Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Dat rocket high a-blazing in de sky
'Tis de sign dat de snobbies am comin' up nigh—
Look away, etc. Dey bin braggin' long, if we dare to shoot a shot, Dey comin' up strong and dey'll send us all to pot, Fire away, fire away, lads in gray.
By C. A. Warfield, Kentucky.             Music by A. E. Blackmar.
You can never win us back
Never! never! Though we perish on the track
Of your endeavor; Though our corses strew the earth, That smiled upon their birth, And blood . pollutes each hearth
Stone forever !
We have risen to a man,
Stern and fearless ; Of your curses and your ban
We are careless. Every hand is on its knife, Every gun is pruned for strife, Every palm contains a life,
High and peerless!