Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

200+ Song Lyrics Collected, Arranged & Illustrated, By W. L. Fagan - online songbook

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He boasted quite loudly the Rebels he'd whip— But you see, my dear friends, he's not done it yet, For it's hard times.
Yet there was another, Gen. Buell, the great, That followed our Beauregard clean thro' one State, But at Tennessee River he got all his fill— I'm certain he remembered the Shiloh Hill!
There were Banks, Shields and Fremont, big generals all, While skirmishing 'round ran afoul of " Stonewall !" With Longstreet and Hill, very near by his side, Who said: " Wo-ee, Yankees, let's all have a ride!"
Old Jackson he then got around to their rear, So the day was ours you can see very clear; Then he sent a dispatch to brave General Lee, "Drive all the Yankees into eternity?"
But at Gainesville station they made a bold stand, Where they collected a formidable band, And swore to their fill that the Rebels they'd whip, But theTexans made them everlastingly "git!"
Now the last I've heard of McClellan, the third; He was down on James River bogg'd up in the mud, In a bend of the river, near a big pond, The want of more news puts an end to my song.
August 13, 1862.