Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

200+ Song Lyrics Collected, Arranged & Illustrated, By W. L. Fagan - online songbook

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And they kept their word right nobly, sweeping- every foe
away, With that grand grey head uncovered, watching how they
saved the day— But the god-like calm was shaken, which no battle shock
could move, By this true, spontaneous token of his soldiers' child-like
MY NOBLE WARRIOR, COME! By Mrs. Col. C. G. F-----y.
Air—" The Rock Beside the Sea"
O, tell me not that earth is fair, that spring is in its bloom, While young hearts, hourly, everywhere meet such untimely
doom ; That sweet on wind, of morn or eve, the violet's breath may
be, Let me but know thy banner waves, and leads to victory!
Let me but know, etc.
The thundering battle's distant roar, the host's victorious
cry, "Unto my trembling heart is more than all earth's melody ; Come back, my noble warrior, come! there's but one prayer
for me, 'Till I can greet thy banner home, proud banner of the free !
Till I can greet, etc.