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Magruder then said to his men, " Your country you must
save, And still maintain your glorious name, the bravest of the
We fear'd them not, but bravely fought, our homesteads to
maintain ; By break of day we had the Bay at our command again; The Yankee fleet we did defeat, and captur'd all their crews, Except a few who were untrue, and sail'd off under truce.
GENERAL TOM GREEN. By Mrs. Wm. Barnes, of Galveston.
A warrior has fallen ! a chieftain has gone !
A hero of heroes has sunk to his rest! Those hands that wielded the sword and the sabre,
Now lie pulseless and cold o'er his motionless breast; That voice that has gladden'd valiant comrades in arms,
And driven away their deep shadows of gloom, Is seemingly hush'd to those seared-stricken hearts,
But loudly will speak from its still, hollow tomb !
Aye, seemingly hush'd, like the black, death-like waters,
As they mirror the face of the threatening sky; But see ye the ripple that waves in the distance,
Warning the mariner that danger is nigh ? Aye, seemingly hush'd, like the dead, sullen calm,
As it heralds Vesuvius' virulent ire, Ere she, out of her bosom, malignantly pours
Her dull molten lava, her columns of fire.