Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Men of Missouri! strike without fear !
McCulloch, Jackson, and brave men are near;
So swear by your honor that your chains shall be riven,
And add your bright star to our Flag of Eleven.
Oh, no ! no ! he'll not need them againó
No more will he wake to behold, The splendor and fame of his menó
The tale of his victories told ! No more will he wake from that sleep,
Which he sleeps in his glory and fame, While his comrades are left here to weep
Over Cleburne ! his grave and his name.
Oh, no; he'll not meet them again, No more will his banner be spread
O'er the field of his gallantry's fame; The soldier's proud spirit is fled !
* On the morning of the battle of Franklin, Tennessee, Major General Patrick Cleburne, while riding along the line, encouraging his men, saw an old friendóa captain in his commandóbarefooted, and feet bleeding. Alight≠ing from his horse he told the Captain to " please " pull off his boots. Upon the Captain doing so, the General told him to try them on, which he did. Whereupon the General mounted his horse, telling the Captain he was tired of wearing boots, and-could well do without them. He would hear of no remonstrance, and bidding the Captain good-by, rode away. In this condition he was killed.

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