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OR, THE DYING TEXAS SOLDIER BOY. A Parodj' by Annie Marie Neeby.
A soldier boy from Texas lay gasping- on the field,
When the battle's shock was over, and the foe was forced to
yield ; He fell, a youthful hero, before the foeman's aims, On a blood-red field near Richmond—near Richmond on the
But one still stood beside him—his comrade in the fray— They had been friends together in boyhood's happy day ; And side by side had struggled on fields of blood and flames, To part that eve at Richmond—near Richmond on the James.
He said, " I charge thee, comrade, of the friends in days of
yore, Of the far, far distant dear ones that I shall see no more— Tho' scarce my lips can whisper their dear and well-known
names, To bear to them my blessing from Richmond on the James.
"Bear to my brother this sword, and the badge upon my
breast To the young and gentle sister that I used to love the best: But one lock from my forehead give the mother still that
dreams Of her soldier boy near Richmond—near Richmond on the