Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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By every stone in Charleston Bay,
By each beleaguered town, We swear to rest not, night nor day,
But hunt the tyrants down ! Till, bathed in valor's holy blood,
The gazing world afar, Shall greet with shouts the Bonnie Blue Flag,
That bears the cross and star !
A SOUTHERN SONG. By Miss Maria Grason.
While crimson drops our hearthstones stain, And Northern despots forge our chain, O God! shall freemen strike in vain ?
Shall tyrants desecrate the sod
Our fathers hallowed with their blood,
Or cowards tread where heroes trod ?
The lowering tempest darkens round;
And at the bugle's silvery sound
The fiery war-horse spurns the ground.
The thunder of his iron tread Sweeps o'er the dying and the dead; The trembling earth is blushing red.
'Mid wreathing smoke, and flashing steel, And blazing cannons' deafening peal Our brave battalions charge and wheel.