Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Charleston Mercury.
Respectfully inscribed to the companies mentioned.
Air''March, march, Ettrick and Toviotdale."
March, march on, brave " Palmetto " boys,
"Sumpter" and " Lafayettes" forward in order; March, march "Calhoun" and "Rifle" boys, All the base Yankees are crossing- the border,
Banners are round ye spread,
Floating* above your head, Soon shall the Lone Star be famous in story,
On, on, my gallant men,
Vict'ry be thine again ; Fight for 3'our rights till the green sod is gory.
Young wives and sisters have buckled your armor on ;
Maidens ye love bid ye go to the battle-field ; Strong arms and stout hearts have many a vict'ry won, Courage shall strengthen the weapons ye w'ield; Wild passions are storming, Dark schemes are forming, Deep snares are laid, but they shall not enthrall ye ; Justice your cause shall greet, Laurels lay at your feet, If each brave band be but watchful and wary.