Bass Guitar Chord diagrams for: C Sharp Major 7th

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Bass Guitar chord charts for: C Sharp Major 7th
You can also download the chords in PDF format (no ads or banners)for printout etc.

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Aaug Adim Amaj7th Am6th Am7th Am A A6th A7th A9th Abaug Abdim Abmaj7th Abm6th Abm7th Abm Ab Ab6th Ab7th Ab9th B aug Bdim Bmaj7th Bm6th Bm7th Bm B B6th B7th B9th Bb aug Bbdim Bbmaj7th Bbm6th Bbm7th Bbm Bb Bb6th Bb7th Bb9th C aug Cdim Cmaj7th Cm6th Cm7th Cm C#6th C#7th C#9th C#aug C#dim C#maj7th C#m6th C#m7th C#m C# C C6th C7th C9th Daug Ddim Dmaj7th Dm6th Dm7th Dm D D6th D7th D9th Eaug Edim Emaj7th Em6th Em7th Em E E6th E7th Ebaug Ebdim Ebmaj7th Ebm6th Ebm7th Ebm Eb Eb6th Eb7th Eb9th Faug Fdim Fmaj7th Fm6th Fm7th Fm F#6th F#7th F#9th F#aug F#dim F#maj7th F#m6th F#m7th F#m F# F F6th F7th F9th Gaug Gdim Gmaj7th Gm6th Gm7th Gm G G6th G7th G9th

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