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8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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Onward Roll the Ages-Henry King Onward Will We Go-Fanny Crosby Onward to Battle-Hannah Thurston Onward! Onward!-Fanny Crosby Onward, Children, Onward-John Brammall Onward, Christian Soldiers-Sabine BaringGould Onward, Christian!-W N Manchester Onward, Christian, Though the Region-Samuel Johnson Onward, Ever Onward!-Marian Hubbard Onward, Onward, Men of Heaven-Lydia Sigourney Onward, Soldiers-Fanny Crosby Onward, Upward-Fanny Crosby Onward, Ye Pilgrims-Fanny Crosby Open Mine Eyes(Crosby)-Fanny Crosby Open Mine Eyes(Johnson)-Clarence Johnson Open My Eyes, That I May See-Clara Scott Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty-Benjamin Schmolck Open Thy Heart-Richard Buck Open the Windows of Heaven-Henry Hartzler Open the Windows of Heaven-Robert Staples Opening Hymn-Fanny Crosby Others-Charles Meigs Others He Saved-J C Blissard before Our Best-Salathial Kirk Our Blessed Savior Seven Times Spoke-Johann Beschenstein ca Our Blest Redeemer, ere He Breathed-Harriet Auber Our Children, Lord, in Faith and Prayer-Thomas Haweis Our Cities Cry to You, O God-Margaret Clarkson Our Country-Fanny Crosby Our Country's Voice Is Pleading-Maria Anderson Our Day of Joy Is Here Again-Andrew Skoog Our Day of Praise Is Done-John Ellerton Our Earth We Now Lament to See-Charles Wesley Our Father in Heaven-Sarah Hale Our Father's Business-Inge Diekenga Our Father's Home Eternal-Attributed to Thomas ŕ Kempis Our Father's Love-Michael Cullinan Our Father, God, and Savior-Thomas Robinson Our Father, Thou in Heaven Above-Martin Luther Our Father, unto Thee-Byron Russell Our Fathers' God, to Thee We Raise-Benjamin Copeland Our Festive Song-Fanny Crosby Our God Is Love-Anonymous Our God Is in the Sunshine Gay-Charles Nutter Our God Reigns-Leonard Smith Our God of Love, Who Reigns Above-Samuel Stone Our God, Our God, Thou Shinest Here-Thomas Gill Our God, Our Help in Ages Past-Isaac Watts Our God, to Whom We Turn-Edward Grubb Our Guilt Do We Confess Today-Richard Adams Our Heavenly Father Calls-Philip Doddridge Our Heavenly Father, Hear-James Montgomery Our Helper God, We Bless Thy Name-Philip Doddridge Our Highest Joys Succeed Our Griefs-Anonymous Our King Is Coming Back to Reign-Charles McConnell Our Land for Christ-C G Clark Our Lord Christ Hath Risen-William Plunket Our Lord Is Risen from the Dead-Charles Wesley Our Lord and God, Oh, Bless This Day-Johan Brun Our Lord the Path of Suffering Trod-Jean de Santeuil Our Lord's Return in Glory-Lyman Jackson Our Lord's Return to Earth Again-James Kirk Our Lord, Who Knows Full Well-John Newton Our Message-Burton Winslow Our Mother-Lizzie Baker Our Nation, God, Its Heart to Thee Upraiseth-Yattendon Hymnal Our Rally Song-Harry Crosscup Our Risen Lord-John McNaughton Music A O Oliver Our Risen Savior!-Eden Latta Our Royal Christmas Gift-Charles Converse Our Savior Will Come-George Dunn Our Savior Will Descend Again-Thomas Laurie Our Savior's Voice Is Soft and Sweet-Elizabeth Parson Our Sins, Our Sorrows-Edward Eddis Our Soldier Heroes Sleeping-Neva Prentice Our Song of Jubilee-Maria Barnes Our Sunday School-Fanny Crosby Our Thought of Thee Is Glad with Hope-John Whittier Our Warfare Accomplished-Fanny Crosby Our Watchword-Silas Farmer Our Youth Are Marching On-Levi Gilbert th Century Out from the Rising of the Sun-Translated by John Brownlie Out in the Sunshine-Fanny Crosby Out of Bondage-Fanny Crosby Out of Darkness into Light-W O Lattimore Out of the Ark-Kate Harrington Out of the Deep I Call-Henry Baker Out of the Deeps of Long Distress-Isaac Watts Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee-Martin Luther Out of the Depths to Thee I Cry-Elizabeth Marcy Outside the Holy City-James Gilkey Over All-Georgie Snead Over Bethl'em's Hillside-Mabel Rosemon and Grant Tullar Over Jordan(Graham)-Frank Graham ca Over Jordan(Slade)-Mary Slade Over There(Ferguson)-Mrs T C Ferguson Over There(Rader)-Paul Rader Over Trackless Regions-Translated by John Brownlie Over Yonder-Henry de Fluiter Over Yonder in the Palace of the King-Leroy Runyan

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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