Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Sweet eyes are filled with tears, men,
Sweet tears of love and pride,
As our wives and sweethearts bid us
Go meet whate'er betide,
Go meet whate'er betide,
And God our guide shall be,
As we drive the foe before us,
And rush to victory.
By Carrie Bell Sinclair. Air—" Bonnie Blue Flag."
Oh, yes, I am a Southern girl,
And glory in the name, And boast it with far greater pride
Than glittering wealth or fame. We envy not the Northern girl,
Her robes of beauty rare, Though diamonds grace her snowy neck,
And pearls bedeck her hair.
Chorus.—Hurrah ! Hurrah !
For the sunny South so dear, Three cheers for the homespun dress The Southern ladies wear!