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By and By(Rexford)-Eben Rexford By the Cross of Jesus Standing-Horatius Bonar By the Grace of God We'll Meet-Fanny Crosby By the Poor Widow's Oil and Meal-John Newton By the Sea of Crystal-William Kuipers By the Way of Redeeming Love-Albert Reitz Call Jehovah Thy Salvation-James Montgomery Call Them In-Anna Shipton Call for Workers-John Sheppard Called to the Feast-J E Landor Callest Thou-Helen Burnside Calling Now-Philip Bliss Calling Thee-Fanny Crosby Calling for You-Fanny Crosby Calling the Prodigal-Charles Gabriel Calm Me, My God-Horatius Bonar Calm on the Listening Ear of Night-Edmund Sears Calvary-William Darwood Calvary's Stream Is Flowing-Eliza Hewitt Can It Be Right-Arthur Pierson Can Jesus See and Hear-Eden Latta Can Others See Jesus in You-Leonard Voke Can You Count the Stars-Wilhelm Hey Can a Boy Forget His Mother-Joseph Weber Can a Little Child Like Me-Mary Dodge Can the World See Jesus in You-Unknown Cancelled!-Jack Scholfield Captain of Israel's Host-Charles Wesley Captain of My Salvation, Hear!-Charles Wesley Captain of Thine Enlisted Host-Christopher Batty Captains of the Saintly Band-Jean de Santeuil Carol His Natal Day-F E Pettingell Carol of Redemption-Flora Kirkland Carol, Brothers, Carol-William Muhlenberg Carol, Carol, Christians-Arthur Coxe Carol, Sweetly Carol-Fanny Crosby Caroling, Caroling All Thro' the Night-T D Hyde berore Carried by the Angels-Daniel Whittle Carry Your Bible-Fred Morris Carry Your Cross with a Smile-Ina Ogdon Carry the Light-Eliza Hewitt Carry the Standard Bravely-Fanny Crosby Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters-Phoebe Hanaford Cast Thy Burden on the Lord-Rowland Hill Caught Up-Thoro Harris ca Celebrate Immanuel's Name-Charles Wesley Change Me Deeply-Stephen Popovich Change Your Church, O God, to Be-John Dalles Channels Only-Mary Maxwell Cheerily, Cheerily Singing-Austin Miles Chief of Sinners-William McComb Child Divine-Frederick Harford Child Jesus Comes from Heav'nly Height-Hans Christian Andersen Child in the Manger-Mary MacDonald Children Sing-Fanny Crosby Children of Jerusalem-John Henley Children of the Heavenly King-John Cennick Children's Prayer-Elsie BylerBurkhard Children, in Years and Knowledge Young-Isaac Watts Choose Ye Today-Fanny Crosby th Century Choose the Living Way-Neil Barham Choosing the Hill Country-Harry Chalfant Chorus of Fire-Robert Lowry Chosen Seed and Zion's Children-Anders Rutstram Christ Alone Has Power to Save-Joseph Trowbridge Christ Has Arisen-Priscilla Owens Christ Is All-W A Williams Christ Is Born Today-Mary Kidder Christ Is Born! Tell Forth His Fame!-Cosmas the Melodist th Century Christ Is Born(Davis)-Grace Davis Christ Is Born(Highfield)-Laurene Highfield Christ Is Born(Rowe)-James Rowe Christ Is Born, Go Forth to Meet Him-Cosmas Christ Is Born, the Promised Savior-F E Pettingell Christ Is Coming!-John Macduff Christ Is Coming(Macomber)-William Macomber Christ Is Coming(Stow)-Jennie Stow Christ Is Gone Up-John Neale Christ Is King(Merritt)-Charlotte Merritt Christ Is King(Scoville)-Charles Scoville Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation-th Century Latin Christ Is Our Cornerstone-From the Latin Christ Is Ready to Welcome-B A Strong Christ Is Risen from the Dead-Henry Becker Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!-Archer Gurney Christ Is Risen! Hallelujah!-John Monsell Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!-Brian Wren Christ Is Risen!(Crosby)-Fanny Crosby Christ Is Risen!(Kimball)-Harriet Kimball Christ Is Risen(Lane)-Marcus Lane Christ Is Risen(Thompson)-Will Thompson Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Living-Nicolas Martinez Christ Is Waiting-Orlando Grinnell before Christ Is the World's Light-Fred Green Christ Is the World's Redeemer-Columba Christ Jesus Hath the Power-James Gray Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands-Martin Luther Christ Liveth in Me-Daniel Whittle Christ Receiveth Sinful Men-Erdmann Neumeister Christ Returneth-H L Turner

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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