griffiths Who Is This, So Weak and Helpless-William How Who Is This, with Garments Gory-Arthur Coxe Who Is Thy Neighbor-William Peabody Who Is on the Lord's Side-Frances Havergal Who Is the King of Glory-James Gray Who Keepeth Not God's Word-Christian Gellert Who Knows How Near My End May Be-Amilie Juliane Who Shall Ascend Thy Heav'nly Place-Isaac Watts Who Shall Have Your Soul Tonight-Leonard Jenkins Who Shall I Send-Robert Fletcher Who Shall Inhabit in Thy Hill-Isaac Watts

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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