Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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We girls are all for a Union, Where a marked distinction is laid
Between the rights of the mistress And those of the kinky-haired maid.
By James Haines, of Texas.
Sons of the South, arouse to battle!
Gird on your armor for the fight! The Northern Thugs, with dread " war's rattle,"
Pour on each vale, and glen, and height; Meet them as ocean meets in madness
The frail bark on the rocky shore,
When crested billows roam and roar, And the wrecked crew go down in sadness :
Chorus.—Arm ! Arm ! ye Southern braves ! Scatter 3'on vandal hordes ! Despots and bandits, fitting food For vultures and your swords.
Shall dastard tyrants march their legions To crush the land of Jackson—Lee?
Shall freedom fly to other regions, And sons of Yorktown bend the knee ?