Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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A W. Kercheval.                                                     A. J. Turner,
To the patriotic women of the South.
Maiden, pray for thy lover now,
Thro' all this starry night, Heaven prove auspicious to thy vow,
For with to-morrow's dawning- light,
We meet the foe in deadly fight! Pray, maiden, pray!
Maiden, pray that the banner high Advanced, our cross may wave;
And foeman's shot and steel defy ! In triumph floating o'er the brave, Who strike for freedom or the grave; Pray, maiden, pray !
Maiden, pray for thy Southern land
Of streams and sunlit skies; See thou her living greatness stand !
While in her hero-dust there lies,
Whatever glory verifies !
Pray, maiden, pray !

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