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A Little Over One With T'other

TML # 000073
Tune unknown, no score available.
A youth of late, who lack'd a mate
Did courting come unto her,
With cap and kiss and "Sweet mistress"
But little could he do her.
Said she, "My friend, let kissing end
Wherewith you do me smother.
And run at ring with t'other thing
A little over one with t'other.

Too much of aught is good for naught
So leave this idle kissing;
Your barren suit will yield no fruit
if t'other thing be missing.
As much as this, a man may kiss
His sister or his mother,
So run at ring with t'other thing
A little over one with t'other.

Who bids a friend unto a feast
To dine on divers dishes--
They please his mind, until he finds
Change, please, each creature wishes.
Of beak and bill I've had my fill
With measure flowing over,
He who would speed must give, with need,
A little over one with t'other.
Sharp mixed with flat, no mirth in that,
A low note, then a higher
When mean and base keep time and place
Such music maids desire.
All on one string dotyh loathing bring
Change is true music's mother
So leave my face and sound the bass!
A little over one with t'other.

And while he played, the young man strayed
First high, then low defending
Each stroke he struck so well she took
She swore that 'twas past mending.
Let swaggering boys, who think by toys
Their lovers to win over
Lip's labor save, for the maids must have
A little over one with t'other.
This royalty free score was generated by the Traditional Music Library On Line Tunebook (Shareware Version). As-is copies of this score may be freely distributed. Further info from WWW.TRADITIONALMUSIC.CO.UK

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