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Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo

TML # 003807
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The speaker successively places his hands on various portions of his love's anatomy, all of them respectable. She tells him, "Come to me, quietly, do not do me injury/Gently, Johnny, my jingalo". They marry. [Sharp writes,] "The words were rather coarse, but I have, I think, managed to re-write the first and third lines of each verse without sacrificing the character of the original song." The second and fourth lines constitute a refrain, of course. With this in mind, I call this essentially a new song, written by CJS. Otherwise, it could well be listed under "A-Rovin'." -PJS Ed Cray, following Reeves, notes that "Gently" was rewritten from "Yo Ho, Yo Ho," which follows the exact form of "A-Rovin'" although with even more explicit lyrics. - RBW
I put my hand all in her own
Fair maid is a lily oh
She said, "If you love me alone
Come to me quietly
Do me no injury
Gently, Johnny, my Jingalo"

I said, "You know I love you, dear"
She whispered softly in my ear

I placed my arm around her waist
She laughed and turned away her face
I kissed her lips like roses red
She blushed, then tenderly she said
I slipped a ring all in her hand
She said, "The parson's near at hand"

I took her to the church next day
The birds did sing and she did say

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