George Formby Song-book: Wunga Bunga Boo-1938
with lyrics and chords

A Complete(ish),George Formby Song-book also with PDF version for download.

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Wunga Bunga Boo-1938
  Regal Zonophone MR2709 Stanley/Alleyn

To take a trip on a great big ship one day I took the notion
Yo-ho, yo-ho, yo-ho
But the ship got wrecked which I didnt expect and it tipped me in the ocean
Yo-ho, yo-ho, yo-ho

I swam around for umpteen weeks and reached the Zulu isle
With the aid of a rope and a bar of soap I landed with a smile
On Wunga Bunga Boo, on Wuga Bunga Boo

Where dressings not extensive and clothes are not expensive
The girls out there are really beauts and walk out in their bathing suits
A string of beads and Russian boots, in Wunga Bunga Boo

I heard a roar and on the shore, the chief said, "Pleased to meet you"
Yo-ho, yo-ho, yo-ho, "You look" he said like dairy fed
Itll do us good to eat you, yo ho, yo-ho, yo-ho, yo-ho
The last white meat we had to eat was an old man lean and bald
When cooked, we found that he didnt go round so were very glad you called

On Wunga Bunga Boo, on Wunga Bunga Boo
While fighting, Big Chief Ko-Ko, he went and lost his Bo-Co
The doctor stuck it on quite pat, but upside down, now fancy that
He blew his nose and lost his hat in Wunga Bunga Boo

In Wunga Bunga Boo, in Wunga Bunga Boo
An M.P. last September, got something to remember
A lion chased him down the street and bit him during his retreat
Thats how he nearly lost his seat, in Wunga Bunga Boo.
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