Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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By Major Lamar Fontaine.
" Only a soldier!" I heard them say, With a heavy heart I turned away,
And heaved a sigh. Then watched the tramp of the horses' feet, As the hearse moved slowly down the street,
And hot tears dimmed my eye.
" Only a soldier !" confined in there— A father's joy and a mother's care,
Torn from his home. Now a maiden sighs for his return, On his sister's cheek the teardrops burn,
For her soldier-brother 's gone.
"Only a soldier !" I thought anew, As fancy came, and I quickly drew
" The parting hour," That hour he left at his country's call, To place himself as a living wall,
Where sterner men might cower.
In dreams he'd seen friends kneeling down To raise his head from the battle-ground,
And thus he'd say : "Tell my father that fighting I fell, 'Mid hammering shot and screaming shell.
When the South had won the day."