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May the names of the dead that we cherish,
Fill memory's cup to the brim; May the laurels they've won never perish,
" Nor star of their glory grow dim ;" May the States of the South never sever,
But the champions of freedom e'er be; May they flourish Confed'rate forever,
The boast of the brave and the free.
As sung by Miss Sallie Partington, in the "Virginia Cavalier," Richmond, Va., 1863. Composed by Captain G. W. Alexander.
Air—" The Boy with the Auburn Hair."
The sentiments of this song pleased the Confederate Soldiers, and for more than a year, the New Richmond Theatre was nightly filled by "Blockade Rebels," who greeted with wild hurrahs, "Miss Sallie," the prima donna of the Confederacy.
[Permission of Oliver Ditson Co.]
Bob Roebuck is my sweetheart's name,
He's off to the wars and gone, He's fighting for his Nannie dear,
His sword is buckled on; He's fighting for his own true love,
His foes he does defy ; He is th2 darling of my heart,
My Southern soldier boy.