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By " Georgia."
Whoop! the Doodles have broken loose, Roaring1 round like the very deuce; Lice of Egypt, a hungry pack,— After 'em, boys, and drive 'em back.
Bull dog, terrier, cur, and flee, Back to the beggarly land of ice , Worry 'em, bite 'em, scratch and tear Everybody and everywhere.
Old Kentucky is caved from under, Tennessee is split asunder, Alabama awaits attack, And Georgia bristles up her back.
Old John Brown is dead and gone ! Still his spirit is marching on,— Lantern-jawed, and legs, my boys, Long as an ape's from Illinois.
Want a weapon ? Gather a brick, Club or cudgel, or stone or stick ; Anything with a blade or butt, Anything that can cleave or cut.
Anything heavy, or hard, or keen ! Any sort of a slaying machine! Anything with a willing mind, And the steadv arm of a man behind.