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(A Chorus, after the Battle of Franklin)—
You may talk about your Beauregard, and sing of General
Lee, But General Hood, of Texas, played hell in Tennessee.
By Mrs. J. D. Young.
Air—" The Yellow Rose of Texas."
The morning star is paling, the camp-fires flicker low, Our steeds are madly neighing, for the bugle bids us go: So put the foot in stirrup, and shake the bridle free, For to-day the Texas Rangers must cross the Tennessee. With Wharton for our leader, we'll chase the dastard foe, 'Till our horses bathe their fetlocks in the deep blue Ohio.
Our men come from the prairies rolling broad, proud and
free, From the high and craggy mountains to the murmuring
Mexic' sea; And their hearts are open as their plains; their tho'ts as
proudly brave As the bold cliffs of the San Bernard, or the Gulf's resistless
wave. Then, quick! into the saddle, and shake the bridle free, To-day with gallant Wharton we cross the Tennessee.