Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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By Tenella.
There he stood, the grand old hero, great Virginia's god-like
son, Second unto none in glory—equal of her Washington; Gazing on his line of battle, as it wavered to and fro 'Neath the front and flank advances of the almost conquering
foe; Calm as was that clear May morning, ere the furious
death-roar broke
From the iron-throated war lions crouching 'neath the cloudy
smoke; Cool, as tho' the battle raging was but mimicry of fight, Each brigade an ivory castle, and each regiment a knight; Chafing in reserve beside him, two brigades of Texans lay, All impatient for their portion in the fortune of the day.
Shot and shell are 'mong them falling, yet unmov'd they
silent stand, Longing, eager for the battle, but awaiting his command: Suddenly he rode before them, as the forward line gave
way, Rais'd his hat with courtly gesture, " Follow me and save
the day!"