Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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The love that for the Union
Once in our bosoms beat, From insult and from injury
Has turned to scorn and hate ; And the banner of secession,
To-day we lift on high, Resolved, beneath that sacred flag,
To conquer, or to die I
Montgomery Advertiser, October, 1860.
1776-1861. Air—" Bruce's Address."
Sons of the South ! from hill and dale, From mountain-top, and lowly vale, Arouse ye now ! 'tis Freedom's wail—
"To arms! to arms!" she cries. Strike ! for freedom in the dust; Strike! to crush proud Mammon's lust; Strike! remembering God is just!
Thus a freeman dies.
Southrons! who with Beauregard,
Day and night, keep watch and ward—
Southrons! whom the angels guard,
Strike for Liberty I Smite the motley hireling throng; Smite! as Heaven smites the wrong; Smite! they fly before the strong,
In God and Liberty!