George Formby Song-book: John Willie Come On-1926
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John Willie Come On-1926
  Edison Bell/Winner 4409 George Formby Snr

I'm a man that's fond of seeing life and my wife by the way, she said to me:
"John Willie, you shall have a holiday".
She took me up to London, the sights to let me see
And when we arrived at St. Pancras the wife she said to me:

"John Willie, come on! Mind you don't get run o'er.
A lady came to me and said, "Have we not met before?"
My wife said, "Miss, how dare you, that's me husband though be done".
Y'know, it's mine, I found it first, John Willie, come on!"

She took me by the hand into a picture gallery
I saw a champion picture there, it fairly tickled me
It was a woman in the sea with long hair on her head
I was getting interested when the wife turned round and said:

"John Willie, come on! That picture makes you stare
It's only Venus rising from the sea, so don't stand there".
I couldn't take me eyes off it when the wife she shouted, "John:
Tide's coming in - it's not going out, John Willie, come on!"

We went in Madame Tussaud's waxworks show and it were grand
And there we saw all't' waxworks kings and queens all shaking hands
There was Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth, you see
They fairly took me fancy when the wife she said to me:

"John Willie, come on! It's closing time you see".
The lights went out and all was dark and quiet as can be.
On turning round to my surprise, I found my wife had gone
And I'm sure I heard Queen Elizabeth say: "John Willie, come on!"
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