Voice Training In Speech And Song - online tutorial

The Structure And Use Of The Vocal Organs, And The Means Of Securing Distinct Articulation.

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THE CONSONANTS.                                     67
The Voiced Dental V.—Exactly the same position and same movement as F, with voice added as in the case of the explosives.
Five wives weave withes.
85.  The Non-voiced Dental TH.—The tip of the
tongue should be lightly placed between the upper and lower teeth. To make the sound TH, allow the breath to escape in a continuous controlled stream between the tongue and the top teeth.
A thatcher went forth to thatch a thatch.
The Voiced Dental TH.—The same position and move­ment, with vibration added.
And the smooth stream in smoother numbers flows.
The TH sound is often confused with the F sound.
Exercise.—Touch the tip of the finger with the tip of the tongue at each sound; make the sound ten times in succession, accenting well the first of each series of three.
86.  The Non-voiced Dental S.—The tip of the tongue should be curled upwards so as to lightly touch the front part of the palate just behind the front upper teeth, the sides of the tongue should be touching the upper teeth at the sides and back of the upper jaw, a shallow channel should be formed along the middle of the tongue. The teeth should be nearly closed and the lips slightly apart. To make the