Voice Training In Speech And Song - online tutorial

The Structure And Use Of The Vocal Organs, And The Means Of Securing Distinct Articulation.

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54                                  THE VOWEL SOUNDS.
70. Exercises for the Vowel Sounds,
Exercise I.—Stand in front of a mirror. Shut the mouth, and then without any sound shape for each vowel in turn, so as to train the muscles of the lips, etc., to respond easily and quickly to the will.
Exercise II.—Use the little finger to get the right shape for oo, breathe in through the nose while keeping the finger in position, take finger away, sound oo for three seconds and still keep the position steady while breathing out for the next three seconds. The abdominal press must be used all the time the sound is made, the attack being made by the " in " movement, the carry-on by a continuation of the " in " movement, and the finish by the "out" or "release" movement. Repeat the exercise, using the other vowels in turn.
Exercise III.—Breathe in through the nose with the little finger placed in the oo position, remove finger and say slowly and firmly one of the following syllables, using each in turn, and breathing out after each: oom, oon, ool, oor, oong, oop, oob, oof, oov, ooth, ooth (voiced), oos, ooz, oot, ood, oosh, oozh, ooch, ooj, oolc, oog, etc. Repeat the exercise, using the other vowels in turn.
Exercise IV.—Breathe in through the nose with the lips closed, and while facing a mirror sound the syllables moo, noo, etc., carefully shaping for oo and keeping the shape while prolonging the sound and while breathing out after the sound. Repeat the exercise, using the other vowels in turn.