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A fairly complete collection of their songs with lyrics and chords.

The Carter Family have been hugely influential in shaping country music. Although many of their songs have earlier origins in folk music, they were the first to bring this type of music to public attention in any major way. Since their first recordings more than 70 years ago, several generations of musicians, particularly those in the bluegrass and oldtimey fields have been fondly performed their songs.
Today, to some, the lyrics may seem quaint and over sentimental, harking back, as they do, to what many argue, was an idealized time when life was simpler and better. Some may question the validity of such music today, but to me, and I'm sure many others, the world would be a better place if much of what passes for current popular music were replaced by material from our musical traditions.

See here for a biography of the Carter Family

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The following list is, as far as I know, a pretty much complete list of the Carter family song repertoire. The song titles marked with an asterisk are available as lyrics with chords, those unmarked have just the lyrics. I hope eventually to provide chords for all these songs as transcriptions become available and I would like to thank all those who have helped so far with this page by providing many of the chord transcriptions here. Also copies of original out out copyright 78's (not later re-recordings) could also help to complete this page. Please note that the chords provided may not be the same as those used by the Carter Family, but ones chosen by the transcriber.

If anyone has chords for any songs that I don't already have or you have corrections for what is here it would be greatly appreciated, email below.

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In case the chords provided are not in your preferred key, I have provided a conversion chart HERE which will allow you to transpose to any required key. For chord fingering patterns for various instruments check the Chords Page.

For Carter Family books and sheet music to buy check the Carter Family Collection at Sheet Music Plus.

These lyrics & chords, these are provided for personal, educational and study purposes only, and are the authors interpretation of the work and are not intended to represent any particular version or performance.

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