Handbook Of Violin Playing - Online tutorial

A Tutorial For Classical Style Violin, full online instruction.

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Piano Trios. (P., V. and C.) .(Continued.)
Hennessy, Swan. Lieder an den Mond: 1. Um Mitter-nacht; 2. In der Friihe; 3. Am Abend. Op. 10. (9309). lb.
Hermann, F. Sonatine en sol majeur. (7389b). lb. — Sonatine en re majeur. (7390 b). II.
Horsley. Trio in A. Op. 7. (9660). IV. Hudson, J. W. Trio in D. (7263). II. Ivimey, J. W. Trio. Op. 1, in D. (7262). IV.
An excellent Op. I. Interesting subjects well developed. Kalliwoda. 1 st Grand Trio in F minor. Op. 121. (9661). IV. Kreuz, Emil. Trio facile. Op. 31. (7264). I. Mayseder. 4 th Grand Trio, in G. Op. 59. (9662). V. Meyer, L. Trios faciles (Kinder-Trios):—
No. 1, in G. (9317 a). lb.
2,   in G. (9317 b). lb.
3,   in F. (9317^)- lb.
These are not only easy and excellent in form, but their contents appeal to youthful minds, and they are invaluable to awaken the love for chamber music in children.
Molique. 1 st Trio, in B fiat. Op. 27. (9663). IV.
Pleyel, I. J. Oeuvres arranges par F. Hermann:— Op 8. Six Trios. (7272). I. Op. 48. Six Sonatinas. (5261). II and III.
Potpourris on Popular Melodies from classical and modern Operas and Oratorios. Arranged by R. Hofmann. 45
Series I. (in the first position). I and II.
Le Postilion. (54oie).
(541 ie).
La Sonnambula. (5402c).
Norma. (54036).
Czar und Zimmer-
Le Calife de Bagdad. (5404c).
La Dame Blanche. (5405c).
LaFille du Regiment. (5406c).
St. Paul.
Lucia di Lammer-
11 Seraglio.
moor. (5407c).
11 Flauto Magico.
Orpheus. (5408c).
Don Giovanni.
The Messiah. (5409c).
Der Freischutz.
The Creation. (5410c).
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