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O God of Mercy! Hearken Now-Emily Clark O God of Mercy, God of Might-Mary Gates O God of Mercy, Hear My Call-Isaac Watts O God of Truth-Thomas Hughes O God of Truth, O Lord of Might-Ambrose of Milancirca O God! How Often Hath Thine Ear-William Bunting O God, Above the Drifting Years-John Buckham O God, According to Thy Grace-The Psalter O God, Be Merciful-The Psalter O God, Be Merciful and Bless-The Psalter O God, Be Merciful to Me(1)-The Psalter O God, Be Merciful to Me(2)-The Psalter O God, Be Thy Anointed Son-The Psalter O God, Before Thy Sun's Bright Beams-Greville Phillimore O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand-Leonard Bacon O God, Creation's Secret Force-Latin before O God, Forsake Me Not!-Salomo Franck O God, Give Ear-The Psalter O God, Give Thou Ear to My Plea-The Psalter O God, Great Father, Lord, and King!-Embree Hoss O God, Hear Thou the Nation's Prayer-Irving Maurer O God, How Good Thou Art-The Psalter O God, I Cried, No Dark Disguise-Edna St Vincent Millay O God, I Love Thee-From the Latin O God, I Thank Thee for Each Sight-Caroline Mason O God, Mine Inmost Soul Convert-Charles Wesley O God, Most Holy Are Thy Ways-The Psalter O God, Most Merciful and True-Charles Wesley O God, My God, My All Thou Art!-Translated from Spanish by John Wesley O God, My God, Wherefore Dost Thou-Sternhold and Hopkins O God, My Heavenly King-Joseph Proud O God, My Powers Are Thine-Watson Hannan O God, My Refuge, Hear My Cries-Isaac Watts O God, My Strength and Fortitude-Thomas Sternhold O God, No Longer Hold Thy Peace-The Psalter O God, Our Maker, Throned on High-King Alfred O God, Our Strength, to Thee Our Song-Harriet Auber O God, Our Words Cannot Express-Carolyn Gillette O God, Preserve Me-The Psalter O God, Regard My Humble Plea-The Psalter O God, That Midst the Parted Sea-Gladys Sinclair O God, Thou Art My God Alone-James Montgomery O God, Thou Art Our King of Old-From Psalm O God, Thou Art the Father-Columba O God, Thou Bottomless Abyss-Ernst Lange O God, Thou Faithful God-Johann Heerman O God, Thou Giver of All Good-Samuel Longfellow O God, Thou Hast Cast Off Thy Saints-Charles Spurgeon O God, Thou Hast Rejected Us-From Psalm O God, Thou High and Lofty One-Wilson Hogue before O God, Though Countless Worlds of Light-James Knowles O God, Thy Power Is Wonderful-Frederick Faber O God, Thy Righteousness We Own-Charles Wesley O God, Thy Soldiers' Crown and Guard-Latin O God, Thy Soldiers' Great Reward-From the Latin O God, Thy World Is Sweet with Prayer-Lucy Larcom O God, Unseen Yet Ever Near-Edward Osler O God, We Have Heard-From Psalm O God, We Praise Thee, and Confess-New Supplement O God, We Pray for All Mankind-Howard Conover O God, Who Didst Thy Will Unfold-Josiah Conder O God, Who Metest in Thy Hand-Richard Littledale O God, Who Workest Hitherto-Thomas Freckleton O God, Whom I Delight to Praise-The Psalter O God, Whose Law from Age to Age-John Holmes O God, Whose Love Is Over All-John Holmes O God, Whose Presence Glows in All-Nathaniel Frothingham O God, Whose Smile Is in the Sky-John Holmes O God, Within Whose Sight-William Dunkerley O God, in Whom We Live and Move-Translated from Spanish by John Wesley O God, of All the Strength and Power-Ambrose of Milan th Century O God, of Good the Unfathomed Sea-Johann Scheffler O God, the God That Saveth Me-The Psalter O God, the Help of All Thy Saints-Edward Osler O God, the Joy of Heav'n Above-Charles Coffin O God, the Rock of Ages-Edward Bickersteth Jr O God, the Strength of Those Who War-William Carpenter O God, to Know That Thou Art Just-Arthur Mason O God, to Thine Anointed King-From Psalm O God, to Us Show Mercy-The Psalter O God, to Whom Revenge Belongs-Isaac Watts O Golden Day! So Long Desired-Charles Dickinson O Grace of God So Boundless-Thomas Shields O Gracious Father of Mankind-Henry Tweedy O Gracious God, Forsake Me Not-The Psalter O Gracious God, Whose Constant Care-Harry Stock O Grant Us Light-Lawrence Tutiett O Great God of Nations-Richard Adams O Hallelujah, Praise His Holy Name-Max Rapp O Happy Band of Pilgrims-Joseph the Hymnographer O Happy Day When We Shall Stand-Wilhelm Wexels O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice-Philip Doddridge O Happy Day, When First Was Poured-Sebastien Besnault O Happy Home-Karl Spitta O Happy Is the Man Who Hears-Michael Bruce O Happy Nation-Isaac Watts O Happy Soul That Lives on High-Isaac Watts O Hasten Thine Appearing-James Gray O Have You Not Heard-R Torrey Jr O He Whom Jesus Loved-John Whittier

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