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The Structure And Use Of The Vocal Organs, And The Means Of Securing Distinct Articulation.

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poet, and unless the stress of the voice is allowed to fall in the right place, the beauty of the poetry is altogether lost. A reader of poetry or blank verse should possess a good sense of rhythm. There is even a rhythmical wave to be observed in some of the works of good prose writers.
106. Modulation.—Modulation consists of a blending of all the qualities necessary for effective speech; it enables the speaker to give the proper intonation to each of his senti­ments, by a careful use of the pause, emphasis, inflections, pitch, pace, and intensity, without interfering with his own individuality. Individuality is one of the greatest charms of a good speaker, and should on no account be destroyed by any artificial methods. The modulation of the voice conveys the expression of the thought, " the sound must seem an echo to the sense"; the intonation of the voice must change to suit every modification of the sense.
The words chosen; the tone of the voice; the modula­tion of that tone by pitch, intensity, pace, pause, emphasis, and particularly by inflection; the attitude; the facial expression; and the gestures must all be in harmony with the sentiment. This makes the speaker appear to be in real earnest, because sentiment and not sentimentality is being conveyed by the voice.
107. Hints to Lecturers.—A lesson or lecture consists of a series of thoughts, each thought must be clothed in appropriate language, voice, and gesture; the series should be arranged in good order. The teacher must feel the senti­ment himself, and must use the proper methods to impart it; the scholars responding by their interest and attention give back to the teacher fresh inspiration. A sentiment inappropriately clothed is suggestive of insincerity and fails in its object.