Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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The Tom Green Rifles and Lone Star Guards, In a cause that is just, nothing1 retards; The Echo Company, and the brave Five Shooters, Will deal out death to all freebooters.
The Northern vandals will learn to their sorrow, Of the Porter Guards, and Rifles of Navarro— The Mustang Greys, O, they never fight for bounty, Nor do the other Greys—those from Navarro county.
The Liberty Invincibles and Hardeman Texans Can wallop ten to one, whether Yanks or Mexicans ; From the Waverty Confederates and the Dixie Blues, And the Bayou City Guards you may expect good news.
These capital verses were found [written?] on board of the English barque Premier, in January, 1863, bound from Liverpool to Havana, sixty miles west of Madeira, by Lone Star, of Galveston, Texas.
I'm gwine back to de land of cotton,
Wid de "English Flag" in an "English bottom,"
Far away, far away, far awaj^; Kase dere I'm safe from Uncle Sam, And he can't make me contraban',
In de land, in de land, in de land,
Away down South in Dixie.
Chorus.—O, in Dixie land I'll take my stand, And live and die in Dixie land ; Hoe away, hoe away, hoe away, De cotton down in Dixie.