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8000+ Christian Hymn and Gospel Song lyrics with downloadable PDF for printing.

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I Know Whom I Have Believed-Daniel Whittle I Know of a Name-Jean Perry I Lay My Sins on Jesus-Horatius Bonar I Left It All with Jesus-Ellen Willis I Lift My Banner, Saith the Lord-Isaac Watts I Lift My Heart to Thee-Thomas Sternhold I Lift My Heart to Thee-Charles Mudie I Lift My Soul to God-Isaac Watts I Little See-Fredrick Hosmer I Live but in Thee-Fanny Crosby I Live for Those Who Love Me-Linnaeus Banks I Look to Thee in Every Need-Samuel Longfellow I Love God's Word-Robert Harkness I Love Him Because He First Loved Me-Frank Roush I Love His Appearing-Thoro Harris I Love Jesus-Eliza Hewitt I Love My Jesus Quite Alone-Johannes Kelpius before I Love Thee-Anonymous I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord-Timothy Dwight I Love You, Christ My Crucified-Eric Schumacher ca I Love the Holy Bible-Martha Oliver I Love the Lord My Savior-Mary Bingham I Love the Lord Who Heard My Cry-The Psalter I Love the Lord, He Heard My Voice-Joseph Proud I Love the Lord, His Strength Is Mine-The Psalter I Love the Lord, for My Request-From Psalm I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cries-Isaac Watts I Love the Voice Divine-Joseph Proud I Love the Volumes of Thy Word-Isaac Watts I Love to Hear Sweet Voices Sing-Richard Chope I Love to Hear the Story-Emily Miller I Love to Sing of Heaven-Lewis Hartsough I Love to Sing of That Great Power-Samuel Alman I Love to Steal Awhile Away-Phoebe Brown I Love to Tell the Story-Katherine Hankey I Love to Think That Jesus Saw-Joseph Johnson I Love to Think of Jesus-Austin Miles I Love to Walk with Jesus-Charles Weigele I May Not Go Tonight to Bethlehem-Pauline Johnson I Met the Good Shepherd-Edward Caswall I Must Tell Jesus-Elisha Hoffman I Need Thee Every Hour-Annie Hawks I Need Thee, Precious Jesus-Frederick Whitfield I Need the Prayers-James Vaughan I Need to Be Filled-Ada Habershon I Never Knew You-Elizabeth Needham I Never Will Cease to Love Him-Charles Gabriel I Now Have Found for Hope of Heaven-Johann Rothe I Once was a Stranger-Robert McCheyne I Owe the Lord a Morning Song-Amos Herr I Plead Thy Love-Otis Barrows I Pray Thee-Almeda Driscoll I Remember Calvary-William Martin I Remember When My Burdens Rolled Away-Minnie Steele I Saw One Hanging on a Tree-John Newton I Saw One Weary-Annie Smith I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In-Traditional I Saw the Cross of Jesus-Frederick Whitfield I Say to All Men Far and Near-Friedrich von Hardenberg I See a Crimson Stream-Garfield Haywood I Send the Joys of Earth Away-Isaac Watts I Set the Lord Before My Face-Isaac Watts I Shall Be No Stranger There-Eliza Hewitt I Shall Be Satisfied-Horatius Bonar I Shall Be Satisfied-Daniel Whittle I Shall Dwell Forever There-Alfred Ackley I Shall Not Want-Charles Deems I Shall See the King-William Poole I Sing the Birth Was Born Tonight-Ben Jonson I Sing the Mighty Power of God-Isaac Watts I Sought the Lord-Anonymous ca I Stand Amazed in the Presence-Charles Gabriel I Stood Outside the Gate-Josephine Pollard I Surrender All-Judson Van DeVenter I Take It in Prayer-Okla Burdette I Take Thy Promise, Lord-Richmond Deck ca I Thank Thee, Father, That I Live-George Binkley I Think, When I Read That Sweet Story-Jemima Luke I Thirst, Thou Wounded Lamb of God-John Wesley I Thought of You, Mother-Lizzie DeArmond I Thought upon the Days of Old-The Psalter I Trust in Thee-Will Jones I Vow to Thee, My Country-Cecil SpringRice I Waited Patient for the Lord-Isaac Watts I Waited for the Lord Most High-The Psalter I Waited for the Lord My God-The Psalter I Walk a Lonely Pilgrim Here-Louisa Beach I Walk in Danger All the Way-Hans Brorson I Walk the King's Highway-Evelyn Cummins I Walk with Love Along the Way-Minny Ayers I Walk with the King-James Rowe I Wandered Sore Distressed-John Brownlie I Wandered in the Shades of Night-Judson Van DeVenter I Want Jesus to Walk with Me-Traditional spiritual I Want a Principle Within-Charles Wesley I Want to Be Ready-AfricanAmerican spiritual I Want to Be a Worker-Isaiah Baltzell I Want to Do Something for Jesus-S W Jones I Want to Go There-Harry Loper I Want to Go There-David Sullins

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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